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Beaus & Arrows

Not to jump on a topical bandwagon or anything, but it’s Valentine’s Day. Did you notice? I certainly did. As virtually the only single one left of all my friends, from school mates, to college buddies, university housemates and all the people I hold dear in my adult life, this occasion does wear on one rather. I made the decision very early in 2012 to do everything in my power this year to ‘make things happen’… a deliberately vague resolution! In terms of finding love, it’s more that I’ll ensure that instead of wasting more of my own time on pointless things, instead I’m a free spirit, doing my thing and ready for that cupid’s arrow when it finally strikes both me AND the object of my affection. As opposed to the singular stabbings I’ve had to endure over the last few years. But said stabbing scars are nearly healed, plus I’ve read two very useful blogs in the last couple of days. Ladies, if any of you are suffering from badly implanted arrowheads, I encourage you to read this post by Bangs and this blinder on HelloGiggles. They both contain so many truths for me as over the last 3 years I have managed to fall for a succession of massively unsuitable and/or emotionally unavailable men. Not even their fault in most of the cases, but mine for not looking after number one. Never again! It’s way better to be single than torturing yourself, say I… And if you’re lucky enough to have a mutual adoration this V-Day, for gawd’s sake go and snog/grope your man/girl/undetermined. Now! FINE, when you get home then. πŸ˜‰

I’m going to the special Love Dem Crew tonight so I won’t be at home moping. And throughout today I will be saying a silent thanks to the relationships I do have, that make my life better. My family, my pals, my previous lovers who are now friends and confidantes. I’m even thankful to those I have loved and lost for making me realise both what it’s like to feel love and what it’s like to hurt so much you can barely go on – it just means I will know and when I do, I’ll be even happier than I could have been before!

Let me leave you with some photos that make me happy and thankful for my life and my friends this Valentines. As I said a few posts ago, on Friday night, all six of the VM girlies got together in our rainbow frocks for the first time this year and put our skills to work on the hair and lips of visitors to the Churchill War Rooms after hours event. We left lots of ladies feeling like beautiful 1940s starlets. Lovely! Who needs a man when you have that in your life, I ask you.

As you can see, we even sneaked (with permission) into the cabinet room itself, and posed being Winston Churchill’s chair. Fun fact, that wire behind my bum is one of the most important in the whole bunker – it called the tea lady!

All photos by Hanson Leatherby Photography and more can be seen on the Vintage Mafia blog.

Fleur xx



Brilliant pictures! I love the rainbow frocks, and the picture of you all with the Very Important Wire. And yes, we did feel like beautiful 1940s starlets! There is a little write up on my blog if you'd like to wander across.

As for the 'make things happen' resolution – snap! When making plans, I always go for great, but vague. πŸ™‚

Miss Magpie

I was single for a VERY long time and as you say god how wearisome that became sometimes when everyone around you wasn't. After one more disasterous unrequited love I decided enough! I know it sounds terribly cliched but I stopped looking and I found. I just went out and did things and had a bloody good time, I think the key is to be open to every posibility. Oh and not to be desperate, men can sense that from within a 10 mile radius!

Bangs and a Bun

Ahh I love this post. You have totally the right attitude. Celebrate the love you do have in your life rather than mourning that you might not have the particular brand of romantic love you want just yet.

Love those pics too. The hairspray one is too cute.


the lady in yellow looks like the woman from call the midwifes. the blonde one. just put a blonde wig on mrs yellow and its her haha

Betty2Tone (Laura)

I wish I could send a those other blogs you posted to a couple of my girlfriends, but I'm positive they would only end up getting mad at me even though it's something they should hear πŸ™


Discovered your blog a short time ago and have been loving it ever since! Hubby and I are on the hunt for the Kings Ginger now… surely they must have it here in Canada? Your are a bright light that brings smiles to our faces everytime we check in.

Miss Marie

This pictures are just adorable and lovely, and warm the cockles of my heart more than any couple shots could!

Hope you have a lovely evening.


Great photos of the Vintage Mafia and I love the dresses you are wearing. Had a chuckle about the wire for calling the tea lady!

