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Birthday Suit (again)

So Saturday was my birthday! I am now *cough*mutter*unintelligible* years old! Imagine that! I’m sure I don’t look a day over 21. Whereas I do, in fact, look 10 years over 21.

I had a big ol’ party in the evening, for which I was too busy enjoying myself to take many photos (though I did get one of the outfit), but instead here is what I wore to have lunch with my lovely mum and dad. My birthday suit!

My birthday suit is so called because it is a playsuit, and because I wore it on my birthday LAST year. A traditional Fleurday outfit (as of now). But I haven’t actually posted me in it since last year, so why not! Paired with some Converse – the low-profiley ones, rather than the regular ones (technical terms).

It has a nice wishbone print, a lovely lime belt, some pockets, and the shadow of my mum’s head taking the picture.

I wore it with my MOST FAVOURITE NEW THING(S) EVER, my new earrings. They are by GoGo Philip, and were a proper mission to find! I set my heart on some (after seeing them on a friend, I am ever the copier), and having not found any in Topshop where she got them, or online, I wrote plaintively to the PR company… who located some in Italy and was going to send me them direct, but they somehow all ended up on ASOS. Well I couldn’t not buy them with my pretend Paypal money for £8, so I did… Expect to see me wearing them every day forever more.

Here’s my latest trendy nail varnish job…

And here I am looking slightly smug under a tree!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my birthday suit outfit – back soon with evening attire!

Fleur xx



A belated Happy Birthday! And thanks for a bit of motivation on the exercise front too – I have learnt to run this year, and was initially very against sportswear of any description because it was so not my 'style', but after watching your efforts I have now embraced the ninja-lycra and with a lot of help from my personal trainer (i.e. my partner) am running short distances regularly. Who knows, I may end up doing a 10k or something. Let me know if you do end up organising a race for people who like vintage, you can count me in for a red-lippy and fluro-trainers combo style!!

Miss P xx

B. Schultz

Hello! I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, but I haven't left a comment before. I just wanted to wish you a very happy belated birthday. If I may say so, I don't think that you should fret over your age too much: from what I've read and seen, you really seem to be coming into your own right now, and that's where true beauty comes from. Keep up the good work with this wonderful blog!

Lenora Jane

Happy birthday! That print is great, on the playsuit. And way to go for coming up with "low-profile" for the Cons–we've just been calling those "the flat ones" 'round these parts, but since all Cons are pretty flat, it's been…confusing.

Molly M.

Love, love, love the playsuit! I especially like the contrast color tie that just makes it all stand out the more. Happy Birthday!


I love the turquoise nails Fleur. We've always called the converse hi-tops and lo-tops; the man of the house thinks he is quite the converse expert. Hope you had a lovely birthday x


You look fabulous! But boy, you must be copping some weird search term landings since running with that heading! Lol. Happy birthday. x


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