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Identity Crisis

Hello from a sunny England! I was overwhelmed by the appearance of some sunshine after the biblical rain we’ve had for the last… well, it seems like years. So shocked was I, that I even got my pasty legs out! But before I show you, I have a bit of a confession to make.

Like a mid-2000s superhero, I’m having something of an identity crisis.

Vintage style has been my life for over five years now. Ever since I discovered there were other people who dressed in such a way 24/7 and decided I wanted to do that too, it’s been an all-consuming passion. But then, last year, my frankly anal adherence to my aesthetic started to be slightly tempered by my new-found love of running, and I started to scour the ‘net for skin-tight lycra and performance fabrics… then found myself wearing my huge, fleecy tracky bottoms around the house instead of my 40s style pyjamas… what a phony I have become! I am semi joking – vintage has been my image, but I’m the first to admit that I’ve never been a lifestylist or a re-enactor. I listen to modern music, hanker after the latest gadgets and am generally a thoroughly modern girl in every other aspect of my day-to-day life, other than my clothes and general love of old-fashioned design.

But my recent, spur-of-the-moment decision to get a fringe cut has thrown me into the aforementioned crisis. For I have discovered that I only like it straightened, and there’s nothing remotely 1940s about it any more.

 Behold! The damage done by years of hot sticking! … and the fringe.

I can’t claim to be drawing inspiration from the 40s collegiate look, as
it would need to be more of a pageboy. If I was channeling Paulette
Goddard or Barbara Stanwyck then I’d need a bit of a wave. And Bettie
Page rip offs needs curls and more length.

While the old me has stuck rigorously to my chosen look, even writing guest posts about how one should always wear the right hair to match the outfit (within reason, I’ve always paired 50s and early 60s frocks with 40s hair for example), I’m now stuck with a ‘do that only looks good (to my eyes) straightened into ultra-modernity, even dare I say trendiness; but yet I still love my vintage wardrobe. Kind of. I’m also finding myself yearning to be a little more… sexy.

I have been secretly buying little short dresses since I got my first one a few months back for my ‘ice skater’ outfit. I discovered I really like having my legs out… these gams have carried me strong for miles and miles of running – they are toned and taut… they might not be physically perfect but they are darned awesome in what they can do. And they do come out in the summer, when I wear playsuits, but not for a long time have I worn a short skirt in public. And there will come a time, in the not-too-distant future when I will be too old to wear them. I always intend to push boundaries, but not to the point of being mutton (luckily a Young Person told me he thought I was 23 the other day, so hopefully I’m not too haggard yet). And I discovered something that most other women have known for years… men like short skirts! I have lost count of the compliments and chat up lines I have had from the chaps since going out three or four times in this type of dress. And as someone who’s been extremely unlucky in love and is yet still a hopeless romantic, then perhaps this is something I need to make the most of this summer, unless being a spinster is my destiny as I’m starting to fear…

But let’s face it: with the hair, and the short frock, it’s all starting to look a lot like, well. Not me. Not the old me, anyway.

As my readers, it’s important to me that you don’t abandon me in droves because I’ve changed my image slightly and become, being deadly honest here, a vintage style hypocrite (NB. I almost put hairpocrite here, but it was a pun too far… even though I have still made it!). Because I will be continuing to wear my beloved vintage dresses as well as these modern styles, but with my new ‘do ‘ruining’ the authentic effect, at least for the time being. And some other, slightly different looks are going to start creeping in. Because I’m at something of a crossroads, both in my life (for various reasons) and my look. But nothing really stays the same forever… can it? Maybe I am just convincing myself here…

If nothing else, after all this time blogging, I have realised you can’t always
please everyone all the time (read the comments on my last entry to see
this in action!) and this is, as it always has been, a document of my life and the trials and tribulations therein. But ultimately, if no one reads my blog because it’s lost its way, then it’s all a little bit pointless, innit! Whatever happens here, it will be an interesting journey, and it will always involve lots of lovely vintage. This blog will ALWAYS be called Diary of a Vintage Girl, I will ALWAYS wear clothes that come from or echo the eras I love (and which suit me best). And I will ALWAYS do my best to inform and entertain. I do have some really fun projects coming up soon, too. I’m quite excited about this new phase, actually!

But please do let me know your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

Lots of love,

Fleur xx



The most important thing is to be true to yourself, and if your tastes are evolving that's fine. The people who value you for the important things – decency, humour, fun – aren't going to dislike you because your hair is now straight and your skirts are short. The people who only like you for your 40s style aren't the ones you should listen to.

The one thing you may find odd is no longer being such a firm part of a subculture. I'm an ex-goth. I drifted out of it, but I still love the music and have lots of goth chums, would still cheerfully go clubbing with them. It can be strange, having had a label, suddenly going without it. People don't know how to deal with others who don't fit into neat little boxes. But you've always said you like to be different, so you're strong enough to do without the label – and you will always have the friends that matter.

My one reservation is that a change in style could affect the business side of your blog. How much of your regular work is because you are Vintage Girl? How much of that can you afford to lose? Can you develop a new blog that will market your new strengths? (I don't tend to associate running with glamour, but you have that in spades.)


I think your look still has a definite vintage vibe! I have hair halfway down my back, bangs, and wear (modern) glasses, and still love to dress in vintage clothes.

You're just cultivating personal style, that's all.

The dress and hair are gorgeous, by the way. Love it!


Y'know, you look fabulous with the new 'do and I like the little skater style frocks on you. Most importantly, though, you're doing what feels right to you, which is all you can ever do. There's no point clinging rigidly to a style that doesn't feel quite like you any more – the rest of you evolves as you go through life, so it's no surprise that your style does too.

And while you always look impeccable and I enjoy the way you put outfits together, it's the writing and the personality behind it that keeps your blog on my to-read list.

Aimee and Harriett

its interesting how belonging to a subculture or creating a look can make one feel limited and when you don't do it 24/7 it feels alien and like coming out. Go you for subverting your tastes, I look forward to seeing your new looks and take on vintage.ax

Lisa G

Hello Fleur,
This post was interesting – I myself love vintage style and have many vintage outfits, however I never stick to one particular vintage era and I often wear very modern clothes too. I sometimes struggle with my 'schizophrenic fashion identity' and feel that I should try and adhere to one authentic type of look. But that would be going against my personality which lends itself naturally towards the chaotic. I say just do whatever you damn well want to because as you quite rightly said "nothing stays the same forever" and those lovely legs should be sohwn off at every opportunity! 🙂


Who gives a toss !! if you like what you are wearing you wear it fleur!!!
And damn you make it look good



I really believe that your readers will love you and keep reading if you are genuine and true to yourself. I think that you look happier in the above pics that you have in about 2 years! People grow and change and blogs must follow the author or it ends up being forced. Life is short so wear short skirts!! When it comes to blogging, the -only- thing that matters is your own happiness and enjoyment for what you do. If you feel obligated to wear vintage to please readers, it will show through in your blogging. Last year, I got pregnant with my son and well…I couldn't hide it for the sake of readers who don't like/have children so that was a part of my blog for those 10 months. I lost some readers and gained some others. Now, my kids are still a part of my blog because they are a part of my life. Some people really don't care for that kind of thing but that's who I am and what I do. Those people either deal with it or find another blog to read. We love to see you enjoying yourself and being -Fleur- in any of your forms. Be free, be yourself and have fun!! *hugs*

Sassy T

I think it is more fun to evolve. You still have that vintage look about you anyway. If I had legs like that I would show them too, so go girrl and take advantage of the nice weather. Nice to have freedom when you are dressing, so enjoy.


