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Creme de la crema

Just a bit of a heads up to y’all… I’m participating in a little project over the next few weeks with Lavazza coffee. The challenge is called ‘Coffee, Set, Match’, and it’s all in aid of Wimbledon, giving both me and you lovely lot opportunities to win prizes, from coffee cups, to Wimbledon tickets, to the big one: a holiday to Turin.

Actually I’m already a winner because, as a coffee addict, I’ve got the best prize in the world ever – a Mio Modo pod machine, which gives me a shot of sweet, caffeinated joy, any time I like. Ooh, it’s amazing, I tell ye; and I’m honestly not just saying that! It arrived last week with all sorts of lovely goodies. Check out the love arrow ‘spoons’!

The loose coffee will be trialled in my Bialetti stovetop soon too… exciting.

I tried it out with the ¡Tierra! Intenso (I chose it for the name and the Spanish exclamation marks before I actually read the key to find out what the different types were… luckily I found out the blue ones were decaf before I tried them. Decaf coffee, I don’t know) first, and in literally seconds I had a cup of very nice espresso. Good crema, strong and rich taste… spot on.

Bonus Run Dem Crew v Berlin badge action in the bottom left there! And bonus boat shoes in the right.

I’ve also been frothing milk like a demon to make myself very sub-par (at least on the froth art front) flat whites. Even if they look crap, they taste good, ok! More on that later… I’ll try to document my progress, but I’ve quickly learnt it’s impossible to take a photo of yourself frothing milk.

But yes, so basically,  I’m not just going to be showing pictures of me making coffee, I’m also going to be doing some research into the history of coffee drinking and particularly the coffee bars of the 50s and 60s (did you know, Sir Cliff Richard was discovered in a coffee bar in 1958? I’m sure all my coffee facts will be equally fascinating), try out some recipes (probably an espresso martini will make an appearance, as well as coffee and walnut cake, obv) and generally justify my amazing coffee machine. But if you’re a fellow coffee buff or tennis fancier and want to try to win some of the aforementioned awesome prizes, please do visit the Lavazza/Wimbledon site and try your luck with the Virtual Cup thingy.

Sleep well everyone… I won’t! 😉

Fleur xx



The machines are essentially identical! Just the brand of coffee, innit. I might be biased but I think the Italians have the edge over the swiss in the coffee stakes… 😉


I love coffee. I do prefer traditionally made coffee in a jug at home, I think it's the jug that does it! When out, I love an espresso, again it's the equipment's allure- the big machine in the shop.


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