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A little sponsor love…

Sooo… how are we all? I see my last post garnered lots of lovely replies, and I am so glad that it left you all feeling motivated. I’m also really relieved that my inclination to wear lycra and run around hasn’t scared you all off in droves. I’ll always try to keep my posts on the subject relevant and interesting, I promise.

Anyway, back to the vintage style. I have a full on fashion, history and booze based picture post planned for you in the next couple of days as I set off for a new King’s Ginger adventure to a far flung place (er…Brighton), but I wanted to pop in before that and show a bit of love for one of my most loyal and lovely sponsors, 20th Century Foxy. This fab site has long been a supplier of all things slinky and sultry, carrying Stop Staring dresses and Trashy Diva pieces among others. And, as you know, I’ve been a staunch advocate of authenticity for years and it’s led me to eschew bengaline in favour of cotton and full skirts. But 2012 is, I’ve decided, the year I’m going to bring sexy back (to myself), and thus have accepted a wiggle-tastic Stop Staring frock as part of my sponsorship deal from 20th Century Foxy, which will be making its debut on here in the next few weeks.

But the big news is that in response to the rising prices and atrocious dollar exchange rates that has made importing repro items a little too expensive, owner Clare has just started up her own line which will gradually replace the brands on her site. And as she’s been so lovely to me, I volunteered to showcase one of the first items in her collection, the 1940s Swing Trousers, just to say thank you. So here they are!

These trousers are lovely, made from a wool and linen mix tweed in a wearable colour that can only be describes as ‘Ginger’. Not an itch to be found either, so no worries there. They’re high waisted, but without a waistband, and I’d say quite generously sized on the hips. I’m in a 10, which is purported to be 27.5″ waist, 37″ hip, but my hips are definitely closer to 39 and they fit beautifully.

Why am I sitting down, you may ask? Well the inside leg appears to be around 32″, and me being a lanky git has an inside leg of 33.5″. They would be absolutely spot on if I had let down the hem, but I am not keeping these trousers – not because I don’t like them, far from it; but because I have approximately 4 million pairs of trousers (give or take), and 20th Century Foxy’s own label range is so newly launched, I do not need or want to take gratuitous freebies from it. So I was reluctant to unpick seams for the sake of a photo. I also would buy them, but you know… tax return poverty time. 🙁

I hope you’ll go visit 20th Century Foxy if you find yourself in need of some new clobber, and support this hard-working, homegrown company! I thank you.

Fleur xx


Lenora Jane

They're lovely (as are your shoes in those pics!)…I can sympathise with the inseam difficulties, as well 🙂

As for the running posts: it's nice, actually. I like, in the usually so devotion-segregated blogosphere, the occasional reminder that we're all people with facets and layers. Also it reminds me that my occasional feeble attempts to get away with not exercising because I'm "not that kind of kid" are, well, dumb…haha.


Very cute, I am very excited to see the Stop Staring dress..I have a total of 5 of them-they are the bane of my paycheck!! They can be extremely flattering.


ach I hate it when that happens! They are absolutely gorgeous trousers its such a shame you won't be keeping them. Stitch a bit of lace at the bottom and voila, problem solved!

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo


39" inches at the hips and short…hmmm…sounds like meeeee.

Sadly short of cash also sounds like me right now, but I'm gonna bookmark these for payday when it EVENTUALLY comes!


Do you know I was just on the site today admiring the lovely new stuff! Pleased the trousers aren't itchy (was wondering!)

Glamour Daze

I love the material of these trousers. 'Fabric comes before design !' according to Coco Chanel.I wonder where Clare sourced the cloth from? Anyway, beautiful design and a great start to her own fashion line. And they look great on you Fleur ! May 2012 bring health, wealth and happiness to you and your loved ones!

20th Century Foxy

Glamour Daze – we sourced the fabric from a mills in yorkshire. They are bolt ends of cloth – we also have a brown version in production. From sheep that graze these 'ere hills. I agree with you that fabric is everything – im not a fan of synthetics but since most fabric production has left the UK – we are becoming VERY restricted.

Lainnie TSC

Love the pants, but it's the shoes that caught my eye. The color is great for an oxford. Are these vintage as well? I'm going through all your posts to see if I can find who makes them or where they come from!


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