Hi Fleur!
The important thing is for you to do what YOU feel it´s right! If you think you should start dressing more "avant garde", why shouldn´t you? If because of your hair you feel you need to start going in another direction, do it! I can only speak for myself, I wouldn´t stop reading your blog just because of that!
I have bangs too, and next May 10th I am going to finally cut my hair. I have mine very very long! I´m hoping to get some sort of vintage look. 🙂
And I think your new hair cut looks great on you, maybe when it grows you can make a Betty Page look..? Anyway, I´ll continue to visit your blog. You are an inspiration for me. 🙂
Kisses from Portugal. 🙂

Gabrielle-The Gift of Gab

I feel you on wanting to be sexy while still wearing vintage. I have found my sexy vintage look in figure hugging 1940s and 50s dress very reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. You look amazing! I love the new hair but I would love to see it with a pin curl set. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.


That fringe looks amazing on you! I'm so pleased that you've decided to share your thoughts with us on this crossroads of yours. Personally, I've always preferred a vintage-inspired look because the hair style and shoes that I love don't always go well with a period specific look. I have vintage and repro pieces from many eras, as well as more modern stuff (including a short skater style dress that I am wearing today), and so I just make it up as I go along.

Welcome to a new world! We're looking forward to seeing a new you. I'm now wondering if you're going to venture into the new sport luxe trend, with your new found appreciation of lycra 🙂


Fleur, why would anybody stop reading your wonderful blog because you don‘t look like you stepped straight out of the 1940s? It’s NOT the 1940’s, so if those readers want to see authentic 1940s fashion they should stick to the blogs dedicated to 1940s photo scans.

Your hair looks fantastic and suits you well. If I had legs like yours, I would be showing them off at every opportunity! Do what you love and what makes you feel comfortable, because there are no vintage fashion police knocking at your door.

Christine in Denmark

Dearest Fleur,
I love your blog.
I think you look kind of french and chic with your new hair do and your new style. I like it and I am looking forward to see your future style.

Best wishes from
Christine in Denmark



I recently chopped all my hair off into a Louise Brooks bob with fringe, simply becuase I was sick of faffing with rollers, 80% of the time it looked like i'd been dragged thru the shrubbery in various directions anyway. the hair was the final nail in the coffin of my more rockabilly look, i'm now moving from cherry – leopard prints and circle skirts into more sleeker styles and tailored suits, and, of course a 20's style, appropriate for the hair!


For what it's worth, I always thought the "more vintage than thou" purist mindset was kinda stupid and futile anyway… hardly any of the vintage bloggers I follow look straight out of the '40s (most of our grandmothers did NOT wear thick liquid eyeliner and giant rolls everyday, haha). Everyone interprets the vintage aesthetic differently, and it's seeing those individual variations, rather than strict adherence, that's most appealing to me as a reader.

As many others have said far more eloquently… you look beautiful and radiant, and good for you for embracing change. If anything, I bet you'll wind up with more readers: we vintage folk will probably stick around for your charming style and insightful posts, but now you'll also appeal to a wider base of throughly modern women who want to interpret touches of vintage to their wardrobes.


I love reading your blog (plus we share a birthday!), though I don't comment often. I think it's really great that you're trying something new. It's important to grow as a person, and that often requires change of some kind. I think you look gorgeous in that little dress and the hair style looks cute on you. Try it for a while and find a new look that is you now. You definitely shouldn't stick to what isn't you anymore just because some folks on the internet will squawk. They'll always find something to sqwack about no matter what you do. Ultimately it's your life and you have to do what works for you and everyone else be damned!

Besides working a hybrid modern-vintage style might make for some interesting blog posts! Best wishes!

Emma Litton

What a wonderful post. I think we all go through things like this several times in our lives. When I decided to wear/style things in a vintage fashion I always knew I would change and grow through styles. Not saying I will ever give up liking and wearing certain things, but I think it's so natural to keep changing and growing as a person. I love your new hair and I'm very excited about whatever changes come for you and your blog.


Solveig A

If anyone choses to stop reading your blog because you're changing stylewise it's their loss. You look amazing no matter what. Wear whatever makes you feel good, because feeling good is what truly makes you look your best. And your hair looks beautiful like this! 🙂


Oh, I really don't think that there's anything wrong with this! It's healthy – people should keep evolving and developing as time goes by, and your own so-called "crisis" seems, as you say yourself, to have been brought on by your discovery of the wonders of exercise!
Vintage is fun and looks great, but is time-consuming to maintain and mostly very unpractical (for instance, recently I lifted my arms too high in a 1930s blouse and EVERY SINGLE SEAM ripped open) especially if you have an active or outdoor-y lifestyle…particularly the hair issue. I love your hair cut, I think that it's flattering and youthful, it suits you.
I admit I didn't agree with the guest post you wrote & linked to about period hair whereby you mentioned hating it when you saw girls in vintage with straight hair. Whilst carefully styled hair does come to epitomise a period look, I really don't think it's everything. Personally my hair won't curl at all unless using professional-grade heat styling equipment, which I can't afford and have no interest or time in using…so I have long since been walking around in vintage with long straight hair. No one has told me I'm wrong, really… 🙂
Anushka x

In The Heyday

Looking forward to seeing what changes you are going to make, and you are RIGHT. Those pins deserve to be OUT!! Will 40s shorts help?…*rustles up pattern*

Temperamental Broad

I went through a period of time where I wore a lot of tight black sexy clothes. More edgy, slightly goth, slightly…er, "typical" rockabilly. Straight hair and bangs too. I think I wanted to look younger and edgier, instead of looking like a grandma. This lasted for a little while, but all my pretty floral vintage dresses and curly hairstyles kept calling my name, and soon I was back to my vintage look.

Follow what feels right to you. I will say that with your face shape I prefer curls on you (only because I have that same face shape) so maybe try some curly styles with the bangs? Either way, blogging is about showing all aspects of our lives and I'm sure that vintage will still be a part of yours. Just stay true to yourself and you will always have followers.

