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A straightforward outfit post for you today, with a few more on the way… I’ve been slightly neglecting the fashion side of my blog recently. Consider that worked upon, beginning now.

We’ve been having some rather glorious weather over here in the UK, not exactly as scorchio as some of the outfits I’ve seen on others would suggest, though. At the appearance of even the merest ray of sunshine, many British men experience an inexplicable urge to take their tops off and wander around half naked. Other people get their pasty feet out in flip flops and generally make ill-advised outfit decisions, usually resulting in them shivering at 9pm, when the temperature drops back down to zero and they wantonly left their coats at home. Anyway! It has been genuinely lovely, and, I’m delighted to say, warm enough to get the first Swirl dress of spring out. Worn with tights (I’ve run out of stockings – sad face) and a cardigan, I was at the perfect temperature for posing in the golden, late afternoon sunshine on Saturday.

 Vintage gingham wrap dress, peach bolero from a 40s pattern
(sadly gone all baggy now, but I still love it), white canvas pumps…

Side note: I may have had to whiten my teeth slightly here, as the golden sunshine effect also made said teeth appear rather on the golden side…
I do love a bit of embroidery! My lipstick is Boots No. 7 in Classic Rose. It’s a classic for sure!

That’s all from me today, nothing more insightful shall emit from my typing fingers, but when does it ever? 😉

Hope you’re all having a smashing week!

Fleur xx



Ive only just stumbled upon your blog and immediatley subscribed. This blog is glorious. I also love the lipstick colour and the blue dress.

Marie Meier

have a swirl exactly like this one but without the embroideries… and i thank god, it's spring, i can wear it ( like my others and my Fleur dresses eh eh )


Love it! We had some pretty warm weather last week and I was able to pull out quite a few of my spring/summer dresses, which made me terribly happy. 😉 Although it's cooled off again today–of course. haha! But the day we went down to the ocean to walk around, there were a ton of people out in shorts and bikinis–and believe me, it wasn't *that* warm. lol. It made me cold just looking at them! 😉

Lucy Nation

Ooh, nice to see an outfit post. Just like the old days! You look lovely and I totally agree about the unwise outfit decisions made at this time of year xx


I have a Swirl with the same embroidery, but the fabric is a pink seersucker. Wouldn't it be neat to have a Swirl catalog so we could keep track of all the different designs and fabrics?


You have absolutely *gorgeous* facial structure! And I really love the dress and the bolero–and how they look together! Super cute. 😀


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