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Transatlantic crew love

I know I say it a lot, but running has enriched my life… in truly myriad ways. From making me feel strong and healthy, giving me extra confidence and motivation to achieve more in my personal life and career, to bringing me into contact with people from all walks of life that I am now proud to call my friends and colleagues. Granted, this has a lot to do with the sheer honour of being a part of Run Dem Crew, and my fortune to be within a certain area so as to be able to reach it… not to mention the luck of being able to join when it’s so hugely oversubscribed with eager would-be members, now waiting in droves. 

As you know, I’m always trying to bring a little link between vintage and running, and so I’m pleased to say that the post I have for you today does manage that to a certain degree. After sadly missing out on the crew trip to Berlin to run the city’s half marathon at the beginning of April, I still had the absolute pleasure of spending time in the company of a few of the New York Bridge Runners, a partner crew to ours, also run by Nike, and also full of amazing and diverse people. Specifically, I got to spend some time with the wonder woman that is Robin – a hugely inspirational lady who advocates sweating with swagger, always runs wearing awesome customised outfits, bandanas and lipstick. She’s doing a mind-boggling ultra marathon soon, and bandit-ran the London Marathon when she was here, just for kicks, really. Absolutely mad (not her! just the things she is able to do!). Check out her tumblr and be motivated, I dare you.

But I also got to spend some time hanging out with the legend that is Keith Morrison, lady killer, demon runner and film photographer extraordinaire! His Europe project involved documenting the journey of the NY Bridge Runners as they hit up Berlin, Paris and then London, taking rolls and rolls of film on his marvellously old-fashioned camera, and coming out with some truly fantastic portraits of some of the Crew… myself included. The quality of film photographs is just astounding, and is so very hard to match with digital technology. Just have a look and see.

Here’s just a tiny selection of some of my crewmates, all of which have blogs about everything from running and weight loss, to fashion, to video games… so while away some time, should you have any checking them out.

Bridge Runners x Berlin…
Nathaniel, and…
…yours truly.

Do go and visit Keith’s site to see more photos of the Crew and all his other stunning work… and if anyone wants to give him lots of money to come back over and see us all again (and bring Robin and the other NYBRs!) as soon as possible so we can enjoy his fine company again, that would be most excellent! 😉

Fleur xx



You are such a stylish runner! Love that you take care of yourself and pursue your love for fashion of a certain age. It's so nice to see someone being honest about balancing life.


Well said, Ashleigh. Fleur, I love the jacket you're wearing in the last pic – who's it by?


Could you get anymore gorgeous?! You inspire me to start running – with red lips and stylish sneakers, of course!

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