Emily & Gracie

I really, really enjoyed this post. I understand completely what you're going through – at the moment I am experiencing something very similar! Since I began dressing vintage I've always liked to adhere to a 30s or 40s period authentic look (out of my own personal taste, not any opinion that this was "more" or "better" vintage) but lately, after moving to England and experiencing the odd weather here and having to bike everywhere, I've come to appreciate pants and shorts (for the biking) and I've gone with unset hair many times now (the humid weather) – something I haven't done in ages! And at first it was a little upsetting that I wasn't as upset with it all as I thought I should be – I wasn't used to being comfortable with other styles, but it turns out, I am! And its fun to be experimenting with it again. Also, after being forced into a minidress by friends for a 90s theme fancy dress party a few weeks ago and being chatted up multiple times I too discovered that not-so-secret-secret that guys do seem to like legs!
I look forward to seeing where you go with your sartorial and life adventures, and the running bits too (thats been fun to read about as well) – a loyal reader always!
– Emily


I think you look beautiful Fleur!

There is nothing wrong with embracing change! Not long ago I was suffering because I seemed to think that in order to wear vintage I should be curling my hair everyday, wearing red lippy and trying to figure out how to wear a correct vintage outfit with pants.

Eventually I gave up. That's just not me. I'm not a purist. I discovered that was why transitioning into 'pure vintage' was so difficult. It's not me. I love to straighten my hair and wear a vintage dress. I also love wearing skinny jeans with vintage shoes, blazers and a 40's updo. It's vintage fashion fusion! And it's fun! My wardrobe and style has no boundaries now and it's freeing. I'm cultivating my own personal style which is grounded in great vintage pieces with a bit of a sexy pin-up vibe.

So my advice for you is: Go Girl! Be free! Do what you want and forget the haters! I think you look smashing and I look forward to watching your new personal style develop! I won't be un-subscribing!

Butterflies and Daisys Vintage


I think that a change is a part of our lives and one shouldn't feel sad/bad because of it. I just love your style no matter what and I'm happy for you. I believe that style is personal thing and it should be up to you whether you wear something or not. I love vintage clothes myself but I find it difficult to stick only to one style. I'm just smitten with everything from 20s to 70s and some modern things too, so you see, being 'one type of a person' is just too hard for me 😉

If the new look makes you feel good, just enjoy it! 🙂


Upset Diary

Bonjour Fleur,
I believe that a stylish look requires beauty tips and tricks, but never changes the personality of a happy girl like you. Je t'embrasse.


Hi Fleur.
For what its worth, here is my comment: Change is fine, and if your taste evolves, that is fine too and part of life. You look great in that short dress. Nobody expects you to wear vintage clothes 24/7, after all, doctors do not wear scrubs in private, either.
However, like Mim, I have some reservations regarding the business side of this blog. This blog is your reference, potential clients can see what you are doing. I understand that your expertise in 40's style is earning you your rent. Your look is not just a hobby. You might lose some credibility with mixing up everything in one blog. Can you afford that? It was okay when you started writing about running (even though that was already a bit odd), because it gave your blog a modern touch. But with the new hair – you have to be careful not to lose your focus. But I think you know this yourself. You may consider starting another blog, to show your "modern" side. But hey, what do I know? You will figure it out.
I look forward to seeing how it all evolves.
Love, Christina

PS: Oh, and before I forget it: the fringe indeed looks only fine with your hair straight. You are right. So yeah, I guess, this will be a problem with your 40's outfits.

Bea W.

I really, really loved this post. I am very much into vintage and retro clothing and styling although not always authentic. And I am (like you)straying here and there e.g. On the sofa now in compression socks (sexy I know- recovering from a HM last Sunday) I'm totally OK with it though. I find it hard to extend my range of subjects on my blog ( mine is mainly sewing related) without scaring any readers away.
I love reading about both, vintage, running and all that follows on your blog though. It shows you can do it all, you can fit it all in.
And as far as change goes, it's usually a good thing. We can't be the same all the time. Change is what brings us further in life and if it shows in hair, make up, clothing….you name it, it's like announcing it to the rest of the world.
Anyhoo, I love your new hair, the Lycra and the shorter hemline. Enjoy it, make the most of it and good luck with everything coming up. I can't wait to read about it.


That shorter skirt style really suits you! And if it looks good, go for it. I flit between indie, rock and vintage and the odd only-way-is-essex dress at times.

I must say I agree with Dakota's comment- clothes aren't a competition about who is most into a scene, they should be fun.


For what it's worth, I love your new hair. It suits you so well and isn't too dissimilar to how you wore it when we first met all those years ago. I love the fact that you can blog about it so eloquently. I think everyone goes through shifts in their style, or in their attitude or life in general, and I applaud the way you're embracing yours. I'm so glad things are going well for you.
Love Natalie (lallydone!) xx

Tickety Boo Tupney - A Dash OF Worcester Sauce.

I shall still be reading- fringe or no fringe, short skirts or skirts below the knee, bin bag or ball gown…. Well you get my gist!
People’s views, styles and passions change and evolve from time to time (it’s only natural), and if people can’t see that’s it’s the right thing for you and they don’t like it then…, well, blah to them! : p
Tupney x

P.S. I'm sure there are ways to get round the fringe issue when you need to be 1940's perfect- there are ways round everything me dear (except trying to get my un-set hair to look 1940ish- now that’s the impossible!)


I think you look lovely and honestly, I've found myself in a similar boat recently and so have a few other 'vintage' girls I know. I've never been 24/7 vintage, I'm lucky if I'm in all vintage (instead of just a cardi) once a week. However, I've gotten a few above-the-knee modern dresses lately and find I quite enjoy them. You've earned those gams, there is nothing wrong with showing them off!
People change, it's just what we do 🙂


Fleur, it's your ability to change and find new interests that keeps me coming back. In fact, you can take credit for convincing me that I can be physically fit and I don't have to think I have to remain one thing. Long nerdy girl hair is also gone and a new cut is also in place.

and I'm all pleased that King's Ginger finally seems to have a US importer. Vintage and new can all be fine together. And if we want to run around in lycra jumpsuits a la 1980s Buck Rogers, then that's fine too. 🙂

Miss Matilda

AS one of your biggest fans you are going to do well however you look, that's the way life is. To be honest with you it's silly to think we can stay in a 40s vibe all the time.
This year I am wearing maxi dresses from MARISOTA!! I have shed most of my 40s vintage and I collect 30s (not always to wear) I love my gypsy layered maxidresses and I don't care who goes, OMG she's a faux, I'm not, I enjoy different clothes and looks…

So wear what you like, enjoy being you and carry on telling us all about it :0)

Lots of LOVE xxx


Hi Fleur ….

