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I, Spy.

Well how the devil are you all? It’s been a while, hasn’t it. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of excitement, but actually, it’s just because I haven’t felt like I’ve got much to say at the moment. So no life-update posts. And the outfits I’ve been wearing haven’t been particularly note-worthy, so no fashion shots. And someone had a moan at me about my blog the other week (which may have been justified and may not… I haven’t the strength for a debate!), so I lost my confidence a little bit. Hence a lack of posts.

Is it the weather? You all know I lose my sparkle in the winter, at least as far as outfits go. I’m generally pretty cheerful at the moment, but the end of the year does just seem to bring automatic exhaustion, no matter how long I try to sleep and take it easy; and I will admit that I’ve been getting more sleep than I have in years.

Next year will bring some changes to this blog, and my life in general. I’m going to redesign this place to have slightly more of a ‘site’ feel – with tabs for such things as work portfolios and suchlike. I have been surviving as a freelancer for two and a half years now – I’m super proud of myself, but surviving it has been. I haven’t earned enough to put anything into savings, rather I’ve slowly depleted my existing savings so that I’m getting dangerously close to having no emergency cushion should things go wrong. But the big news will be that I am moving into London proper early next year – and will be selling my little flat in the suburbs to become a renter once again. This is as exciting as it is terrifying, and I will have to become more organised and earn a little more money in order to be able to survive in the Big Smoke, I may need to get a part-time job in addition to becoming better at hustling for work as a writer, or a model, or any of the numerous things I have turned my hand to in the last two years.

Next year, I will also be trying to get a book deal, but it will not be a book on ‘Vintage’, there is already a much better one on the horizon than anything I could do! πŸ™‚ And I’ll be trying to make this blog more professional, by which I mean streamlined and businesslike, WITHOUT compromising the personal touch I take pride in. I’m really quite scatterbrained about such things as sponsorship and advertising, slow to respond to PR requests and so forth, and I need to overcome my life-long lack of organisation! But I’d like some feedback from my army of amazing followers as well. I do ask for, and occasionally receive constructive criticism, but it does smart when people are negative about things I have worked hard on, so I want to make sure that my readers are happy. You might not pay to read a blog, but without you, said blog is nothing – just a load of words shouted out into the ether with no audience.

β€’ Do you mind that I post my monthly King’s Ginger sponsored articles? I love working for such a friendly, historic and supportive company, and I don’t intend to stop until they no longer want to work with me (and I can only hope that day is a long way off!), and I put a lot of hours into each post to ensure that they are not just adverts and actually interesting and fun to read in their own right. But I want to know if they’re inspiring such annoyance as to make anyone stop reading, so I can make the necessary adjustments.

β€’ Do you mind that I do outfit posts that feature items I have been sent as gifts? I know this is pretty par for the course in fashion blogs, but I worry that it makes my blog seem like it’s just full of ads. The truth is that I only ever accept things I genuinely love, and I can’t afford to buy many new things these days. Outfit posts would be way more boring without occasional freebies, and if I can direct new potential customers then I am glad to do so.

β€’ Do you mind that I post the odd blog about my newfound love of sports and active things? Because I will be doing more of that next year as I start training for more half-marathons and triathlons. It is now hugely important to me and thus will be reflected in my posts. But not too much – just enough to be inspiring without being boring and preachy. I hope!

β€’ Finally – what would you all like to see?? A revival of the Vintage Inspired Buys series, where I track down retro stuff online? More outfits? Less outfits? More motivational stuff? I always intend to do more of the latter, but then my good intentions fall by the wayside as I put my other work first. This will change along with my newfound organisational skills. *hopeful face*

I know I’ve asked this before and haven’t necessarily come through with all the goods, but I always do my best, and I really do want to get this blog back on track in 2012. I hope to take you all with me on this journey and attract lots of new readers in the process.

I’ll be back again before Christmas, but I hope you’re all having lovely weeks and are all set for next weekend. I am most certainly not! And just do it’s not just waffle, here are some photos of me as captured by the super Hanson Leatherby – there will be more to come this week!

Being a spy (in a beret) at the New Sheridan Club Christmas Party
The Maf sans poorly Naomi at the same party. Miss Minna was blowing raspberries at us and I was doing a mock-stern face at her! πŸ˜‰

Jeni and I at the Chap Ball
Dancing with my pal Viv the Spiv. Happy face!

