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Valley of Dorks

Last week, Bethan and I did something completely free and amazingly fun. We went to a film screening, followed by museum private view, all part of the Grant Museum of Zoology‘s Silly Season. We had a hard time believing such a thing could be free as we found it SO awesome! But then, we are massive dorks.

The evening kicked off with a screening of Valley of Gwangi, a 1969 film replete with special effects so terrible & dated that it passed well into the realms of ‘so bad it’s good’ territory. The cheesy story-line and stop-motion animation were absolutely brilliant. But what made it was the hilarious professor chap doing the introduction. I’m sure you had to be there, but truly, it was superb.

We then headed round the corner for what was by far the best bit: a free glass of wine and after-hours private view of the Grant Museum itself, and all its weird and wonderful specimens, pickled things and bones. This post is extremely picture-heavy and MOST CERTAINLY NOT for the faint of heart or squeamish. Not apologising to vegetarians though, as Bethan’s been one since she was 3, and she loved as much as me.

 Picked sea creatures…
Anaconda skeleton…
 Big cats
More marine things

Damien Hurst x Bambi 🙁

Feline boney

I did have some stand-out favourites, though. They were the family of humanoids in the upstairs ‘library’, with the monkey hanging from the pillar…
Daredevil dead monkey!
The *cough* penis bones 😉 and…

…the Jar of Moles (which is so famous it has its own Twitter)

Here we are, looking like the massive, excited dorks that we fully admit to being… complete with windblown fringe that I was enjoying myself too much to realise and brush!  Coordinating outfits and matching shoes unintentional, but great minds eh?

Me: vintage skirt, high street cardi & top, Bow & Crossbones necklace, Rocket Originals shoes
(side note: just went on Bow & Crossbones to check the link & they have some amazing new stuff!
Apples! Strawberries! Olives! And loads of repro thermoset. Love.)
Bethan: vintage dress, mum-knit cardi, Rocket Originals shoes

The museum does free film screenings once a season, so we’re already eagerly waiting for the autumn one. Seriously fun evening out and completely bonkers that it was free! Now we wonder what other fab things can be done gratis in this horribly expensive city!

Bye for now…

Fleur xx



The Grant Museum is great – if you haven't already been, also check out the Hunterian in Lincoln's Inn Fields (people parts rather than animal parts) and the Horniman (*snigger*) who usually have a Fiji mermaid though I think that particular exhibit is currently 'on tour'!

Betty2Tone (Laura)

I LOVE stuff like this! I'll have to see if there is a similar museum like that in the US now, or just go to England :). Last summer I went to the Mutter museum, which is very similar, only it's focus is on humans with strange diseases.


I love that! Must put it on my list of places to visit when next time in England. And your outfits are great – you give me sooo much inspiration!


One of my favourite posts so far!!! I love museums and natural history collections are the best! Plus, a jar of moles with its own twitter!?!?! Wacky-tastic! x


Oh wow, the jar of moles is quite possibly the most amazing thing I've seen all year! I am so going to go there!


Awesome, The Valley of Gwangi is so bad that it's good. I almost pissed my pants laughing while seeing this movie, classic.

Dark Puss

Great post, thank you! I did my PhD at UCL and have certainly visited this museum in the past; it was nice to be reminded of it.


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