In my opinion, there are two types of blog readers …

Firstly, those who invest in the writer …. they will love your blog because of your vintage content but also because they like to hear about you, your life, your feelings. These are keepers, they will stick with you, regardless of whether you have a fringe!!

The second bunch read your blog because they get something out of it in its present state …. content only, they are not invested in Fleur the person.

The second bunch will come and go, they are not keepers, your blog will not stay the same long term, it can't, you will change as a person, so naturally your blog will. So if some readers leave you for getting a fringe, so others will when they get bored of vintage and want to read about 80s throwbacks, or because they disagree with one of your viewpoints …. Such is the way of things!

Half your blog is about your readership, but also half should fulfil you and your needs. If you feel like wearing shorter skirts and cutting some cute bangs, game on 😀 Keep yourself happy, and keep sharing 😀

Love Shelly

Little Miss B

you don't need to feel like a hypocrite your being true to yourself and that's good, vintage is just one aspect of you and that cool. I look forward to seeing how things go. x


I think you look beautiful! I think you should blog about whatever you are currently passionate about and what you feel compelled to write about. No person fits into a single category all the time! The blogs I love and follow are ones which I feel have a genuine voice and an enthusiasm for what they write. If a reader wants to make you feel ostracized or inferior for whatever reason then I would hope those readers get lost! The only thing that has turned me off of other blogs is when posts start to feel forced or joyless which often happens when the writer is catering too much to a sponsor or to readers' feedback or their stats page. I am certainly not saying that you can't genuinely love a sponsor or a product, or you should ignore you readers. It's just in my experience, the best posts happen organically. Ideally, there is something you are so inspired by and feel so passionately about you type away furiously and it's effortless and joyful. And those joyful, personal posts are what really draws readers who feel connected to you and invested in you. Don't alter your content or compromise for anyone. Let your identity and your content start from within and allow yourself room to grow and evolve and your readers, sponsors, and other opportunities will grow and evolve with you!

Lucy Nation

I agree with the majority of comments here, particularly Va Voom Vintage and Lisa G. People change. Interests, styles, priorities change. They have to. I have a wide variety of interests and inspirations and flit between them with the attention span of a grasshopper. I couldn't possibly stick to one era of style as it would stifle me. I do however always follow my heart and my instinct when it comes to what I wear and write about. I started following you about 3 years ago, before I had even thought of having my own blog, because I liked that you were British when most of the bloggers I followed were American or Australian. I was also going through a bit of a 1940's phase and used to enjoy VI buys and the what I did today type posts. I have since gone through many phases and, although I may not be as interested in running and vintage themed nights out, I wouldn't stop following you because your direction and interests changed direction slightly. For what it's worth, I think that hairstyle suits you more than any other I have seen you with. I think you look younger, fresher and happier now and I probably relate to you more. You may lose some readers but you will gain others and keep them as long as you remain authentic.

Ultimately this is your blog and you can do and say here as you please. I will continue to follow you and I'm sure most of your readers will x


I always admired your commitment to the 1940s look, but I've also always felt that allowing oneself the freedom and creativity to mix and match vintage with modern and different eras has a deserved place in the 'vintage' scene. In short, we'll still be interested in what you're wearing and what you're up to. No blog is going to be 100% fascinating to 100% of people 100% of the time, so it just needs to be a reflection of the author. So basically, it's all good.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage


Hi Fleur!

I live in a small town in California and I must confess, everyone dresses like clones! I've always wanted to stand out but I didn't know how. Then I happened upon your blog and discovered my love for vintage fashion. Your particular style and personality inspired me, and now my wardrobe is full of 40's/50's clothes and I've never felt more pretty! I think as individuals we are always changing, so it makes sense that our style changes with us. I adore your hairstyle and look forward to the new ways in which you express who you are with all of us!

Your Cali girl fan,

Elena G

Breaking a mold has always been how fashions have developed, and Vintage looks today (no matter how much we love them) do have a tendency to create moulds as iconic looks become the standard or accepted look for a decade and are replicated. So a change in your style is just as interesting to lovers of vintage and lovers of style and anyone who is putting you down for making a change must be terribly dull and utterly lacking in open-mindedness.

It's refreshing and realistic to see something different (just as not every woman in the 40s will have had the time or know-how to roll their hair) and challenge what we've come to accept as 'vintage' hair. My hair is currently growing out of a 30s box bob, and it doesn't conform to the few vintage hairstyles I see regularly in blogs and style pages, but I don't want to bemoan the cut of my hair or race out to get it cut back to a 'correct style'. And if you ever do feel that your hair doesn't match a favourite dress in certain style, I bet there were plenty of women back in 1942 who had straight hair, and dare I say it, even straight cut fringes.


Yep. My grandmother always had a short, straight bob. Always – from the mid 30s to her death in the 2000s.


Wonderful post! Be true to (and gentle on) yourself. John Keats said it best:

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

~ Cerridwyn


People change! And honestly, the more you talk about running and branch out, the more I feel like I can personally relate to you — and THAT keeps me coming back, not the vintage, though that is something I truly love. I don't think it's important to be 100% vintage 100% of the time — or even 50/50. I think it's important to do what you love, wear what you like, and change as you go. So I'll be sticking around. (:

Lindsay Lane

Dear Fleur, first of all: You look great in whatever you dress yourself! Like they said to Marilyn Monroe: She would even look great in a potatoe sack. And god, she proved she did!

Abandon you? Ofcourse not! We ( I think I can speak for many others here) don't only read your blog because of the way you look, but also because of your inspiring personality ( e.g your last post about happiness is a good example of such! And I even took lesson from it, as I, Miss misery, dwells a bit into it too much sometimes! And it gave me already some good days! )

I, too, love to push boundaries, and usually when it becomes summer, I am wearing forties playsuits. Men love them as much as they love short dresses or skirts. I wear it with the same thought as you wear the short dresses! I can still wear it, now that I am young (being an old lady wearing that, as some sort of catching up, is something I want to envoid! Being called creepy is not so much fun as being called sexy ofcourse)!

And to be honest; I do think you are even able to set a new trend: having modern hair combined with forties/fifties/sixties frocks!

Just enjoy your life, and don't think about those who can't accept it that you just want something different for good or for a while! You are still Fleur, a great personality!


I don't know about everyone else, but I read this blog to read about your fascinating life! Not just the clothes you wear. In my eyes, you will always look fabulous whether you are wearing workout clothes or a vintage evening gown! I LOVE your new haircut – I think it adds even more glamour to your overall look. I will keep coming back to read this blog because I adore it and YOU! No matter what kind of awful day I've had, I always cheer right up after reading your posts – keep up the amazing work (I know you will!)!! <3

P.S. I too am trying to embrace my sexiness. I've realized that everything I own makes me feel WAY too comfortable. I wear a lot of vintage, but everything that I own that's modern is (dare I say?) frumpy. Thanks for inspiring me to start wearing the things that I want to wear – not what everyone else wants me to wear!!


