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Visiting the past

I would like to announce that I have failed on the 12 Days of Christmas Outfits. I spent the proceeding three days from my last post, holed up in my flat, wearing little of note and seeing no one to take photos of me, even had I been wearing something nice. Not wishing to subject you to a further three self-taken, cameraphone mirror pictures, I decided to quit while I was behind. I will make it up to you with some future, fancy pictures, promise.

But here’s something a little different for you.

I have often posted here about a photographer I’ve now collaborated with several times, Tobias Key. Toby and I have done several shoots together with some of my very favourite pictures produced as a result. One picture I haven’t shared with you is this one.

I’m not sure why I haven’t posted this portrait. Taken by a large format camera straight on, I think it is quite uncompromising. But maybe it’s just because I’m so thoroughly used to exploiting my ‘best angles’ and turning to just the right point to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

But actually, it’s good to show a different type of picture once in a while, and even more so when it’s part of a quite exciting project.

Toby has just posted up a blog with his latest portrait in the series, which he’s tentatively named ‘The Past is a Place I Like to Visit‘.

This beautiful lady is called Simone, but she is not nearly so fabulous as my dear friend Miss Cherrylicious (who I haven’t seen in ages and this must be rectified soon!), who has also been captured recently by Toby.

The sharpness of the large format camera gives the images a haunting property that works really well with the primness of vintage, and makes such a change from the cheery cheesecake that abounds these days. I hope to do another shoot for this series at some point. And if any vintage ladies and gentlemen (as I believe he wants to include the chaps but has trouble tracking them down, hence needing my help!) want to get involved with Toby’s project, please contact him here, and tell him I sent you!

Fleur xx


Miss Simmonds Says

wow, those are beautiful shots, full of atmosphere. What camera is it exactly? Way out of my price range I'm sure but my photography geek side is very jealous x


Hmm, that looks quite a lot like Simone who works in the Irregular Choice store in Brighton. I met her there when I was presenting at the "Developments in Dress History" conference at Unviersity of Brighton in December.

Lovely photos in any case, all three of them.


I'm sre it is said Simone as Toby lives down Brighton way. That picture of her makes me feel very inferior as she is so pretty – why can't my eyes be that colour/size/shape, jawline so chiselled, neck so willowy, etc etc πŸ˜‰


I am SO in love with your portrait! It has so much depth and the coloration in the photograph is absolutely harmonious. Beautiful!

{ tanya }

That is a stunning shot of you. There's something about it that seems to reveal *you*. It doesn't look posed or forced, but rather like he captured a vulnerability. It truly is gorgeous.


it's so original to hear you saying sth like "i admit, i haven't followed the schedule this time" and i appreciate you for being true to yourself and us. i mean it's not a big deal, you feel so, you do so. it's better not to pressure yourself in order to please your followers! we love you as you are and there's nothing more sweet than a blogger who can inspire you whether she wears a stunning outfit or just share sincere thoughts!
much love from greece!

Mrs. Williams

That really is a lovely portrait of you! (I wish I was
photogenic; alas, cameras refuse to make me look cute.)
All of these photos are gorgeous, anyhow. Thanks
for sharing. πŸ™‚

Johanna Γ–st

That's an incredibly beautiful portrait. In fact, I think it's one of my favourites Ive seen of you. The other photos are really gorgeous as well.


I love these shots. Part of the appeal of history, retro, vintage and the unusual to me is that of memories, haunting moods and mystery. Sometimes the fad to airbrush everything and cheesecake-ify it loses that feeling, but these photos capture it perfectly. So subtly dramatic.


I love these pics! The quality is so eye catching, thank you for sharing. Also, I did enjoy your recent outfit post, even if they were iphone photos:)


Yes that is Simone from Brighton who works in the Irregular choice shop, she's my beautiful friend! x x

girls and cars

Despite of no resources and this much of technology people maintained the beauty of themselves and their usages, nice clicks thanks from all of us to lead us towards past.


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