Pip pip for now!

Fleur xx



Hello there! I love all your image heavy posts, whether "sponsored" or otherwise. There are some blogs, Sea of Shoes comes to mind, where the obviousness of the product pimping is incredibly off putting, but your sponsors feel authentic to who you are, and the story you are telling. I'm less interested in the sports, but I still read those posts. Basically, anything that is visually interesting or has a good narrative wins me over, and your blog always seems to have both of those elements.

Katherine @ WeSewRetro

Hello Fleur! It's sweet of you to ask, but it's also important to remember that you cannot please everyone all the time. Sometimes a harsh word can send us (as bloggers) into an unnecessary spiral of self-doubt where we ignore the tons of other contented readers. Chin up!

Jana B

I love your blog the way it is! I will say that I really enjoy your outfit posts as well as your posts about events that you attednd. I also like your posts on websites where you can find vintage inspired goodies. I don't think anything needs to change!

Bunny Moreno

First I have to say it was lovely for you to ask what others want to see, but you cant please everyone. I just started following you this yr and I have heard that your blog used to have more vintage fashion and things on it. Honestly I am not a fan of overdoing anything. Just try and keep what you love blogging about in balance. My experience with your blog has been advertisments and your parties so of course I would like to see more diveristy of topics.

Good luck with what you are trying to accomplish-I am sure it will be wonderful. Keep your chin up and remember people get cranky in the winter LOL

xox Bunny


PS You can always post a poll to see what people want more of-that should be easier to do πŸ™‚

Kathy Z.

I actually rather like your Kings Ginger posts! You tell of your adventures with a bit of history and you continue to be yourself through all the writing. It is interesting to see new to me spots and learn a bit while looking at lovely photos. Good luck with your move!

Molly M.

I have enjoyed every post I have read of yours and usually learn something in the process whether it's fashion, vintage, etc. I don't know how much that will help, but I like how you have the variety and yet you are true to your personality.

Best of luck on your new endeavors in 2012. I hope I am fortunate enough to potentially meet you and the Vintage Maf when my husband and I venture to London in June.


Hi fleur, I enjoy the king's Ginger posts because they are an interesting way to learn a bit of history and see cute outfits at the same time… As a reader in the states, I find them quite romantic. I always enjoy seeing more outfits, hairstyles, and makeup tutorials, and like hearing about the events you've gone to. Of course I expect you to feature sponsored products or freebies! A girl's got to make a living after all… And the products always suit you perfectly. Can't wait for more frequent posts in 2012 πŸ™‚


Hi Fleur, as a long time reader (but rare commentor), my favourite posts of yours are the ones of you out and about with the rest of the Maf (as a penniless student I'm living vicariously through you at the moment!), and your vintage/vintage-inspired fashion posts.

I really enjoy the history of the King's Ginger posts, and have no problem with your other sponsor-related posts as they always stay true to your aesthetic, and I have been very pleased with items I have purchased on your recommendation, Heyday in particular.

As to the odd sports related post – it actually inspires me to get off the sofa and find something I enjoy doing, as you have with running. You have a fantastic figure and it's nice to see that it's achieved through good ol' exercise! As someone who CANNOT stick to a diet plan, I prefer to see this healthy approach promoted. It's also great to see that you can still look like a vintage glamourpuss during and after!

Ignore the haters I say…

Jess xx


Just post content that you are interested in and are happy to share with anyone in cyberspace, vintage or otherwise. What you mustn’t do (in my opinion) is make your too contrived, any excessive commercial, vintage or other slant will be noticed. By all means update your blog, but just keep the content true to the nature of the blog and yourself.


Oh, good luck in your move! That's always exciting and scary at the same time but I hope everything does smoothly for you! I would really love to see more outfits! You have always been such a fashion inspiration for me. I'm sure that you're totally swamped but I also really enjoy tutorials. Both of your hair tutorials have been incredibly helpful and some of the best on the web, in my opinion. I would enjoy a tute on your makeup (which is always so flawless) and things of that nature. Merry Christmas!! x


I love this blog, it's my fave & I think you should post whatever you want on it because you always make it entertaining.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


I echo the others. I love reading whatever you post because it always seems authentic to who you are whether that be the Kings Ginger jaunts, fun with the Vintage Mafia or pretty clothes sponsored or otherwise! I can't wait to read more. Best of luck to you in the New Year!


