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Poncho chic

Last week, I had the distinct honour of being invited to Future Cinema‘s much-hyped presentation of Bugsy Malone. The invite came through the fantabulous Bangs and a Bun (thanks Bangalang!) and she got a little group of us Run Dem Crew running ladies together for the occasion.

Now, I’ve obviously heard of Future Cinema and its big brother Secret Cinema, but I’ve never been to any of their productions. I have, however, been to the venue before. The Troxy is a magnificent Art Deco gem, fully restored and tarted up inside. It’s strange and nice to see an deco interior so pristine… nearly too pristine! I like a bit of patina, after all.

The night began in the alleyway behind the Troxy, where characters roamed around, talking to each other, to us and to everyone. We were being called in to ‘audition’ for Fat Sam, and there lots of other chorus girls around, a reporter, a shoe shine guy, several gangsters and so on. I’ll be honest, I often find these immersive theatre things a bit trying. I adore the scary, Punchdrunk type things, but somehow the lighter-hearted ones are a wee bit painful. That said, all the actors were enthusiastic and the atmosphere was well and truly made by their often slightly-dodgy Noo Yawk accents.

A commotion on the rooftop and a dramatic photo opportunity!

Inside, and we grabbed a table in prime position, and watched the performances on stage. Songs from the movie (which I’ve never seen), scenes and skits, plus lots of dancing, it was all fantastic. I consumed my body weight in macaroni cheese around this point in the evening.

Fizzy the cleaner took a bit of a shine to Candice!

The film itself soon came on, and I enjoyed it a lot! I felt like I’d badly missed out on a childhood classic, but it was still super fun as an adult. And I had absorbed most of the songs without realising, it seems! It was joyous to hear everyone singing along, and small bursts of live action took place all the way through. I say small… until…

A sudden scramble under our table to find our complimentary, and very stylish, plastic ponchos, which we all had to fling on with utmost haste. Because any second now, a devastating splurge gun massacre was about to take place! Elle, Candice and Bangs were rocking them.

I managed to protect my deco finery (also known as a jumpsuit from ASOS!), but my phone got very heavily splurged. Luckily, shaving foam isn’t too damaging! 😉

Pure carnage.

The show closed with a huge, poncho-clad, mass dance-off on the stage and on the floor (gets very hot dancing in plastic, let me tell you), and then we all dispersed into the wilds of Limehouse. It was an absolutely brilliant event, and I encourage you to get dressed up and go along if you can – I believe it closes at the end of next week. But I do hear that they’re doing La Haine next… though how the gritty urban film will work in the deco splendour of the Troxy, I can’t imagine! But I’m very interested to find out.

Fleur xx


Miss Marie

Glad to read a good review of this! I'm going next weekend – Bugsy Malone was (and is!) a firm childhood favourite, my sister and I used to put it on the telly and act it out in our lounge room. So, naturally, I had to go, even though I've never been to one of these events before. I'd also seen the splurging on their promotional video so very quickly changed my mind about wearing my gorgeous new cloche – don't think that would be protected by a poncho!

Michael Sharpe

And I though Punchdrunk was already something. To think that they made an immersive theatre production out of a children's film, yet still appeal to an adult audience in the way they did, is really something. Did they bring that overseas as well?


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