Kudos to you for following what you feel is right and throwing caution to the wind! I've gone through periods over the last many years when I've been more vintage, or punk, or rockabilly, or completely 'normal', or vintage again. The vintage always creeps back in no matter what, and is what I always end up returning to. It feels the most "me". However, that's not to say it does every second of every day. Sometimes I've just wanted to do something different, wear something different. Sense of self changes and evolves over time, even if it goes in cycles or just a straight line. Life is too short to let yourself feel like you can't change something when you want to! (And you look fabulous no matter how you're dressed.)

I can't speak to the business side, but even if you like your fringe/bangs the best with your hair straightened, you could easily pull off a 40s look if you wanted (or business required). While there are tons of -prominent- examples of fringe like that on women in the 40s, it definitely existed. With your knack for style, I bet you'll find you can do a lot with them if you decide you'd like to or need to.

I look forward to continuing to follow your adventures, no matter what style you're enjoying!


First of all you look really amazing in the short skirt. I aspire to look like that.
Secondly, I read this blog because I like you as a person. I feel that you have a definite point of view and I enjoy reading about your interests because a lot of them parallel my own. I would still read this blog even if you decided to completely eschew vintage. I say be yourself and damn the rest!


I read your blog because I like your voice. The fact you wear whatever you want is what drew me to it in the first place. Clothes should be fun, so have fun! If you're feel like you're in a rut, it's a rut, now matter how stylish it is or however more seriously others might take it. I have been re-discovering little dresses myself recently. (& seriously, nice boys will like you in your jogging bottoms as well as your minis, I know that's not what you were necessarily saying but it's still worth a mention I think!)


Don't worry about your hairstyle. I've had bangs since forever and when I decided to get rid of them, they grew out faster than I could imagine. Every change is good and you can always look vintage when you want it. I've been pairing a 20s bob with 50s dresses and it still looked pretty awesome. Now I pair a 50s hair with a 30s or 40s outfit. No matter what haircut you have, you'll look good and vintage if you're confindent in what you're wearing and how you're wearing it.

Lauren M

Fleur, like many others commenting here, I'll definitely still read your blog as I am invested in you as a person, not a clothes horse! People and tastes evolve and change, so have fun with your look!

Miss Emmi

I think you look great and honestly it makes you seem more 'real' to hear you're going through a crisis of identity too! I realised a while ago I had started to dress for my blog and not for myself, but it wasn't practical for my lifestyle and I wanted to keep the freedom to experiment! I got a really short pixie cut that looks super with 60s outfits but less than authentic with 50s and 40s gear – then I realised that it still looked good, just not historically accurate. And that was what I wanted to share with people. Style is unique and there are tons of blogs that strictly adhere to the vintage look and lifestyle without and flexibility, and honestly they just aren't relatable.
PS Please keep posting about running – this includes showing your fabulous pins! I'm trying to get fit and it is very inspiring.


I think you look utterly glorious! I love your new haircut and the ensuing style. You are the one and only, the original-not-to-be-duplicated Fleur!!

Viktoria in Sweden

I have just found your blog and spent a whole evening going through it. Love it! And that you are changing is the reason I´m going to keep reading it. I go through change in my life also, stylewise, and you are such a great inspiration to me, showing that style has nothing to do with fashion!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing and matching modern with vintage, and no one thing (vintage, modern, whatever it may be) should ever be the ultimate defining factor that shapes someone…. You can be anything you want to be, and I think it's absolutely wonderful that you are exploring more into modern things. There are a lot of vintage inspired aspects in modern clothing. And your hair is absolutely adorable, and I do think it still looks vintage, even if it is not curled – very Bettie Page to me! Your identity as a vintage lover and vintage enthusiast is not lost – never fear that. I found myself stuck in a rut of dressing in vintage clothing 24/7 for a solid year or so, and struggled at trying to figure out what to wear everyday…. for I had no idea if I was being authentic or styling my hair appropriately, and it got to point where I was so stressed about maintaining this vintage look, that it was no longer fun anymore. When I decided to let myself be less strict about it and finally allowed myself to buy some modern pieces to mix into my wardrobe, it was like a huge burden had lifted from my shoulders. I could finally breathe a sigh of relief to know that I didn't have to wear vintage all the time, and it was okay because anyone who knows me knows that I am a vintage gal and that vintage is my passion, even if I am not wearing it every day. I still wear vintage 90% of the time, and I know that I can wear a pair of modern jeans and sexy heels, and I still can style my hair in the 1940s curls and I can still put on 1940s style makeup and people still will get that I am a vintage gal. It really is okay – don't stress out about it. You CAN be a vintage gal and wear modern clothing, and people will still understand you and know who you are. You are Fleur and you will forever be Fleur – and I don't think you ever have to worry about how you look or ever feel as if you need to explain yourself to anyone! Chin up, darlin'!


Mix it up. Everyone’s style evolves over the years – it’s the sign of a curious mind. As far as the business end of the operation goes, think of your evolution as something that expands your business, not something that limits it. If you’re asked by a client which fashion era you represent, say “Which one do you want?” By all means, keep your eye on the bottom line, adjust your course when necessary, but move forward. And if your hair cut doesn’t work for a particular outfit, get a hat.


I think you look amazing. Just because you're not wearing vintage all the time at the moment doesn't mean youre not a vintage gal. You still love and admire all things vintage, and I believe that that is the most important thing. And good on you for showing off your gorgeous legs! You've worked hard to get into such great shape, so I say yay for you flaunting it! Trust me, do it while you can…..one day when you get older you won't be able to and you would regret not doing it when you could 😉 hugs xx


So many awesome comments to read as well as your excellent post.

I'll still be here no matter what you're up to! The new hair and the shorter skirts are great. I know what you mean about wanting to be a bit sexier while wearing vintage…I love wiggle dresses for that. But men certainly don't "get" a lot of vintage fashion.

As for the hair – I don't do vintage styles either…It takes me well out of the sub-culture (not sure I was ever fully IN it though!) – so who cares!! 😀

Miss Dollie DeVille

I like it! Nothing wrong with changing your look up from time to time. I also agree that stems like yours shouldn't be hidden under a long frock- flaunt them!

Greetings from CA, USA!


