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Celluloid clobber

… as opposed to the rather boring ‘Film Fashion’. Writing posts about outfits I like in films I have watched is not something that I have ever done before, but I have often thought about it. I don’t have a huge amount of spare time, and, much as I’d like to spend it gazing at a screen, in reality it doesn’t happen all that often. But when I was contacted last week and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the film Restless (mainly from a sartorial perspective) which comes out on DVD today, and after seeing the outfits, I thought, ‘nothing ventured and all that’. So, for a bit of a break from the blogging norm, I said I would. So here goes nothing!

I watched the DVD of Restless last night. It was directed by Gus Van Sant, he of such award-winning (or at least award-nominated) films Good Will Hunting and Milk. Neither of which I’ve seen! But this only meant I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what it would be like. It’s a very gentle film, and a cross between a teenage love story and a supernatural fairytale, with ghosts and themes of love, loss and sadness. The main characters are Annabel and Enoch, the former a terminal cancer patient with only three months to live; and the latter a slightly strange young man who lost his parents in a horror smash that left him in a coma and gave him all sorts of behavioural difficulties (as well as a ghostly friend in the form of a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII). It’s gentle in that the subject of death is mostly glossed over – there’s not much raging or angst about it, just a calm serenity and acceptance of fate with occasional tears from loved ones. And even cancer is not portrayed as the horror it really is, with Annabel never really looking particularly ill, just pale and fragile. She acts beautifully though! As I say, it’s gentle. But it is an exceedingly sweet film, and I enjoyed watching it.

There was obviously a lot of thought put into the costuming by a designer who has a very evident penchant for vintage. Annabel’s outfits are by turn 60s inspired and 20s bohemian – this is probably more due to the close crop of her hair (the Hollywood sign of former chemo), which gives her a definite touch of the Mia Farrow (apt, given the actress is Mia Wasicowska, an Aussie with no trace of accent), crossed with a 20s Eton crop. Capes, tweed, cardigans, gloves and hats abound, and one outfit I don’t have a screenshot of, but which I loved was a 60s shift dress and vintage shoes, plus a gorgeous statement coat in a dalmatian print. It’s given me a real hankering to dog out my old rockabilly faux fur! But the above shot gives me a chance to finally plug a combo which I have seen in the flesh and which I adore – the Tara Starlet cropped cape!

I saw Tara at her last collection launch party looking just as she does in the photo, wearing the red/white houndstooth colourway. But can I just point out how utterly amazing the skirt is as well? It’s super high waisted with the most gorgeous notched detail at the waistband… Tara, you need some shots of the skirt on its own! Looks absolutely fab paired with contrasting accessories, just like in the film shot, too.

Mustard yellow and red are a colour combination I LOVE, but am often too chicken to actually wear together, for fear of looking a little Ronald McDonaldy (technical term), but the above photo is proof of that theory being incorrect. But let’s talk about the lovely BICYCLES for a minute! As you all know, I’m quite keen on the old cycling lark (and looking fab whilst doing it… though I do want to get all lycra-y and find myself a road bike as well… a blog for another day!), and while I obviously have nothing but love and praise for my beloved Pashley Britannia, there is a new option on the market.

Olympic cycling heroine Victoria Pendleton has teamed up with car parts superstore Halfords to produce some gorgeous retro bicycles for ladies. I stumbled across the photos the other day, and fell in love with the baby blue Somerby. I don’t think they’re out yet, but when they are, they will be a pretty reasonable £299. There’s also the rather smashing Bobbin Bicycles who have their own range of ‘vintage’ bikes, including one that’s the spitting image of the one above. If you’re going to wear a hat on a bike, it probably should actually protect your head, of course… so have a look at Cycle Chic for a range of stylish helmets (including some with actual hats on top of hard shells).

There’s a lot of good trouserage in the film, too. Apart from the fact it’s warmer and saves one shaving one’s legs in the winter, wearing trousers also saves a thrifty girl a lot of money on stockings and tights in the winter. A winner all round, then. I’m a fan of the 1920s-1930s college girl look that Mia is sporting in the above picture. I’d put more of a 40s spin on such a look, of course, so here’s an outfit inspired by, but not really the same as the above!

Here’s yours truly in a pair of herringbone tweedy trousers from Heyday, and a Pendleton 49er repro from Freddies of Pinewood; plus my current covet – Veronica shoes from Office. Vintage Pendleton jackets are easy enough to find, too. Etsy is full of ’em!

So all in all, Restless is definitely worth a watch in my opinion, for the sweet story and quirky fashion alike. It is out on DVD now, available from all good retail emporia. And with that, my first foray into film fashion is finito! What do you think? Personally, I think I need a prompt like this to get back into the old V.I. Buys segments I used to do with such enthusiasm when I had time to browse sites for fabulous things. Let me know if you’d like me to do more of such things, won’t you.

Toodle-loo for now!

Fleur xx

PS. This post was sponsored, but I decided to do it as a good excuse for a new type of post. All opinions are my own and none of the product links are sponsored*, they are all my own picks. Just sayin’.

(*except Heyday, technically; but our partnership is based around the Fleur dresses).



As someone who has lost too many to such a vile disease and worked in a hospice I think the film would infuriate me…but I love your trousers!
I have always wanted to be tall enough to wear that kind but I would look ridiculous in them, even if I could find any to actually fit me. Those shoes are gorgeous, too. I do envy you the height, m'dear.


Thanks for posting this review, there are clearly some really interesting & good looks in the film! I will have to investigate it!

Andi B. Goode

If you had seen Milk & Good Will Hunting you'd probably have been thrown as Van Sant's films can be widely different from everything from story line to the way in which they are filmed! But I STILL haven't seen this. And he's one of my favourite directors, too. But I'd love to see more posts like this. I love cinema more than anything, really. 🙂
-Andi x


I think pretty much every outfit I ever put any conscious thought into has been inspired by a film! I would love to see more of these kinds of posts 🙂

And to Lolly Willowes, above, who thinks she's too short for wide-leg trousers? Nonsense! The are THE most flattering shape, they make everyone's legs look longer and the movement will make you feel far more glamorous than skinny jeans ever could. Take it from a 5'4" wide-leg trouser fanatic 🙂


I've really enjoyed reading this blog and wonder if i might find some help here. My hubby has offered to buy me a bike for my birthday-yipee! I've seen and ridden two that i like. The Pendleton Somerby from Halfords and the Bobbin Birdie. Funny they are both mentioned here. The only difference when riding is that the Bobbin feels a little small. I've tried the 19 inch in both and just can't make up my mind-does anyone have any helpful tips on choosing? 🙂


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