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Free frocks & … that’s it.

Oh hi!

Here begins an edit to the previous post…

It seems that, due to adverse weather conditions, the Retro Festival has been cancelled. This is a huge shame, both for the Mafia and me; and for everyone involved with the festival. Let’s hope it’s reinstated next year.

But it’s rather better news for you lot! The competition to win a Heyday Fleur is now open to everyone in the UK. We’re keeping it UK as the weather here has been SO VERY HORRENDOUS (see above for just one of many things it has ruined this summer) that we Brits need something to cheer ourselves up. So enter away, please. The frock of your choice will be posted to you when I select the winner.

The rest of the blog shall now continue, almost as it did before. Here it comes…!

How would you, yes YOU, like to win some stuff? I’ve teamed up with Heyday to offer you just that. Stuff. To win.

‘What is the stuff, though?’ you may be asking. Let me tell you!

You can win your very own Heyday Fleur dress in English Rose or Daisychain, so you can look just like the girls of the Vintage Mafia! Or like yourself. Up to you.

Crab claw impressions optional.

The Fleur is lovely in the black colourways, both black with daisies and pink roses: you can take your pick of the two, and your size (of course).

All you need to do to enter is to leave me a comment below (and be in the UK)!

Tweet about the competition publicly (by which I mean, don’t begin the tweet by @-ing me, as only people who follow you AND me will see it), for an extra entry; but you MUST leave me a second comment to say you’ve done so for it to be counted. I will be matching comments with tweets, but it’s all to make it easier to draw.

If you’d like a third entry, you can do a post on your own blog, but again, you must leave me a third comment to say so, with a link to your entry.

So, without further ado… get entering, gals!

Fleur x birthday
Fleurs + Gin

I’ll close it a week today (19th July 2012). Good luck!

Fleur xx

PS. Please don’t comment unless you’re entering! Ta muchly.



Oh my goodness, this would be the best birthday present for the boyfriend! Plus, gorgeous frock for me.



lovely offer thank you , we all need cheering up with this miserable weather, my fingers are crossed x


I'd love to enter, have had my eye on the black daisy Fleur dress for a while & tickets would be a lovely birthday trip 🙂


I would love to enter! I've been talking about getting tickets for a while 🙂


What a perfect prize. Splendid! I shall be looking for four leaf clovers, rubbing my lucky rabbits foot and polishing the horseshoe in the hope I'm lucky!

Sarah Bloor

oo ya devil what a splendid prize….I've got everything crossed in the hope I'll win. Its kinda painful and hard to type but I don't care!

a lovely weekend to you


I would love to enter the draw. (I already have the Fleur black roses and it gets compliments every time I wear it. Every single time. People love it.)

Joanna Hehn

Would love to go to the Retro festival and the dress would be nice too!

Rebecca E

Wow..this is right up my street! Love the dress!I rarely tweet, but this is worth tweeting about 🙂

Polly P

Wow finally exiting'n' happy news to come out of our ''summer''. thanks! consider. it. entered!

Emma Hollands

Pleeeeaaasssseeeeeeee let it be meeeeeeeeee!! I have been lusting after the black daisies for ages and ages and also after RetroFestival tickets but alas I have been unable to gather enough funds, silly husbands with 30th birthdays!!! So in short – I am in!!

Fenella Fatalia

I was planning on getting tickets for Retro Festival this weekend – so how fortuitous to see them as a prize along with a link to this lovely blog! And a dress thrown in too, well how could I resist? I'll be back to read more…


What a super giveaway! This is a great way for an under-the-radar vintage girl to dip her two into the early 20th century/mid-century modern vintage community.

Christine Kamlah

Hi Fleur! Please excuse my German boldness ( my brother-in-law was quite shocked his first year on the continent…):but I would really love to win! I would love to come over just for that occasion!I absolutely adore the Fleur dresses and the only reason I haven't ordered one yet is that there is allways a new fabouless fabric design and I can't decide! Greetings Christine


Have tickets for the Retro Festival, but just heard it's been cancelled due to the rain 🙁 however I would be thrilled if I were to win the daisy dress. Maybe I could wear it to next years festival!!


I want to win! I hope that's enough reason for fortune to favour me this time…I've never managed to win one of these competitions.


WoW what totally fab dresses I am new to Vintage and have fallen head over heels in love with the whole affair this is true love – I have gone to two vintage fairs and had my hair done being a working mum what a treat that was – about time I had some ME time – fingers crossed for me and all you other ladies entering <3


eeeeek those dresses are looovely! I'd love the black with pink English roses!

ps – just looking at retro festival's website and they're saying they're cancelling it this year due to the weather, are the tickets transferable for next year?

x x


I am sorry about the festival but couldn't have gone (small baby says no). Would very much like to enter the dress draw though.


Hello Fleur and thank you for raising our spirits with this fabulous competition. I was frankly losing the will to live with this never ending inclement weather but the thought that I might be in with a chance of winning a beautiful Daisy Chain on Black Fleur wrap dress has given me the strength to shoulder on. Thank goodness for you and your blog!


