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Quatre, Cinq, (iPhone 4S)ix

Oh dear. I did warn you that the quality of the photographs may be somewhat lacking in this Twelve Days of Christmas Outfits series. And I’m as good at my word! These ones are almost universally atrocious! But something visual is better than nothing, no?… and they are a good example of my ‘just knocking about’ clothes.

So, on to my first day back in my flat – a day of errands, of shopping, and banking, and cat fussing. I didn’t see anyone that day, and didn’t have the time while to was still light to put a self-portrait strategy into place. So a snap in my slightly smeary mirror it is. I did dust it before taking this… honest.

Yes, it’s another pair of trousers. Someone had a moan at me in the last instalment, but come on gals. Sometimes shaving your legs and putting on stockings is such hard work. And I was only going to my local town. And I have so many pairs of nice, convenient, warm trousers… anyway. French Navy Heyday trews, a cute and vintage-esque cardigan from Zara, white t-shirt, canvas pumps and hair au naturel. No point styling it before running six miles in the cold and dark (with 3 people, all men, all faster than me. KNACKERED)!

So, to yesterday. I hadn’t seen my friends for what felt like an eternity, so after spending most of the day wearing unspeakable leisurewear/pyjamas, I put something relatively smart but easy to drive in, and headed up to East London for a friend’s birthday drink. Thanks to the councils closing all the important roads, it took me ages, and I was only in the pub for an hour or so. Bethan and I then decamped to Vintage Mafia HQ, where I stayed until I set off for home, remembering at 1am that I needed a photo for the blog. Et voila!

Bet you’re sorry I did this challenge now… what an uninspired outfit! It was actually quite good when I was stood next to Bethan, who’d used her VM telepathy to put on a matching outfit to mine with red Heyday trousers and a black angora sweater. She declined to be photographed.

Re lipstick long since gone, I am wearing a black pencil skirt of undetermined origins, a black sweater that’s so old it probably does count as vintage, the red tights I bought for the tweed run, a cute red fakelite bird brooch I bought from Acorn & Will, a red cardigan from a well-known UK supermarket that rhymes with Vesco, and my old faithful winter boots, that originated from New Look. No vintage again, but you can instead admire the ephemera that decorates the VM HQ – old photos, mirrors and repro army bags galore. You’re welcome!

And finally, it’s today, and the outfit photos were meant to be in a lovely location, and from my proper camera. Except when I turned it on… the battery immediately expired. Sigh.

The setting was a winter wonderland (ie wet and drizzly) walk at Wisley Gardens with my mum and auntie. I often do outfit pictures here, but as it looked like it was about to start bucketing down (and what with the camera battery debacle) we had to do some snaps quickly, and thus the backdrop isn’t as exciting as it might be.

 My skirt is a Bettie Page one from my friend Helen at Pinup Parade. Coat, boots, top from yesterday (it’s one of the few plain black tops I own and I only wore it for 3 hours yesterday…), so far, so samey. My otherwise monochrome outfit hid a few pops of colour, though. Another brooch purchased from Acorn & Will as above, pink hoop earrings which you can’t see, rose pink lipstick. The accessories are a little bit different today, though!

This pixie hat/scarf was made after I watched this British Pathe video about headscarves. Click the picture to see it…

It took a few shop visits before I found one wide and thick enough so it had enough to fold back, and so my point stayed firm and erect! 😉 So it’s appropriate that it came from the menswear section of H&M. The choice of colours was rather low. Men, you are boring! I’m definitely going to make a few brighter ones if I stumble across some more suitable scarves. Last, but not least, it’s the final pop of pink…

Not sure these are entirely period correct… OH WELL!

Back tomorrow with a King’s Ginger post to see out 2011, and to wish you all a fun and debauched New Year’s Eve! Better go charge my camera…

Fleur xx


Molly M.

I adore today's outfit! What a gorgeous ensemble! I love the little hood too. I wonder if there is a tutorial on the web for it.

May you and the rest of the VM have a wonderful and fun 2012!


Issues with trews you say? Why? *sigh* I don't do trousers personally, mainly because the tops of my legs are unsuitable. *shudder*

Anywhos – looking a treat as always. Especially the skellyton gloves. Rock!


Gals, the video is linked in the blog post. I didn't just insert a random image of an old woman in ahead scarf… that IS the link (as it comes direct from the Pathe page)!

Kati M

My adorable-ness not being akin to yours, the repeat outfits are the reason an "outfit of the day" blog never worked for me. I tried it for about 2 weeks and realized that my wardrobe is entirely too small for such a thing. That said, you put together excellent ensembles even with repeat offenders!


I love seeing your daily outfit posts; you manage to dress so practically without losing that elegance and vintage charm! It's very inspiring 🙂 Today's pixie hat/scarf is incredibly adorable!!


Oh Fleur this headscarf is adorable!! I'm making one for myself tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing the video. I love British Pathe. Especially the fact that their videos are watchable in the US! 🙂


the pixie hood looks amazing. I wish it were winter over here in australia. it was 39 degrees yesterday and no air con.

i can't wait for winter. our are extremely mild

Andi B. Goode

I love the skeleton hand gloves – used to have some but I don't know what happened to mine! And too many trousers? Trousers are great. I always feel like I'm wearing pyjamas (ie super comfy) when I'm in mine. 😀
-Andi x


I LOVE this scarf/hood. I bought myself a nice woolen fawn coloured scarf from H&M today to make myself one.


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