I love your blog, but I have to admit that I've been reading it less now that you have more and more posts that seem like they're trying to sell me stuff. If there were more of your typical posts breaking up the sponsored posts, I wouldn't mind them, but lately it seems like every time your posts pop up in my feed reader, they're for King's Ginger, or about sponsored clothes, or a sponsored event. Those posts aren't as fun to read.


My favourite blogs are always the ones that have a bit of a mix and that represent the life of the blogger in question. So sporty stuff, outfit photos, awesome vintage events… all of that and more is exactly what I love to read! As for the King's Ginger posts, I rather love them. History, interesting places, fantastic outfits – what's not to love?

Niki G

I love all your posts, including the sponsored posts. My favorites are the posts about the events you attend/put on with your mafia comrades. I, too, am living vicariously through you since there isn't nearly the vintage scene in my area and none of my friends are ones who appreciate vintage the way I do.

Ultimately, keep it up and write what makes you happy.

Heather In Progress

I think the King's Ginger posts are nifty and informative; please keep them coming!

If someone sent me something that was awesome and free, I'd like to brag about it on my blog, too! Gift posts don't bother me, and I think they point people in the right direction when they're looking for something similar to the awesome free thing you got.

I'm personally not into the sporty stuff, but I think your take on it can be interesting, and if it's something I'm really not into, I can always just skim until The Vintage comes up. πŸ™‚

I'd like to see more outfits and more thoughts (yours or others' you've come across) about wearing vintage in the here and now. One of those posts was what brought me to this blog in the first place!

I came across a delightful phrase today, uttered by a 9-year-old girl and posted to the interwebs by her mom: "Don't let people yuck your yum." Write and do what you enjoy, and things will fall into place just where they're supposed to be, I promise! Don't let it bother you if people are yucking your yum.

esme and the lane way

I think you ginger posts have been the best sponsored posts I've read on a blog – they are interesting and entertaining and sound like you! It's good to see this happening, too, because we've all got bills to pay and making money through blogging is such a new, evolving thing that it's could to see it can be done well.

I actually like the sports posts – as another vintage fan that does absolutely-not-vintage-or-even-remotely-glamorous sports stuff (I'm looking at you, spin classes) I've found them really inspiring. It's a privilege for us to see into these bits of your life!

Keep up the good work! x


Fleur, you always seem to have cranky people bothering you about things! I can understand how that would bring you down, but at the same time I think you don't need to bother too much about negativity like that – it's obvious that you have heaps of readers who adore you and your blog!!

I love it whatever you post – it's YOUR blog, after all… The only thing I would suggest is could we have more pictures of you modelling vintage (or aren't you doing that so much anymore?) – I loved those πŸ™‚

Good luck in proper London – I've just moved to SE London, so I'll keep an eye out for you πŸ˜‰

(So keep doing what you're doing because you're awesome)


People who have a go like that are usually just jealous, ignore them.
I like the Ginger posts, it's fun to see where you've been and all that.
The only ones I'm not interested in are the sporty ones, I absolutely loathe sport of all kinds, always have always will, but it's your blog and if you enjoy it you have every right to include it.

Sian E Williams

Hey Fleur I love your blog just the way it is abut a revamp can never be a bad thing, a fresh start for a new year. It would be nice to see some vintage inspiration for those of us who have champagne tastes but lemonade pockets as some of it can be quite pricey. All in all a fab job and I love all your posts whether is be about running or vintage fashion.


I'm going to agree with everyone above – not only do I not mind seeing the sponsored posts, I usually find them pretty interesting!
I'd love to see more outfit posts, and I loved the VI posts you used to do, so more of those would be great!
The running posts are neither here nor there for me – I don't do exercise myself, but I'm always interested to hear what you've been up to.
Don't let the haters get you down. Some people are jealous of success and you are making a success of yourself.
Good luck with the move, and with the business venture for next year!

Miss Magpie

I think you get the sponsered item pots just right. I don't actually like ginger for example, but I have no problem with those posts because they are fun and informative without ramming the product in your face so to speak.

