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Fleur does the Flicks

I don’t often get to go to the cinema, so it was quite unusual for me to go twice within two days recently. One of the trips was a rather special event, to which I was invited, along with the Vintage Mafia and some other top bloggers… and the other was a trip we planned ourselves, which turned out to be extra wonderful!

Let’s start with the latter.

The Flicker Club was Lisa’s discovery. They were showing the Red Shoes, a film loved by many a vintage girl, and one I had never seen before. The site looked good, the film did too, and so we booked tickets and toddled along to Stoke Newington Town Hall. Not only was there some deliciously flavoured popcorn (I had white chocolate) and the film prefaced by a reading of the original Hans Christian Andersen The Red Shoes, which was excellent; but on every seat there was a rather lovely goodie bag!

I do love Hackney, it’s true… but I also love the copy of War of The Worlds from the new Penguin English Library collection that I got inside said bag! The new Penguin book covers are gorgeous.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, when we traipsed out of the screening, we found a little stand displaying cards, plus lovely carved ink stamps and old Soviet postage stamps! They offer a hand-delivery service of your own art creations to any address in the East London locality… and best of all, to the Weybridge area, which just happens to be where my best friend lives. Receiving my little card made her day when it arrived the following Saturday. What a delightful thing! Our trip to the Flickr Club was an amazing night, with an amazing film and just generally an amazing time was had… we’ll be back again for certain.

The second trip was a much swankier affair, and too right too, because it was all to promote a new series of events at One Aldwych – a fancy hotel in London!

We got to eat salted caramel brownies, popcorn (of course) and drink champagne… and fool around in the lift (and why not)! But most importantly, we got to watch My Week With Marilyn in our own private cinema! I’d already seen it… and *shh* hadn’t enjoyed it all that much the first time. But I think the second time was much better, strangely enough!

It was all to promote One Aldwych’s new Martini Movies experience, and I’d love it if you’d visit the Vintage Mafia blog to read more about it and see some photos of my glamorous fellow attendees! For now, here’s what I wore in more detail…

This was the very first vintage dress I ever bought, in San Diego, in 2005! I still adore it, and hope I can indeed still pull it off with my new modern hairdo. Accessorised with my favourite bangles, some Office brogues and a One Negroni! I love Negronis, or anything with Campari in it, in fact. As my Grandad used to say, the best thing about drinking Campari is when you’ve finished. 😉

I have so very much more coming up on here in the next few days… and finally, some time to do it! Don’t go anywhere, will you…

Fleur xx



Such a beautiful dress, you look gorgeous!
I'm glad you had such a good time at the movies, I haven't seen either film yet, but I do want to see My Week With Marilyn.
Best wishes.
R xx

Molly M.

Both events look like so much fun!

That dress is absolutely gorgeous and I think it looks nice with your modern hairdo. The colors are also very striking on you.


That is a beautiful dress, and I think you look fresh and pretty-modern hair and all-which is the main part of the vintage aesthetic!


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