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Happy snaps

So the other day, I got an exciting text from Shona Heyday, telling me that the latest incarnation of our Fleur dresses had just been delivered. She had to remind what they actually looked like, since we’ve got SO many exciting fabrics up our sleeves (both literal and figurative), that I was no longer sure what was coming next. The two that just dropped have a very classic floral/stripe/mini gingham print that’s incredibly authentic for a late 40s to early 60s housedress. It was used in a black colourway on the skirt of our Green & Gingham version, but this time it’s an all-over print and in a beautiful mid-blue and a dusky pink.

When the parcel arrived this morning, I whipped it out of the packaging and let out a little squeak. I also happened to be heading to my parents’ place this afternoon for a work project tomorrow, and there was room in my heavy suitcase for one little frock. And, as the sun went down, we popped down the road so I could take a couple of impromptu pictures.

Unfortunately, my mum doesn’t believe in ironing, and thus doesn’t own one. These photos, therefore, depict a dress that has literally come out of its packaging, been folded into a suitcase and then put straight on. So please forgive the creases! I’m actually surprised how *uncreased* it seems to be though. Not that I should be, Shona and I only choose lovely quality cotton… 😉

Proper photos will be coming soon… some will be taken tomorrow, in fact. But the light was just too nice to ignore!

I had very boringly unstyled hair, so I whipped up one of my patented faux fringes (link is to tutorial!), and paired it with my beloved (but as yet unworn this year) pair of Rocket Originals Nancy in cream. Supporting British repro brands all the way! 

A little bit closer on the lovely fabric… excuse my golden skin (again), but it does lend a beautiful warmth to the lighting here.

Do go and check out the brand new Fleur dresses on the Heyday site (and her other great wares of course) – we’ve got plenty for now, but they won’t wait around. Thanks, as ever, to my lovely mum for taking the pictures. I’ll have lots more (uncreased) pictures to show you soon!

Bye for the noo…

Fleur xx



I am in love with these frocks and currently have things crossed that I didn't know I owned crossed in the hope of winning the current awesome giveaway 🙂


The dresses are so lovely! Oh the creasing is fine! It appears that you have authentically been taking a country walk 😉

Molly M.

Beautiful dress. How do you like the shoes? I'm thinking of getting a pair for the summer as I'll be at the end of my pregnancy and really don't want to be traipsing about in heels.


I love the Fleur dresses. I get compliments every time I wear mine. I really like the blue version of the stripe print, and can't wait to see the other colours.


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