I think you blog has evolved over the last 18 months or so and I actually enjoy reading it more now. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it before :-), just that I think you have honed your writing style. I also feel that I have got more of an idea of you, which personally I like. I like reading blogs where you can relate, that feel, well, human if you know what I mean. If I'm honest when I first started reading you blog my impression of you was that you were too full of yourself. Now a couple of years down the line this couldn't be further from the truth!
But you know what, at the end of the day it's what YOU feel happiest with. There will always be trolls out there when you put yourself in the public domain. You have done nothing worse than write a fabulous blog and they are just jealous sad sacks.


I don't mind your sponsored posts at all, as you can tell that a lot of work and research has been put in to make them interesting, so they don't seem like blatent product plugs. I think most readers understand that people who make a (semi) living from their blog do this. Personally I like outfit posts and also 'how-tos'. I've used your hot sticks you-tube tutorial and its really helpful.
Ultimately tho, I agree with everyone else who says ignore the haters and do what you love. πŸ™‚

Bella VonBluebell

Fleur, I greatly enjoy all of your posts. I especially like the variety of content, from your running through to your vintage outfit posts.

You always provide a good read and im sure you can see that your army of readers agree. Keep up the good work and i'd love more how to posts and always love the outfit ones πŸ™‚

Retro Chick

At the end of the day you can only write about things that interest you, and that you have time to post about.

So you shouldn't stop writing about things because someone doesn't like them, but I guess it's about chosing a focus for the blog as part of your business and making sure it has a balance of posts that work towards that focus. Then you can fit in the occasional self indulgence of a post that mostly interests YOU because it's YOUR blog.

I guess the problem when you're busy and lots of people want you to write about their stuff is that you end up only ever writing the "sponsored" posts. They don't bother me, as long as I know the blogger has made an effort to produce an interesting post and taken on that sponsor for good reason.

I find having a posting schedule useful, and writing in advance and scheduling posts. Don't know if that's a handy tip or not, but I try to be useful!

Happy Christmas and good luck with all your good intentions!



Ask the Bright Young twins for their opinion, in mine the best other vintage blog on the web – well that I’ve discovered so far!

Pippa De Winter

There will always be people out there who will say negative and sometimes nasty things when you are putting your thoughts into the public domain. It's important not to let them get to you or affect what you're doing. I love your blog. Yes it has changed a little over time but isn't that what life is about – changing, progressing, developing… Don't worry about the begrudgers and keep doing what you love best!



1) I LOOOOVE the KG posts – because I am a history freak. And they are incredibly well written & entertaining.

2) Sponsored posts, I think, are fab, if you are truely accepting promoting things you actually like. Chances are we might all like them too.

3) I am pretty meh when it comes to sports. BUT. That doesnt mean I don't like reading about what you are up to. I follow your blog because I like to read about YOU πŸ™‚

4) Hmmmmm…. I am not too sure what else I would like to see. I shall have to think πŸ™‚


It is you blog lovely, you write what you want. In any case it is like any other media, people choose to read it, or not. Do it to please yourself and reflect your own life. Be true to yourself. Minn xxx


Hi Fleur, I've been reading your blog for quite a while (two years or so), so you must be doing something right!

I like the tutorials and outfits for giving me inspiration & I'm happy with them featuring things you've been given as presents, in fact, I think they're sometimes better than 'I got this original 1940s dress from an estate sale' because it means I can (shh) pick one of whatever you're wearing up myself!

I find that your sports posts are – strangely – perhaps more inspiring, because it's not what you'd expect on a vintage blog. As other people have said, I like the variety of things you post. There was a post a few months ago that I sent round to a few of my friends that I thought was particularly lovely; this one, in fact: http://www.diaryofavintagegirl.com/2011/08/baring-it-all.html

It was brilliant to see something on a fashion blog that could just as easily be posted on a feminist site, and I like how you are ultra-stylish at the same time as being quite open about how you're not vintage all the time. When you smarten up the blog, please don't erase out your lovely personality make it into one of those sites where the writer appears to live some kind of perfect charmed life.

Best of luck with the move and changes to the blog!


Dear Fleur, I have been reading your blog for some time but rarely (if ever) comment. I love the King's Ginger posts because they contain a mix of historical info, pretty pictures and as sponsored posts go hardly seem to advertise at all – subliminal maybe as I always seem to want to buy some after every read, heehee. On that note I feel that you do a very good job with sponsored posts and am happy to read more of them, with piccies!