Lynn Brooks

I say go with whatever your inner style diva tells you to wear. You have gotten so used to seeing yourself as totally a 40s girl, but it's ok to start feeling something else. You can still do vintage and embrace modern. Pair your retro dresses with your 2012 hair and a big hair flower. Don't worry if folks don't all dig it. Life is about change. When you have a vintage mafia event, or other type of work event, curl your hair, do your total look like you used to, and at all other times, when you wake up in the morning ask yourself "which side of Fleur do I feel like embracing today". That's what I do. I'll pair a retro style dress with straight hair, or pair curls and victory rolls with a t-shirt and jeans, it keeps them guessing.
Sometimes when we find our lives in a rut, making changes makes way for for more positive change to come. It's like the universe sees the changes you make and it creates a positive force that keeps drawing more positive changes your way.
While I started reading your blog because I loved how you did the 40s thing on a daily basis, I will continue reading it to see the evolution of the new Fleur. I think you look fabulous both ways.

lynn brooks

Andi B. Goode

I wrote a very similar post a few months back – I just felt like a change but felt I was somehow betraying myself (& my readers?) if I stepped outside of the vintage zone. But I say 'to hell with it!' My ONLY fashion rule is to wear what you want and what makes you happy so I'd feel more of a hypocrite if I didn't stick to that than if I forced myself to keep wearing the same thing because I felt I ought to. I don't like to preach at anyone but if you feel happy right now with your hair straight and short skirts then I think it's wonderful 🙂 And you look marvellous.
-Andi x


I personally like my 40s clothes even better now that I've gotten myself a totally sharp modern haircut, because it makes me feel I own my look now, not trying to be like anyone else. Picking out what suits me has become easier and I have a better sense of my own style playing around with accessories. Change is GOOD! Keep on evolving.

Áurea López

Hello Fleur:
Here are just a link to one of the sexiest women Joan Crawford. http://www.joancrawfordbest.com/images.htm
I like you I have also my lovely past times that many. I'm a fashion designer and not stop inspiring me in the past for my creacctions and other parts of my life.
In this link you will see a woman sending stunning timeless vintage only by makeup. The bangs you looks great and everyone has the right to evolve, change time of inspiration or wearing short skirts. The pin ups are not always wearing short skirts. I do not understand why you care so much, if not the environment you surround it highlights the way you dress and by the way you act.
Because the way we dress is a reflection of who we are as human beings are continuously evolving.

Also if you look at vintage actresses will see an evolution in them, and not continue to evolve and make-up as in his younger years to 70 years are really ridiculous.

I have the example of my mother who is a woman very sexy vintage, because it is vintage soul and spirit and freshness that means their 70 years. That the great designers seeking inspiration in the past and take example of times when a woman was more attractive than now.
Sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm Spanish.


I like your new look, mostly coz I feel like I know some of the reasons behind it and I like the 'new' you. I like vintage but the popularity of it is putting me off, especially forties. It's almost enough to make me go 80s, except that a lot of their stuff channeled the 40s anyway. Maybe it's more about self-expression in each outfit, rather than matching an era.


Awesome post.
I love your new look. And who wouldn't want to get those legs out! You've been running hard you deserve to show off those pins 🙂
I'll never stop reading your blog. I love your style of writing, not just your style of clothes. I don't dress vintage, I'm more inclined to wear this exact outfit 🙂


Great post. I would not stop reading because of your change in style – in fact, I find it really interesting when people change their look, and am curious to see the new things you'll wear! And I LOVE your hair.

Helen Highwater

I had similar issues with my own look after I lost all that weight and then for practicality's sake started looking more indie again with my Dr Marten boots. I got my hair cut into a bob, which isn't 'rockabilly' or 40s or 50s. But I still make it work with stuff. In Spain I wore my Fleur wrap dress and it still looked vintage. I was wearing another dress of mine, a cotton floral print circle dress, and my stepmum's mother went "Oh wow, you look SO 50s!" And that's with my bob! I spose it's just the general overall look with the make-up and jewellery and the dress – they had bobs in the 20s and 30s, and surely someone had it in the 50s!

You can't live your life for other people. I wear DM's because I have massive feet and they're the most comfortable footwear for my lifestyle. And that's all there is to it. And people still think I look vintage, so… My look's hardly textbook, but there it is.


I'll be honest, who I read the first sentence about your changing look I was a little alarmed. I haven't been in the vintage scene for very long and yours was the first blog I followed, so naturally I was very sad you were giving it up. HOWEVER, I then read on and realised that it is perfectly possible for you to keep your modern hair but still continue your love of vintage fashion. I won't ever stop reading your blog because I really enjoy how you right. Your entries are so friendly and engaging that even your posts about running have kept me interested! You look stunning in that stripey short dress and don't let anyone else say otherwise.
In short (because I have been rambling), I continue to admire you and wait in anticipation for your next entry!
Love, Hannah x


Oh my God Fleur, what kind of bra do you wear these days?! You and your bust look beyond fabulous! Would love to know if your still on the goods you described in an earlier post about undergarments. 🙂

Keep up the good look and mood!

Miss Marleen from Amsterdam

Alicia (foodycat)

Even women in the 40s didn't stay wearing 40s fashion forever! Style evolves, and you look amazing. I like "mid-century" because it lets me drift from 40s frocks to 60s mod shifts without drawing breath.


Part of life is that we are constantly evolving and changing, physically, mentally and spiritually, so go ahead and keep moving forwards, let the universe guide you and be happy and you will have the support you need 🙂
Loulou xo

Coco Nut

My dear girl, what does it matter?! If you like your hair and you like your clothes then you are winning! Please don't worry about appeasing people who are obsessive in their strict adherence to "the rules". I think you look marvellous and it's jolly nice to see someone mixing it up a bit for a change! You are a wonderful woman, be proud!


I've been reading your blog for a few years and find most things you write inspiring, whether it's about vintage, running or anything else.

I think you look great with your new hair and I agree, there's a much happier and relaxed look behind your eyes too 🙂

Jessica Cangiano

I fully, completely believe that each of us has the right to do with our style whatever we please, whenever we please. Your wardrobe voice, your sartorial statement to the world, these are yours to play with, delight in, inspire with, and switch up however often your heart desires. Whether vintage, modern, or somewhere that happily marries the two, so long as you're true to what your heart is telling you to wear, you are an inspiration and style star to those who adore you.

♥ Jessica


Rejoice! Your post has hit so close to home for me. I'm currently in a style crisis, I love vintage clothes, but running and fitness have given me a new-found appreciation of my body and sometimes you just want to wear a short skirt and show off all your hard work! I love reading oyur blog and look forward to seeing your explore new styles.


+1 for the running, I did my first half marathon just over a week ago. Personally I am not too worried about people mixing and matching styles, I am not a re-enactor and therefore do not feel the need to have everything perfect for era. Enjoy yourself and keep putting the effort into the way you look, it is more about wringing every last bit of pleasure out of life and apperance is one of those pleasures.