Wish I lived close enough to go to one of your sessions. I'd love to get made over with a great 40s look.

Valentine's Day can be tough for singles, but it sounds as though you have such an amazing life with a wonderful crew of friends. You've got more than some married couples have!

Lynn Brooks

Ms. fleur,

do not despair. when it comes to love, i have learned 3 things.
1. having an amazing group of besties (like your vintage mafia), or what i call "sex and the city friends", is priceless. the love of your friends is every bit as awesome as romantic love.
2. good men do exist. i found one, my mom found one, and there has to be more than 2 good men in this world.
3.not everyone finds there right person at age 14. I was 40 when i met my sweetie. my mother was 49 when she met hers (after 2 kids and 2 bad marriages)

somewhere out there is a great guy who goes gaga for vintage goddesses, likes to run, and will enhance the fabulous life you have created for yourself.

Kate McMahon

it definitely makes a lady feel better that another fabulous and lovely lady such as yourself is single out there! i've finally come to a similar conclusion, nearing my 30th year and realizing that most of the men i've wasted my time with were useless. here's to better choices, and learning to love oneself!


Hi Fleur, I have only recently found your blog and spent sunday afternoon reading through your blog right from the begining. I really enjoy it I love your fashion style and your writing. I have been a vintage fan since a young teen but I have never had the courage to dress like it fully. I think you are very lucky to have a group of friends who also share your passion for vintage.
Talking about Valentine's before I met my husband I was single for many years (once I stopped dating the wrong kind of man and stopped looking I found my husband it's true what they say) and used to spend celebrating valentine's night going out for cocktails with my other single friends we had a great time. I hope you had a great night last night?

Gabrielle-"The Gift of Gab"

I love how you are using your skills to make other ladies happy. You have such a good heart and soul.
The Vintage Mafia really does a lot in your community. We need more people like you all in the States.


Ah, a timely post, indeed. Yesterday was my first single Valentine's Day for six years. I decided not to go online all day, and I think it was a sensible decision, just to avoid all the nonsense πŸ™‚

I love both the links you posted, and I also read a few too many home truths (making excuses for him all the time? "You don't know him like I do"? Ugh!). And I am also pleased to discover that I am not the only person who thinks Mr Big is a complete knob. I was furious when she married him!

You, my dear, are a far more worthwhile role model πŸ™‚


Excellent post, Fleur! I'm in the same boat as you (some of my friends are already married and having kids, most have a significant other, and some are single) and it's only now that I've focused more on being content being single and doing your own thing than trying to find a boyfriend. I've since stopped looking and just focused on living my life, and I'm definitely way happier now than when I was miserable and chasing the wrong people years ago. πŸ™‚

Btw I love the last shot with the rainbow dresses all lined up. You guys look great!


Great post! I too am single (and about to enter my fourth decade as a spinster – ooh!) but I have an amazing gang of friends, and I usually find that life is that little bit more magical, surprising and joyful when I'm able to enjoy the freedom that a single girl enjoys! I don't think I'd try half the fun things i do if I was in a relationship!

So, I spent Valentine's night with one of my friends, enjoying a lovely pub dinner by a roaring log fire, followed by attending a talk about '40s fashion. Bliss!

And it certainly beats the expectation that comes on Valentine's Day when you are coupled up – one hates to be disappointed!

Chin up, single girlies – you're all fabulous and those men don't know what they're missing! x


First, I want to say that I am happy to have found your blog! I found it via one of your youtube videos and I just adore your style (and perfect lipstick application, wow!:)

Valentine's Day is far too overrated. I always find the people that celebrate it to the extreme are trying to prove something or make up for something. If you love someone, love them in special ways all year round πŸ™‚

I love your goals for yourself – YOU FIRST! And that you're happy being single. I met my husband when I had given up on "men" ("Men" because really, the majority act like little boys!) and was very content with being alone. I really learned a lot about myself at that time in my life and was rather happy. Then it seems my husband fell into my lap. The perfect guy for me in every way. I think true love comes to you when you're ready for it…so be happy being you and only great things will come of it πŸ™‚


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