I'm also interested in the sporty posts as they are very motivational and inspiring.
Visual posts are always interesting and I love the social ones you do as well.

Simply put more of the same please.
Thank you for your writing.


Please don’t make your blog too commercial. I did enjoy the KG posts, being relevant and interesting, however was less keen on the Ralph Lauren post which just seemed to be a corporate plug for an American multi-national, the type of company some of us feel that we would all be better off without.



I really like your bolg, by all means update the site – just don't throw away the identity you've created over the last few years.

I never commented before this post- I might have to create an account now!


I really do thoroughly enjoy your blog. To answer your questions:
β€’ I don't mind the King's Ginger sponsored posts at all. I think it's a nice balance of brand-awareness and travel/lifestyle. I know they're sponsored, but there's much more to them than that.
β€’ I like fashion posts with information about how to get a similar look. Whether you link to a sponsor or mention a high street favourite, both are useful. To be honest I would expect a well followed blog like this to have sponsored fashion posts.
β€’ Your posts on running are fun! They add another facet to the blog. You haven't converted me to running though – mind you, I think only missing the last bus in the world during a zombie attack would make me run.
β€’ I would like to see more high-class looks from high street/charity/low-cost-vintage posts. It's something you do so very well (often I have been surprised that something is, for example, Matalan or M&S as it looks so authentic), and in these tight-belted times, very useful indeed.

Anyway, lengthy comment, I am a boffin- what can I say! Merry Christmas!


Anyone who doesn't like your blog can go read another one, if they can find a better one then well done and you won't be missed!
KG .. just fine
Sponsered clothes … as long as you are honest.
Sports … yes, please. I have recently got sporty. Cycling and swimming with me but your post about a holiday with sports got me thinking! ta
I liked the VI buys but generally i love it all and Thanks very much!


Hi Fleur,
I like your blog a lot, and the King's Ginger posts included!
I had an idea though that I wanted to share with you – often when you do one of the King's Ginger posts, you have your hair or makeup done in a lovely vintage style, and I thought if you had time, you could conclude those posts with a little how-to of you doing your hair or makeup in that style.
Just a thought!
Happy holidays,


Happyhermit – I don’t know why you might believe that there are people who would make a habit of reading this blog if they do not like it?!



Dear Fleur,

I love your blog for its content actually because unlike many other fashion or style blogs, you do have content and stories and atmospher and it is great. With you I travel and I dream.
I like a lot also, me being French, the very English accent of your style and spirit, and I do not mind the commercials for very nice English brands and manufacturers I discovered thank you. See nowadays everything is so global, uniformised, all the same everywhere, it is so nice to have the chance to see different things and to be inspired by such a beautiful and charming lady such as you. So I do understand your need to earn money, and I do not see why you shouldn't adverstise for things you like and entertain us with things you would like to do ( sports!) as long as you keep your style and keep inspire us, I am all for it!!! Anne-Sophie


I like your blog exactly as it is its well rounded and interesting, I like the variety and the fact its like having a catch up with a chum rather than a lecture from a stern teacher. I have no issue with sponsored posts whichever form they take, you make it clear tahts what they are and there is clearly a lot of thought put into making it lively and interesting, and after all we can all view the blog for free. Yah boo sucks to the moaning minneys I say. Carry on Charming lovely lady x


To respond to your King's Ginger question – I personally love that you put so much more into your posts about them than just pimping out the product. I actually wouldn't mind a little more pimping of that (drink recipes? Generally vintage cocktail recipes would be fun, even if not incorporating King's Ginger!)

Also, I really like your focus on athletics because you're a modern girl with a flair for vintage style – and getting into athletics is part of you! Not everyone is going to like everything you post, but I'd just like to say that this blog is you, and you come across as very genuine in it. Those that don't like it are most likely reacting to the person or personality that they have imposed upon you, rather than the one that you are actually putting forth. So, in my view, just keep on keeping on! And much luck in 2012!

The only constructive (and I do mean constructive) criticism I would suggest is a little more of a schedule in terms of posting. Not that you can only post on certain days, but guarantee that you do post something on a specific day each week so readers can expect it (and giddily anticipate it all week!). Even if that means holding back on a post until that day, I think it also helps in making the blog more "business-like." But, generally, the content of your posts is all perfect!


