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Malaise et les Francaises

You know when you come back from a trip away, and everything suddenly seems so dull, so long, so beige, so much dashed EFFORT?


I did, however, have the most wonderful time in Lanzarote and will regale you with tales of my many sports as soon as I have some photos of me completing said activities. And by regale, I mean bore. But I am proud of myself!

But on my return there has been so much to get excited about. I’ve visited the Ideal Home Show to see my Harveys garden, and am soon to be getting my tweed on for the Saturday’s Tweed Run! I’m very excited and this is beating the post-holiday blues as sure as eggs is eggs (and they is indeed eggs). Posts full of glorious technicolour photos of these will follow. But first, here’s a bit about me appearing in a French national newspaper! Yippee!

This feature in Le Figaro Magazine has been eagerly awaited by myself and the VM girls since we spent several days back in April being tailed by the lovely Oliviers (Frebourg and Roques Rogery), who snapped and scribbled the entire time. As such, it was a shame to see so many of the thoroughly British scenarios we set up (punting, picnic, pie and mash shop) didn’t make it into the final edition… I hope to share pictures some of them soon! But until then, here’s the full spread in all its glory!

This image was shot in the What Katie Did London boutique, the girls were such good sports!

That is most definitely not me, there at the bottom; but it is of a fellow Tweed Runner… making me even more excited for Saturday!  The top shot is of me hamming it up at the Churchill War Rooms, and I owe massive thanks to Jeni for sorting it out..

 More Tweed Run action on the steps of St Paul’s, the girls and I in Victoria Park, and me doing some wonderfully stereotypical tourist stuff, which I often do, of course. 😉 I have sort of read the article, but Naomi will be translating it all for me. I understand it further grasses me up for having dreadlocks as a teenager and for listening to metal (among other things)… hopefully it portrays me in a good light though!

Hurrah for further European notoriety! I am most chuffed.

Hope you are all doing splendidly! Love,

Fleur xx



My daughter is a retro singer, 50s, 60s and we both love vintage. I know the feeling about coming back home after a great trip. Well, just think of the good times. I am following you from Rome, Italy.


Yippee!! What a terrific article, Fleur! As always, you and the Maf ladies look utterly divine!

I am looking forward to vicariously enjoying this year's Tweed Run through your blog, as well as the Maf ladies' blogs. Your snazzy tweed togs are a thing of envy!


Lovely pictures but I would so love to read the piece – is there a link available or a bigger picture? I am just so curious 🙂

marie Art

wow, great, my step mom must keep a copie for me !! I want read it in full size, it's too tiny for my old eyes ah ah… In big lines it seems a wonderful article in one of our most important magazine… Thanks for sharing.


I cannot understand french magazines… they speak about you like exotic thing from Great Britain… there are also vintage lovers in France and I'm one… I don't thing they wrote in any major magazines an article about vintage world in FRANCE…
But it's good for you! You will be like a celebrity when you will come to Paris!!!
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Lexy Mademyday

Hhhhaaaaa I've got to find an edition of the magazine before it's too late!! I just ran to the nearest kiosk and they don't have it! so disappointing! But I won't say die!;)
Congrats for this ravishing proof of your role in the vintage society! Lexy, from lexymademyday…


Which edition is it in? If it's this weekend's one, I'll look out for it tomorrow as I'm going to South Kensington (a.k.a. le French Ghetto…). Otherwise my mum lives in France and gets Le FigMag & Figaro Madame every weekend. Must ask her to keep the copy!

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