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Diamond Geezer(ette)

You may not have heard as it was such a small and secretive affair, but this weekend, we of Great Britain have been celebrating 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Golden Jubilee was only 10 years ago, and it was played down significantly, what with the country being gripped by recession at the time. Well of course we’re currently in the grip of an even worse recession, but I think everyone decided we needed the boost to our collective morales… and a Diamond Jubilee is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal to boot. So, it was with a mere 9,999,999 of my closest compatriots that I headed to the banks of the Thames to see the Diamond Jubilee Pageant go past.

The weather was glorious…

Well OK, it was the opposite of glorious, but since it rained for the actual Coronation (the day itself apparently chosen as it hadn’t rained on that date for 40 years), it was in keeping with tradition, and it didn’t put anyone off being there.
I will jump on any excuse to wear an extreme number of red, white and blue accessories. I’m not an ardent Royalist, nor am I especially patriotic (though actually, I do love this strange old country); but I have a penchant for overdoing it. And I had THE most perfect dress lined up for the occasion! Blue and white with ‘diamond’ buttons… this frock from Trashy Diva was literally made to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!

Red Shoes: Shelly’s

And while I wanted to show off this amazing dress in all its glory (it’ll be coming out again in a couple of weeks for my best friend’s wedding), I wasn’t actually mad enough to wear it sans coat in this freezing, rainy, traditional British weather!

I got this fab, unstructured 40s jacket on a trip to Arizona several years back. I believe it came from Matilda’s Vintage Closet!

All my accessories are a mix of vintage and modern, from various places over the years!

Soon after these photos were taken, it started to rain, and rain, and rain… and we were soon safely ensconced in a (not very English) steak restaurant, watching the soggy people troupe by. Still, two more days off (well, one and a half) – thanks Queenie! Now I just need to decide what to do as all my tentative outdoor/picnic/BBQ plans have been slightly scuppered by the weather. Oh well!

Here’s the one and only picture I managed to get that shows the Queen’s boat the Spirit of Chartwell in the 1,000-strong flotilla… couldn’t actually see it go by, just through my camera held up above my head! I’m told it was much more impressive up close.

Cheers all!

Fleur xx


India Harlow

Love the outfit and especially the flowers. I'm so glad you shared how you celebrated the Jubilee with us. Its such a wonderful time when lots of people must be feeling nostaligic not just the hard core vintage enthusiasts 🙂

All the best



You make patriotism so classy 🙂 I think everyone's too used to the ginger spice union jack dress! You look amazing xxx


You look spectacular in that! Wow! And what a great event for a great lady.

~ Jeremy


I love your outfit! I would totally wear that, and also completely agree about loving any excuse to wear copious amounts of red-white-blue combinations. Especially red and blue. I love nautical colours so much! Looks like such a fun day! Make she really miss living in London.

Charmaine xx


So jealous – I have been watching the celebrations from rain soaked Sydney, wishing it was warm enough to wear my jubilee outfit (any excuse for a new frock) – which I will be pulling out for the Queen's Birthday long weekend down here while watching Si Cranston perform. I also figure the outfit could resurface for The Fourth of July, Bastille Day and Australia Day!!


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