Dear Fleur,
I really enjoy reading your blog and it's horrible that you get so much deconstructive rubbish thrown at you. I do enjoy your outfit posts, and I do think that it's irrelevant if you got a particular piece as a gift as it makes it more real if I'm honest; you always incorporate the piece into an actual outfit you've worn.
The athletic posts are quite nice actually as they are an interesting thing to read as a break from all the vintage stuff. Personally I am not as interested in the King's Ginger stuff as that's just not my own taste in what I want to read, but it's far from domineering the rest of your blog.
Hope you have a good Christmas & New Year, and maybe our paths will cross again. (I met you on the tube/at a Tart event ages ago, I know Naomi πŸ™‚ ) When (not if!!) I get my act together regarding my own hat label I would love to send you something.
Best wishes,
byanushka @ gmail.com


I agree with all the others. Just continue to be yourself, whatever you are writing about. You come across as charming, funny, articulate, talented, original, honest and very likeable. Good luck for 2012. It sounds like it is going to be a big year πŸ™‚


I suspect any criticism is borne of jealously rather than the constructive kind πŸ˜‰
Write about what you love and enjoy x

Bonita Vear

~ * β™₯ * ~

I love your blog Fleur, and I am very excited to see whatever fashion posts you choose to do. Directing us to more vintage sources would be lovely too!

I also really admire the way you mix your athletic endeavors and your personal style; I am a horse rider and snowboarder and soccer player but haven't really dared to mix that with my own vintage blog. So I started another one just about the horses! So go you for keeping it real, and I'd love to see your training thoughts. It's inspiring. Thanks for all your hard work!

bonita of Depict This!
~ * β™₯ * ~


Charly Landgirl said pretty much everything I'd have said.

You don't give the impression of being one of those bloggers who goes out blagging free stuff – rather, enough of what you do is interesting to enough people that manufacturers of things you and they might like contact you. I have no problem with that. And you're always upfront about when things are given to you and when you've bought stuff.

I suppose if you did lots more posts about sport without a vintage angle, you might want to hive it off into another blog in order to keep this one focussed on vintage, and so the vintage doesn't get in the way for new readers who might be interested only in athletics (and a pure athletics blog might attract new, different, advertisers), but that's your choice, really.

Anyway, I like your blog lots, and am not planning on stopping reading it any time soon.


I love your blog just the way it is! Ads, sports, fashion & events. My only suggestion…more tutorial or outfit videos? Good luck on the move & the blog update! Looking forward to following all your adventures this upcoming year. πŸ™‚

Miss Matilda

With any degree of popularity, there will always be those who like to nit pick. Your blog is fascinating and from the heart.
I want to wish you all the best for 2012 and your move to the city.
I hope you achieve everything you want to Fleur.
Lots of Love xxx


I think your blog is great. If I'm not interested in a particualr post I will just skim it and come back for the next one

As everyone has said, you can't please all your readers. I really love fashion, make-up and hair tips so more of these would be great. But I'll certainly be keeping reading in 2012.


I've been following you for a while now and love your blog – it's something different from the norm and that's a good thing! You (among others, but still…) even inspired me do take up blogging myself and I'm enjoying it hugely. Simply do as you please, it should be fun for YOU as well!

Merry Christmas




I think it is very nice of you to ask your readers about their opinion.

I pop in once in a while to read your blog, and though I don't always take the time to read everything I always look on the photos you post. It is such an inspiration even though I am not a fan of dresses (more the tomboy type).. And credit to you for being so honest about your sponsors, please keep on posting "adds" (and they don't feel advertisy anyway) as long as you make it clear that they are gifts.

I really look forward to read about your training since I am making an effort in a halfmarathon myself.

Good look with your new projects and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

Miss Rosette Brune

follow your heart…you can never be able to please everyone, I find the most interesting people are those who are true to themselves and passionate about things, it's so easy to get trapped or stuck in some false identities, just because this blog started as vintage related it doesn't need to stay that way if you feel that you are moving somewhere else, good luck with your new projects, it's been a pleasure to follow your blog for the past few months,

Broad Betty

Oh dearlol you have mentioned some of my thoughts in this post. I have been reading for about 18 months and loved it but lately the Kings Ginger and sport stuff has ment I havent checked it out religiously like I had been and I did feel like I was missing you if you know what I mean but everyones life changes so I fully understand and hey its YOUR blog so do what you like πŸ˜‰ I havent commented before because I was still on dial up and it took foooooorever for the comments bit to load but yeah for outback australia, we have broad band now LOL