Shakespeare said it best: "To thine own self be true." You seem to be exploring new things in life rather than changing to please others, so I think it's safe to say that you are living authentically, & that's what's important. I hope your adventures in style have nothing but positive effects, both on your blog & your life. Hooray for running! My husband is an ultramarathoner, & while I can't pretend to run at his level, I do enjoy it.

I love retro looks, but I don't wear head-to-toe vintage or even styles inspired by a particular period. Instead, I mix vintage & modern pieces – say, a Victorian jet necklace with a DVF wrap dress in a Jackson Pollock-inspired print. The outfit you're wearing here reminds me of a retro-inspired ensemble that I recently saw (& loved) on Taylor Swift. You look great.

That said, I absolutely adore your hair wavy. It also looks great straightened, but I think the waves are fabulous with your new bangs!


I've been reading about vintage fashion online (been reading your blog for ages but don't comment much) and been wanting to get more into it for a while. Unfortunately I've never really managed to make it an every day thing for various reasons to boring to go into. Having just had a baby (Just! nine moths and counting – you run and I'll run out of excuses) I am dealing with all sorts of body/image/social issues which have taken me by completely by surprise. There's none of that serene, earth mother body acceptance stuff going on over here. I'm really interested to hear how it works out.


I think the majority of us experience style evolution from time to time! I myself have ventured into the territory of leopard print skinny jeans and wearing more "rockabilly" looks this year, rather than my usual ultra-feminine looks. (Though that is mostly because I find that when I do, I get some really creepy, harassing behavior from the men in this city. Somehow wearing rockabilly influenced looks tends to scare them off–I think they must assume I'm a tattooed bad girl they don't want to cross! lol.) I think as we grow, change and our lives reflect that, so does our style. I know I get bored when I'm too stagnant fashion-wise after awhile. Fashion is the way I express myself and what I'm feeling to the public, and therefore has to reflect *me* in some capacity, rather than a look I'm trying to conform to.

Just so you know, I don't think people will abandon your blog wholesale! 😉 I know I won't; I've been a long time fan of your writing and style, and continue to be! In fact, seeing you sporting a fringe lately has made me pick up my scissors more than once and contemplate chopping off some of my own hair. 😉 lol. (Ultimately, I am a huge chicken about doing *anything* to my hair… sigh) I have seen so many girls adopt that look and still marry vintage with it seamlessly. I think your above outfit looks charming (go you for showing off those toned gams!!!) and classy!

So keep doing what makes you happy style wise! 🙂


Do as you feel you must do, all us readers will still adore you! (I'm a poet & I didn't know it XD!


I applaud the 'new' you, you look and sound happier than you have done in a LONG time and also don't forget we, your readers, might also be going through some subtle, and some not so subtle changes too. I must admit I recently got my fringe and long straight hair back after 2 years of rolling, and flicking, and faffing and the relief is sublime. I can still do the 40s thing but I don't have to, to make it look good, and I still have my vintage ways and styling because that's just me (no one EVER sees me without my lippy on haha!)

I wish I could work the short stuff lady-you look fabulous and statuesque.

ps. try some pomade on the flyaways, and leave conditioner in overnight, wash out in the morning-I promies your hair will come back with gusto, mine did xx


It is fun to mix things up, not to sound trite but variety is the spice of life. Your hair looks great, and if shorter skirts are what you want now then by all means DO IT!! A little change is good, and though your commitment to 40s style is gorgeous, that doesn't mean you can't embrace some more…modern looks to mix in. The beauty of loving "vintage" is that there is so much to choose from. We all change in our lives. We need to be true to what we love in the moment. We shouldn't worry about not being "authentic or true"-it is only important to be true to ourselves, not necessarily an "era". Most of us embraced vintage styling in the first place to express ourselves, set ourselves apart-we shouldn't fall into a trap of stifiling our creativity because we feel as if we should stick to a particular look.


I love your hair, I had the same hairstyle a few months ago! And I love the dress too.
I have been following your blog for more than one year now, always moaning because I couldn't get such beautiful vintage clothes (money + Liège is not a vintage kind of town =( ). I'll still follow you if you're not always so vintage. Btw I looooove vintage but myself I'm not always wearing old stuff. The important is to be not like everyone else, I think.
If you feel like to change, change! Changes are always good 😉

The Long Island Roller Rebels

I've been going through a bit of the same thing. I at first was afraid to stray from my norm of vintage wear and hair, but now I am ok with just dressing according to what I'm feeling on that day. Some days it's trendy, others it's retro. I also started wearing my sweats more since I've been running more – I can totaly relate! Do what you feel, you look beautiful either way 🙂 – Krissy


I've been reading for about 6 months now and I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and your adventures. You're lovely regardless of your hair style and clothes. As a girl who has worn bangs for a few decades now, I think they flatter your beautiful face!


Davita Egeland

Dear Fleur, I would just like to say that I've been reading your blog for at least 2 years and I was attracted initially because of its Vintage theme. However I have come to think of you as a friend, and I really enjoy reading all of your blogs whether they be commercial, vintage or just about your life in general. You rock your new bangs, straight hair and all and I'd be very sad if you stopped writing. Thanks again.

Polly Perkins

DON'T QUIT!!! I've been following you for years from Switzerland and I have always admired your so purist style… I cannot be a full time vintage girl, I love to dress for the week-end but to go for work on weekdays it's always denim and simple tops… And I never managed to do anything vintage with my hair, dispite your advices and smart readings… So, keep making me dream! See you!


Hi Fleur, I am a quiet reader but I feel compelled to comment that I love your new 'do and look! We all come to a point where we need to readjust our image…it's part of life. I love vintage as well and while I feel my best with set hair and a face full of make-up, it's just not practical for me for my busy schedule and because I am often lazy. I still think you have a very rockin' rockabilly look and I bet you could pull off some vintage-esque 'do's with your new bangs as you settle into them more. But seriously, there is nothing wrong with expanding your horizons. "Haters gonna hate." LOL Just keep doing what suits you!

Marie gothnroll illustrations

Hi Fleur, i think we grow and change along our life with sometimes big changes. The more important is to be yourself. Look me, i'm wearing 40s everyday but i'm listening industrial music and i'am more and more tattooed. In fact I love to have a inked skin with a vintage classic look. I wear pink and pastel colors. But 15 years ago I was a really batcave girl. Now I just think I'm overage to be a goth Lolita but not to be different. 40s fascinate me since my youngest age, the choice was easy. Perhaps in some years I'll choose an other way which will be right with my mind. Cheers.


