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Legs Eleven

Well I had meant to post this on the 11th, but it’s now (lucky for some) the 13th. Always full of good intentions, me.

Great minds in the vintage word often seem to think alike, I’ve noticed. Probably because we’ve all got such super fabulous taste… 😉 But another awesome coincidence popped up the other day when I posted a picture on my Facebook page. I took a couple of outfit shots for a forthcoming article in my regular spot in Milkcow Magazine. All winter, I’ve been hankering after one of the little Skater dresses that are oh-so-trendy at the moment, with the aim of putting together a sort of 1940s ice-skater look. But getting ones pins out is quite daunting and so it took me a while to take the proverbial plunge. Lots of pictures were saved to my inspiration folders, these two in particular…

 …forgive me, but I’ve no idea where these came from. Anyway, I happened across a cute dress in high street shop River Island the other day, and I had to have it.

Here I am wearing it, and posing in a silly bugger fashion.

River island dress, Topshop tights, super old boots,
handmade scarf/hood and belt from another dress!

You’ll have to read my article in the forthcoming Milkcow to see what I’m going on about in regards to this outfit, but while I love it and plan to get several different versions of it (RED must be next), I was delighted to see Solanah from Vixen Vintage post this very picture on her own Facebook page only one day later!

Hurrah for something a little different, even if I did find it very odd having my legs entirely on show. But it’s good to step out of your comfort zone, after all. What have you done to challenge yourself lately?

Fleur xx



LOVE it! If you've got the legs, flaunt 'em!

I'm becoming a bit more confident at dressing in my favourite style (60s-70s, slightly kitsch) at more formal or sophisticated events. Strangely I am not bothered about standing out from the mainstream, but with vintage/indie/arts events I would stress more about my 'taste' as I guess there's more evidence of people knowing their clothes.

Miss Simmonds Says

It looks really authentic, definitely go for a red one too. River Island isn't all pseudo 80s fluoro sweatshirts and Aztec boob tubes then. Excellent. I'm trying to get addicted to exercise like yourself.


Gah! You look so cute. And isn't that knit dress amazing? Thanks for sharing it! The book also includes a skating set: Sweater, with matching hat, and shorts to go under your skirt. Swoon.



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