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Seasonal coordination

We’re having a funny old autumn here in the UK. It’s been one of the warmest Octobers on record, and the poor old plants really don’t know what to think. I went to Wisley gardens today with my mum and aunt, as we often do in the autumn, to look at the amazing colours before they go past their best. But so many of the summer and even the spring plants are out! They think winter has been and gone, so they’re all flowering in their planty confusion. It makes me sad that they’ll get such a shock when the first frosts come.

Anyway, if ever there was an opportunity for a season-themed outfit and a few photos, this was it!

My autumn colours outfit consisted of a (very old) mustard-coloured cardigan top, and a pair of khaki Heyday trousers*, plus matching bangles and some pale lemon yellow plimsolls. It really has been unseasonably warm… though I was pushing it in short sleeves. I did have a jacket, of course!

This is a 1940s suit jacket with a rather smashing shoulder and hip detail. What do you think of this new paler (for me) lipstick? It’s one of Soap & Glory’s new Fabulipsticks in Red My Lips. I picked it up at the S&G cosmetics launch, and it’s one of my new favourites. It smells lovely and lasts well… but it is very much NOT red, despite what the site and name say!

Here’s me in a tree! Well, with a tree. That’s all for today – I’ll leave you with some more nature porn… isn’t it a glorious time of year??

Happy November!

Fleur xx

* Shona is giving away a black Fleur dress on her blog! Go enter and (hopefully) win



Love the jacket (fab details) and the autumnal colors in your outfit! Especially against the colorful trees. Wow! Sadly most of the leaves are off our trees over here already. And I know what that means for my wardrobe… wool head to toe. Good thing I love it. 😉


It looks beautiful there! Where I live in California it has been unusually warm. I'm ready for some fall weather, tea, and fires in a fire place.


Gorgeous, I'm really feeling that mustard yellow at the moment. I've got a pair of vintage gloves the same colour too, which I'll be uploading to my shop at some point, they'd finish your outfit off wonderfully.

Roxie Roulette

I saw the S&G lipstick the other day in Boots but didn't think it looked red enough for me – maybe I should though?

Also, I am so jealous that you wear yellow so well!


Wisley is just gorgeous, but I'm sure you make it look better any time of year, and thanks for the tip about the Heyday trousers. 😉 BTW, were all 3 of you in retro? If they do it as well as you, I bet other visitors thought a period film was being shot.


Hi Fleur, I've been following your blog for a while and I think that you always have such beautiful hair. I have a question for you: rockabilly-people (not trying to be historically accurate that is) often mix 50's dresses with faux bangs and victory rolls which are typical 40's hairstyles… but do you think that those hairstyles were common in the 50's as well? I love 50's dresses and 40's hairstyles and would like to be able to combine the two (mostly because I'm unable to get those movie star-waves in my hair…)

MVH Desirée from Sweden


Bijoux – no my mum and aren't don't wear retro clothes! My mum does for special occasions though.

Desirée – They didn't have rolls in the 1950s. But why does it matter? Just rock 'em anyway! I very often wear 50s dresses with 40s hair. That's the beauty of living in 2011!


Hi Fleur, great photos – our autumn colours are no where near as vibrant as these. The lipstick colour is great on you.

Question – is The King's Ginger available in Canada? I did some hunting on the web but struck out (or missed an obvious site..) Cheers!


That lippy is fantastic. It has a real spicy/warm autumn look and goes fantastically with the mustard top. I can't wait to try S&G make up.

I know what you mean about confused nature. A basil plant at ours had a lone caterpillar on it the other day, poor insects are laying eggs at the wrong time and that poor fella hatched, never to be a flutterby.


Hi Fleur, I'm a vintage gal in the States and have been mostly just a silent reader of your blog, but I have to stop and say now that I love that sweater and I'm so glad to see you wearing it. I have a red three quarters length cardi with a color similar to yours (from another designer) and I always wondered if it was "vintage-esque" enough. Now I know my instinct was right, thanks for such a wonderful blog!

Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog

The jacket looks so elegant and I love the colour of your top. I think this lipstick looks great. I am a big lover of really bright red lipstick but on some occasions, it is good to have something a little more subtle.


I realise you always do your hair the same way, but I just wanted to say, it looks particularly polished and curly today. The colours in these photos and your outfit really are stunning. I went to Wisley in February with my husband, based on your recommendation. I just wanted to say that it was a really lovely day out.

Thanks again for the beautiful inspiration,

Miss Amethyst

The lipstick is quite refreshing! A 'New " shade of red… i really like it!!! and i really love the outfits to! i've been looking for a great autumn colored knitt wear !!! thanks so much Fluer!!!


I actually love to see you in not a RED RED lipstick. I mean, don't get me wrong, the bright red and pale skin and dark hair look will always have its place (and look smashing on you!), but it's sweet to see a look that is vintage but also acknowledges that not every woman in the 40's went around tarted up to high heaven in fire-engine lipstick and pumps. For a casual, elegant daytime ensemble like this one, I think your styling is pitch-perfect.


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