I think you can still have a vintage look with bangs, you can always wear them swept to the side once they've grown out a tad (if you dont really like them now). Give it a bit of time. I don't know if you ever frequent The Freelancers Fashion blog but she cut her hair short a little bit ago and has done some lovely curls (alot of them look nice and casual too). I believe you should wear clothes that make you feel good, you shouldnt be restrained to one look either. A little mixing it up is sometimes a good thing 🙂


Nobody likes to hear this, but in fact you looked better with your old hair and more consistent vintage looks. Speaking as a 6' athletic employed hetero man, you have a great figure and still look young. But the vintage thing was a great hook. Good luck.


Dear Fleur

I like your new hair do and the stripey dress a lot! And yes: Men do like short skirts and outfits that are (a bit) sexier. 🙂

I think you are great no matter what. And: It is ok to change your style every once i a while. I do it myself, too.

Keep on doing what you do!

All the best


Laura Nuttall

Dear Fleur,

Firstly, goddamn! you look amazing in that dress, and I love the new hair! No wonder you've been getting compliments all over. I found your blog last year when I was going for a more authentic vintage look and was hugely inspired…then I got pregnant. Vintage has pretty much gone out of the window in favour of comfort, and there are no more victory rolls as I too had a fringe cut so I could look at least a little stylish with less effort! I lamented my enforced change at first but now I'm glad to have shaken things up a bit. You don't have to justify your change of style, you still look gorgeous and unique. Personal style, like fashion is an ever evolving thing. Keep it up, I love reading your blog!

Laura xxx


Fleur, you must not apologize for the new ways in which you are styling yourself. Go for it! To stick to one particular style until your old age would be very extreme and brittle, so far much better to explore and meander places you want to try out and love. Your new look is dashing and daring. As to the short skirts p'raps being a shortcut to a circuit of unlucky in love…woah honey! Don't give away the farm 😉 You DO look sexy and confident, kudos to you for being brave enough to escape the pigeon hole. Your look will always be vintage inspired. I think your blog readers read you because you are you, and having met you (albeit very fleetingly)your authentic charm can be verified as something that your photographs maybe don't give full justice to. IRL the wow factor is a million more! Even if you ventured into *gasp* *shriek* *sound of a thousand vintage devotees fainting* the modern fashions of the day or wore *sound of shattering glass* ugg boots for example, you will still have a loyal readership who won't desert you!!!

Miss Meiow

Oh Fleur, you are just so lovely and I would never tire of reading your blog! (I have been a reader pretty much since you began). I myself am currently having an 'identity crisis' in the sense that I feel that I don't really know who I am, or what my 'style' is. Perhaps it is our age? I like you will always love vintage, but I am not sure I can personally pull off the 1940s look, as much as I would like to, I have tried and failed. Maybe I have not made enough of an effort; I'm totally rubbish at doing my hair for a start. This has made me quite miserable at times, boo. In the end, I just want to look good, and yes, a little sexy, and feel comfortable in my own skin (the latter, I fear will take rather a long time!). You are so beautiful with a great figure and I'm sure that a special someone will turn up when you least expect them to. Keep writing & I shall keep reading 🙂 xxx


Oh my goodness, I have been feeling the same way!! I've been ditching my vintage/repo clothes for a more "modern" look and I keep telling myself that I'll keep a retro flair to my look, but it's fading more and more. Kudos to you for sharing and finding what works best for you at this time in your life. You are beautiful no matter what you choose to wear!


Who gives a toss what anyone else thinks! You look amazing. If you are happy, that's all that matters.

Some days i'll dress 40's, some days 50's…and sometimes even 60's! It's not about being 'vintage enough' or 'being more vintage' than anyone else. I used to just like 50's/ rockabilly and would never wear anything BUT seamed stockings on my legs…but my tase in music expanded to motown, 60's and ska…now my wardrobe reflects this and is a lovely mix of fred perry shirts, vintage (from 40's through to 70's) and a few modern repro bits…and THERMAL TIGHTS!

I think what I am trying to say is….don't follow the 'rules' in regards to clothes, hair, make up, subculture or anything. People are constantly evolving. Like you said in previous posts, you came to vintage through goth/ alternative scene…so who's to say you can't move on from vintage to something else. You are you! Be yourself!


the ebb and flow of life!! go with it. as there are many layers to each one of us, so they will be expressed in the various parts of our presentation, be it our clothes, decorating, hobbies, etc. that's what makes people interesting!!! have fun exploring this new part of YOU. 🙂 (btw-i have gone from bohemian, to beatnik, to pencilskirtgirl, and everything in between…and loved it all!)


Hi Fleur, I think the new hair looks quite chic and French. It's fun to experiment with different looks and I think you can still wear your 40's looks but with some individual twists. That's what makes fashion fun anyway! We must always put what makes us feel attractive and fun and suits us first.

Rachael King

Hi Fleur, I've been wearing vintage clothes for oooo about 25 years now (I'm 41) but have never been able to carry off the full vintage look – something about the alternative rock chick in me I guess, or maybe a complete look just never felt quite 'me'. With the advent of the internet and all the wondeful Youtube clips of vinatge hair and make-up, I have made more of an effort these past few years, especially as I am a swing dancer and we often have themed dances and it's been important to me to try for the full effect. But the thruth is, I am feeling a little old. The full vintage on me was looking, well, a little dowdy. I fianlly decided to just go back to embracing the mixture of vintage and 'my' style. Like you I have long dark hair with a fringe and it has a vintage 'flavour' (I wear my fringe curled and teh hair mostly straight but with a slight curl at the bottom) while still allowing my inner rock chick to shine through. So I might pair a genuine 40s crepe dress with oxfords, or boots, or heels, and a velvet jacket with a 50s cut and I just look like 'alternative vintagey chick' the way I always have. And it feels great not to be worrying that I should be making more of an effort for some kind of 'authentic' look. I am 100% me. Eventually you'll settle on some kind of vintagey tinged look that you will feel fantastic about and it will be part vintage, part something else, and all you.


theres still a vintage feel in your look although it moght not look as "authentic" as before. what makes your new style authentic is that you are mixing items from different eras and making it your own!
you look great and it was about time for a little change. 5 years is a long time and about short skirts: flaunt it if you got it!

Ashley Clarke

This is one of my all-time-favourite blog posts. identity crises happen to everyone. it'll be interesting to see what happens next haha x


There's nothing wrong with doing both vintage and more modern looks. I do it, too, and I find it's fun to change it up 🙂 Besides, no matter what you wear on the outside you're still YOU and clothes are fun, no matter what time period.

Lady Cherry

Really, my opinion is and always has been to just be yourself. For women, how we look is usually an expression of how we feel on the inside, and how we feel about ourselves – it's not just about the image we want to portray. There is no reason for anyone to feel that they *must* dress in a certain way, whether it is to look like a forties pin up, or like a WAG – and it certainly shouldn't be influenced by the expectations of others. Not being yourself will only result in looking phoney anyway. And you have got marvellous legs 😉


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