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Lido lady

Today, I went with the rest of the Vintage Mafia to shoot some photos for The Retro Festival, which, if you’ve noticed the rather large advert to the right there, is one of the latest and most exciting sponsors of my blog! You’ll be hearing lots more about it on here over the next few weeks… and I cannot wait to see and show you the photos from today!

But never one to pass up an outfit post opportunity, here’s what I have on for the rest of today! I’m off to see the Bauhaus exhibition at the Barbican, which I’m hoping will be as amazing as it sounds!

My fab skirt came from Pinup Parade, and the top is a humble number from Primark SS’11 😉
The scenic location is Tooting Bec Lido, thanks to them for letting us pose
Shoes by Miss L Fire, the style is  called Monterrey!
I went for an accent nail kind of thing, check me out and my trendiness! 😉 Both are by Revlon – cherries in the snow and whatever their mint shade is called…
Bamboo bangles and earrings bought from Bow & Crossbones

Go and check out the Mafia blog for a sneak peek of today’s shoot! The sun even came out for us!

Fleur xx



love LOVE this outfit!! Who would have thought Primark could blend so well!!

Have a good rest of your Sunday X


p.s – The photo you girls had done for the festival … One of you is wearing a really lovely green playsuit … I couldn't see a comments panel to comment – where is it from, it really is lovely 🙂 Thanks Fleur X

Lenora Jane

Uh, seconded on Jenny's playsuit, and also Naomi's…what is that thing, besides fabulous? You're all lovely, though, of course. And those shoes you're wearing above are fantastic…I just watched the entire first season of new Dr. Who in a row and I'm imagining myself saying that in the Christopher Eccleston voice…and now I'm being a nerd. Oh dear. POINT BEING everything about this entry is freaking awesome.

The Glamorous Housewife

Your outfit is to die for! I like that you changed things up with your bangs and your fingernail polish. And of course those shoes are faboosh.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


I have been following your blog for a year or so – and I must admit I was surprised when I saw you sport your new 'do! However, being surprised does not equal disappointed in my case! I think you look wonderful with your vintage repro and overall 1940s look combined with a less decade specific hairdo and funky nails. It makes it obviously retro, yet still up to date. Love it. Very flattering, and if I may be so bold; it makes you look younger. Not that you look anywhere near old, of course, but top to toe vintage can be a little aging (please don't misunderstand this as people needing to look young, or vintage dressers looking old).

Caramel Latte Kiss

What a beautiful skirt. I love the little fans on the pattern.
I didn't realise Revlon did a Cherries in the Snow nail polish. I've been in love with the lippie for years. Is it a good shade match?

Liz Tregenza

Love the outfit and LOVE the nails. Didn't realise Revlon did mint nail polish, i may have to invest as I love Revlon nail polishes : )


Really looking forward to The Retro Festival, my grandparents were wall/globe of death riders and I've always wanted to take the kiddos to see it in action.

Love the shoot, what is it about red shoes that's just so irresistible?!

Vintage Virgin

We used to have a Lido around the corner from our house when I was growing up .. loved it .. was gutted when it sut .. :(… Fab skirt byt eh way lloooveee th fan print.


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