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One, Two, Christmas T(h)ree

Oh, hello!

I hope you all had jolly old Christmases. Since I want to spend as little time online as possible between now and the dawn of 2012, I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow account and instead just show you the clobber. So, as promised, here’s the first instalment of my Twelve Days of Christmas Outfits!  I’m going to do them in threes, and so, here goes.

In case there are any purists reading – look away now!  None of this is real vintage. I did far too much eating, walking and slobbing to wear anything delicate!

Christmas morning and I’m wearing a comfy and (I think) elegant new jumpsuit from H&M. I got it for the princely sum of £15 last week and I felt its deep green was suitably festive and its adjustable belt suitably practical for overindulging. White vintage plastic rose earrings, and no lipstick, for what’s the point when I spent almost every waking second eating and drinking…  Not shown – stinky old house slippers I wear at my parents’!

Christmas Day afternoon and it’s a woodland walk to get our appetites up for our massive dinner. I’m wearing my old faithful overcoat and a pair of very un-retro boots to brave the mud. It was pointed out that this outfit had a slight Cossack vibe,  so a wee bit of silly posing was done.
 С Рождеством!
Boxing Day and some sombre news from a friend, plus my Dad came down with a mystery virus in the morning that left him in bed for the whole day. But as it is my familial duty to remain brightly coloured to spread good cheer, I put on some RED.

Red dungarees and peasant top are both from Vivien of Holloway at varying times and not often worn together.  They were both given as payment for favours! My old shoes are as before. I went out for another walk later on that day, and though I have no picture, you can use your imagination to envisage an identical ‘Cossack’ outfit with 6-inches of red leg instead of patterned green!

This rather snazzy brooch was a birthday gift from Miss Minna a few years back. It’s evocative of a 1950s B-Movie and thus appeals to both my love of vintage, and my love of sci-fi!

And with that we’re on to today and a comfy outfit to drive home. It’s been so mild that I really haven’t been too cold in light knitwear, and posing outdoors in short sleeves wasn’t an issue.

I’ve already broken my rule of not wearing the same trousers again, but never mind…

The sweater is a hand knit I got from eBay back in my very early days of buying repro. It must be a good 5 years old. The trousers are Heyday as before and my shoes… enough about those! Hair is newly washed and thrown into a loose bun. The same earrings as Christmas day… and FIN.

Next this week – trying to decide what to do for New Year and trying to re-flatten my stomach! Stay tuned.

Fleur xx


Miss Meadows

I love that jumpsuit! Think I have to pay H&M a little visit to see if they have it here in Sweden too! And no, it doesn't HAVE to be vintage! As long as it suits your style it works anyway. Just look at Dita von Teese – she wears a lot of new things and still manages to look vintage fab! 🙂 xx


The blossom print on the jumpsuit is so pretty! I'd like a blouse with that on.
I love love love the saddle shoes, I have a very similar pair.
You're right about the mild weather, what on earth is going with it?? I went out boxing day in a light knit, and was content to walk around town like that. Madness.


What lovely outfits, Fleur! You have such a marvellous sense of style 🙂 My favourite is the red overalls and peasant top – pretty and festive.


and you said nothing's delicate? If that gorgeous floral jumpsuit doeesn't say delicate I'm not sure what does! Eating, walking, slobbing and still manages to dress to perfection <3
Also love your tree!

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo


You look smashing in that jumpsuit! Wow. I bet that is one of those garments that looks a bit frightening on the hanger but completely transforms the wearer when it is put on.

Happy New Year and all that bizniss! I hope you have a good one 😀

Lauren Glossary

Ah, you look so pretty with pale pink lips! Love all the outfits! And it's kinda cool to know a vintage-loving gal like you doesn't keep to a strictly vintage only regime! x

Lenora Jane

I too CANNOT DEAL WITH THE JUMPSUIT AND ITS AWESOMENESS. Also, that pin/brooch is making my day and I am currently trying to decide what to do about making my own. What kind of material is it made out of?


Merry Christmas! I swear that jumpsuit is gorgeous! It definatley has a vintage flair about it. And I wholeheartedly agree that some activities do not merit "precious" clothing-like camping!


The jumpsuit is amazingness itself!

The short pullover and trousers is also a winner. Just the right relaxed/sophisticated balance for Christmas.

Auntie Del's Garden

I found you blog the other evening and enjoyed reading it. I'm an ex-pat from Britain living here in the US. I just wanted to thank you for your writing, photos, and all things Vintage British.


I adore your blog & your style. That jumpsuit is TDF! Alas, I haven't seen it in my local H&M. How's sizing? Thanks, & Happy New Year!


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