Sincerity Kirkland

I love all aspects of the blog, I love the introspective motivational stuff, the Kings Ginger blogs, the Vintage outfits (with or without freebies (my actual reason for reading this blog in the first place)) the sporting enthusiast blogs and everything else you care to share with us. You are an inspirational person and while I support your wish to streamline and professionalise your blog I hope that you never lose that wonderful way of giving up a window into you life and soul. Please, never change. It keeps some of us less obvious retro lovers going to see someone living every day with that hint of vintage glamour.


As a new runner and fellow vintage aficionado, I really enjoy reading about the fitness side of things so I have no problem with those updates that run alongside the usual style pieces.

Aside from that, please stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Your blog is unique because it covers such a range of interests and, as everyone else is commenting, you cannot please everyone so just keep writing from the heart.

The naysayers will no doubt scuttle off to troll on someone else's blog but those with a genuine interest and an affection for your writing will continue to tune in, and that's all that really matters.


β€’ I totally don't mind sponsored posts!
β€’ I particularly LOVE fashion posts with information about how to get a similar look — hair and makeup tutorials, where to find something similar, etc.. love that kind of thing
β€’ As a fellow runner I freaking love your running posts and hope you NEVER stop writing them (and running!)
β€’ perdita said: "I would like to see more high-class looks from high street/charity/low-cost-vintage posts." and I totally agree.

cheers doll. write what you want.


I don't/wouldn't mind your adverts as long as they stay personalized, as opposed to being simply repostings of press releases, and stay consistent with your "brand," i.e., girl with eye for quality vintage.

Likewise, your posts on work-outs have been fine because they aren't breakdowns of your mileage and anthropometrics, which is what you tend to get on exercise blogs.

I think your move toward a "site" feel away from "blog" feel is a good idea that will be able to carry out effectively.

Keep modeling as long as you can. You're good at it.


Hi Fleur! I love reading your blog. I think you are a suberb writer, and achieve great balance in the myriad of topics. Your makeup application is flawless, and hair styles are beautiful. If I was going to be greedy, would say I would love to see more how to videos ; ). Good luck on the move. And looking forward to reading your blog in 2012! Best wishes from this side of the pond. . . . .


how could anyone moan about you or your blog !!!!!!!!
Well as you can see you have more fans the ….well non-fans for want of a better term !!!
love georgia


Oh Fleur-I love your blog! My favs are the outtit and model posts, and as a healthy adult why wouldn't you blog about your sport activities? The sponsers never bother me, it looks fun and glamourous-especiall the Kings Ginger events! I see that you may want to be more professional, but I enjoy the personal aspect as well. It is your blog, you should be free to post anything you want!
Good luck with your move, I will still be reading!


Hi Fleur.

I too, love you blog. I've only been reading a couple of months, but find it interesting, inspirational and a good introduction to products I didn't know about but now enjoy, so thank you. (Lings Ging and Heyday) I really hope you keep the sponsored day trips. It's what you do, so keep doing it and maybe, do it better. It'll only attract more offers. It's like a proxy visit, and your destinations may end up on my day trip plans too. I think the only thing I'm really not keen on is the sports activities, unless it was vintage themed. It is what this blog is about. As a 50 something with rheumatoid arthritis, anything about triathlons leave me cold, but I must admit, I'm grateful to know you have to work at retaining your fab figure. Maybe it's time to a new blogs for other focuses in your life? But I really love the 'no sweat' approach to leading a fabulously, elegant, beautiful, interesting and varied vintage life, effortlessly. Don't blow too much of your mystique, it's what they pay you for!