I'm sad to hear the festival has been cancelled, but on the bright side this now means I can entre the competition for the dress. xoxo


oh yes please! i have been promising myself a fleur dress for sometime but bills and kids keep eating the funds! would love a daisy!


Yes please, I'd love a Fleur dress to brighten up the days a bit. I could almost kid myself it's summer then…..


Oh please! Think about excluding the rest of the world! I'd so love to enter as well…If it's about cheering up: I can assure you: the current season in Berlin is (at least) as "unsummery" as yours over there!!!


I think we could all use a bit of brightening up the way this summer is going… Shame about the event being cancelled, but at least now I'm able to enter the giveaway! 🙂


Oh oh oh yes please Fleur, this dress is on my wish list. I was so sad to see Retro Festival cancelled, boo hiss. x

Mrs T

Hi Fleur, I'm so sorry to hear that the Retro Festival was cancelled. I wasn't going to enter before as I was unable to attend, but now I would be very grateful if you would enter me into the competition to win a fabulous Fleur dress. :o) Many thanks to you and Shona.

nothing to display

Dress please. Could you imagine how lovely it would look with my massive hair. defo a clash of eras! I am entering. and I have everything CROSSED. elelta x

Chloe Owleyes

Hello! I would like to enter to win a lovely dress. Love your blog, and would welcome your comments on my website http://www.owleyesmarket.com, I create handmade jewellery using reclaimed and vintage materials, and source lovely vintage and retro accessories too! Chloe Owleyes x


Such a shame about the festival, but I'd love to win one of those floral frocks! Thanks for entering me in the competition.

Jessica Ann

I would love to win! I can't go to the festival, so am happy that it has opened up to everybody (is this the one redeeming feature of this horrific wet summer?)


I would love to win your frock for my girlfriend as we are expecting to be away cruising in the near future and one should always look one's best on these sea voyages. I've nearly finished the ark and if the weather keeps up at this rate we should be off any day now. Best wishes.


Would love to enter! Thanks for the lovely opportunity and the fantastic blog!
G xx

Melanie Brownova

I have the Mary dress but not the lovely Fleur and what's more i am unlikely to be able to affod to buy a Fleru dress and time during the next millenium to to my enoermous vets bills. (she has a heart problem and a back problem) was attacked by another horse, ripping a huge hole in her neck and narrowly missing the juglular vein (i supose you could say that was lucky) She had to be stitched up (out of hours-more money) in 3 layers taking 2 hours, Hence huge bill and two sad faces (hers and mine)
I need cheering up, surely.


So far this month I've had to buy a new car, then got a speeding ticket for doing 32mph (PAH! and MEH!), then the washing machine hung itself with an array of stray socks and I had to replace that too. I think after all that boobaar I'm entitled to something free………right? haha!! xxxx


Not much of a lucky one but you gotta be in it to win it. And if I look half as good as you gals in that dress I'd be a happy bunny!


The last thing I managed to win was the pub's 'Plate of Meat' raffle 8 years ago(and I'm a vegetarian!) so not very hopeful, but I would so love to win.

Suzie Bee

I'm very sad that the festival has been cancelled, but I would very much like to win a Fleur dress, now that I don't have to collect it! Please enter me.


I'm entering! Just got back from a very muddy festival and now have to post fest blues! I'm in love with the black with pink roses dress, its beautiful!


Ohh you've done it now, gonna have to enter. Would love the rose print version of the dress as that is indeed my surname, so pick me pick me 🙂

Vikki x


Thanks for this contest. I know it's a rather mundane comment, but genuinely, I'm sure whoever wins this will feel like their day has been brightened. I rarely wear black dresses but les petites flears and the cut are loving and have enough detail to make the dress really flattering. Hope the next week for you holds more experiences and times to make you smile.

Lexie M

ooh yes please, thank you Miss Fleur… a brand new twirly dress is just the ticket to brighten up this soggy farce of a summer <3


Ah, I've had my eye on the English Rose Fleur dress, but haven't been able to save up for it yet.
Fingers crossed!


Oh me…oh my…I would luuuuv to win that dress! It would cheer me up no end! Yes, the weather has dampened my mood, my pin curls, my cheap not-so-waterproof mascara (note to self: Must brollie-trot down to Boots for a replacement of the waterproof kind!), and I neeeeeed the dress! I too was looking forward to the Vintage Festival…sob…But, there is always next year! Thank you for the chance to win. I now have fingers crossed, and toes…let's hope cramp doesn't set in! Tania ♥

Violette Noir

A Fleur frock would be frightfully fabulous – please put my name in the hat too! Best wishes Violette


Ooh jumping in just before you close – a floral Fleur frock would be a fabulous choice for upcoming weddings and holiday to Boston – please add my name to the mix!
Thanks very much!
Charlotte x


Hello Fleur, hope your enjoying this wet summer we're having. I would like to enter for my lovely lady wife who unfortunately cannot access your site at work. Ho hum! I have tweeted as well so you should expect to get twice as much site traffic from now on HOORAY! …Laters yeah


…officially I think to be eligible for a 2nd entry I need to leave another comment to comment that other than my previous comment I have actually tweeted the competition I commented on. Think that makes sense. HOORAH!


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