Fleur! I have been reading your blog for about a year and I absolutely love everything about it. I wish we had more people like you in the United States.
One thing that I would like to see more of are your beauty tips. The post that you wrote about your morning routine is one of my favorites!
Good luck with your move and Happy Holidays!


find it difficult to not just sound childish when i say no less of anything! just more more please! I love the King's Ginger articles and find both the historical aspect of these as well as the bits of athletic energy to be exactly what they should: fun and inspiring. As for featured items I don't think it matters if they're free as long as they're fabulous! If there was more of something I'd like to see it'd be more of the little fun things that aren't around so much these days, maybe it's just where I am but I'd never seen someone out and about with a veiled or feathered hat before a few posts back and that just made my season! ..the man here says 'more cars and mustaches!' πŸ˜‰


I've been reading your blog for a good few years now and have never come across anything that has made me less inclined to read it! Whether the posts are sponsored or not; they always come across as an honest assessment of the product, so I'd never feel like I was being 'sold' something. It always just comes across as useful information. I really find it hard to believe that some individuals find it that irritating, when they're hardly being backed into a corner! If you don't like a sponsored post (which you always label as being so, as far as I've seen), skip it!

Long story short; keep up to good work, and have a very merry Christmas.


I recently discovered your blog and I like it just the way it is. After all, it is YOUR blog. It has been a joy to read. Happy Holidays!


I like your blog exactly how it is. You're personality shines through, whether you're posting about vintage buys, gifted items, outings (sponsored or otherwise), cocktail parties or running. That's what makes it fun to read.
I dislike it when posts that are obviously sponsored masquerade as regular content, but you are totally upfront that you are working with a brand or have been gifted something. As long as that honesty continues and you still write like you, as far I'm as concerned, you post whatever you please.
I look forward to the revamped blog for the new year.


Fleur- I've been reading your blog for quite awhile…I remember when you left your job so it's been some years. I've noticed a real difference in your posts and attitude in the last year or so….for the positive. You seem happier and more confident. I like all of your posts- vintage, sponsored, and running. I'm a history loving new runner so it's all good to me! I don't dress vintage (I'm a historian not a re-enactor) but I adore people who do. Good luck and I look forward to following you and The VM in 2012!

Dark Puss

Dark Puss admires your weblog greatly and I think you come across very clearly and distinctly which is why it is worth reading regularly. I'd urge you to exercise caution before changing it too much! Regarding your specific questions:

Sponsored posts, fine since you make it clear that they are and they are not too frequent.

Outfits – again just tell us that you got them from XXX and then enthuse in your usual inimitable fashion!

Other enthusiasms? Of course!

Changes – don't be too radical, basically it works very well in my opinion.

Miss Tess


I've been reading your blog for just over a year and I really love it. I don't find your sponsored posts off-putting, unless there are too many in a row – eg a King's Ginger post followed by a Heyday post followed by etc etc. Someone mentioned King's Ginger plus a cocktail recipe, and this sounds like a great idea! I don't think I'd notice the whole sponsorship thing if you did that.
What I love best are your posts about the Vintage Mafia, especially with such fabulous events like the Chap Olympiad, and pictures of you and your friends doing vintag-y stuff around London. I also really love your personal posts about your running, getting older, returning to modelling, and so on. It makes me feel that although I live in Sydney, I somehow have got to know you – which is one of the magic things about blogs, I think.
But I very much look forward to more posts, more pics, and more often.



Hi there-

I've been following your blog for a few years now. It's got a perfect mix of everything to me. I've seen many other bloggers that have become all about free stuff so I appreciate that you are not. No problem with getting items 'courtesy of' but not everything as other bloggers seem to be doing lately.

I have to say that I love your hair tutorials and miss them! Would love to see more of them along with more beauty reviews.

Even though I'm in the US, I love seeing the events you and the VM put on! Makes me jealous as there is no vintage scene here where I live!

Keep up the great work. I also love the fitness posts.


I personally miss the hair tutorials and definitely more outfit posts. I also like your personal posts (running, being a freelancer, etc). I think it gives the blog a very honest voice. Happy holidays!


I just love your blog, the way you write, and all of your lovely pictures. I first came across your blog when I was looking for some hair styles, and I keep coming by for more inspiration.
Thank you for sharing with us all πŸ™‚
Best regards from Norway.


Rather late on the bandwagon here, but I thought I'd contribute my tuppence ha'penny (as it were!). While I don't mind sponsored posts and "here's something I got from insert-brandname-here", I think interspersing those with posts in which you *don't* mention a sponsor – hair tutorials, general musings, vintage movie fashion, whatever – makes it look more authentic.


Honey, it's your blog to do as you please. If someone doesn't want to read a particular type of post they should have the courtesy to leave that one and read what comes next – don't let it get to you if they are rude about it. Someone else will appreciate that post.


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