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The Other Olympics

Cor blimey Mary Poppins, it’s been a busy week. I spent two days working for The King’s Ginger at Imbibe Live, a massive annual drinks show; then this weekend dawned, which was possibly THE most epic in recent memory. I am going to be doing a massive post on the running side of it, with clear warnings so as not to trick those running-averse of you into reading it 😉

But first for the more typical day in the life of me. A day at the event highlight of my year that is The Chap Olympiad.

This rather special event needs little introduction to those that have read my blog for a while (and who have access to any kind of news source since it seems to have become fodder for international newspapers and TV stations across the world now).

But in case you haven’t heard of it, here’s a link.  And here’s the Chap’s own article on it, which I’m proud to see illustrated with a picture of yours truly and Bethan aiding a Pipeathlon competitor.

Photo I believe is by Stephanie Wolff

As you can see, Bethan and I wore matching frocks for the occasion, a blue Fleur for her and a pink one for me. After last year, it had to be done, albeit on a smaller scale.

Rocket Originals Nancies completed our ensembles!

Onto the Games. I managed to capture visual snippets of…

The Pipeathlon, with bikes kindly lent by Tally Ho, for which competitors must complete a 10 year saunter, 10 years on a bike, and 10 years without letting their feet touch the ground. See above!

Swooning, in which the chaps have induce the ladies to do just that.

Me being the ball-girl in Not Playing Tennis, where the clue is in the title.

Ironing Board Surfing (which the Mafia won last year!).

Moustache Wrestling, in which the victor is the one whose lobster weapon successfully plucks a hair from the opponent’s face and…

The Briefcase Phalanx, in which I gave each challenger a message to pass to the secretary stationed at the far end… after he or she’s broken through the barrier. Chuckles Younghusband of the New Sheridan Club used semaphore to try and trick the phalanx. I’m not sure it worked.

Here are some more for your viewing pleasure of the Saturday… I hope to have some to post of my rather unusual appearance at the second day, AKA the Para(lytic) Olympics on the Sunday… stay tuned!

MC Tristan Langlois, Callum Coates and Emma Bown
Bethan and Mr Wax

Chuckles & Louise XIV

Me, a dodgy fringe and lovely lovely Naomi

And finally…

It did rain off and on for the whole day (and night), and I was extremely grateful to the lovely people at Barbour for sending me this Uh-Mazing Liberty x Barbour creation. Along with my Liberty x Nikes it’s my new favourite brand-mashup item! Given the constant damp and mud-tastrophe that’s hitting all grassy areas in the UK thanks to the horrendous weather we’re having, you’ll be seeing this and the wellies which you can’t really see a LOT over the coming months.

 More photographical postery coming very soon.

 Me and Vintage News… from here.

Fleur xx

PS. You may or may not know that the Chap Olympics is actually coming to the ‘Real’ Olympics, as we have been invited to come and perform it in the Olympics Park for a few dates in July & August. I couldn’t be more excited for Chap x London 2012! 😉



Wow!! This is amazing, and so much more appealing than the real Olympics! I've never heard of The Chaps before but I am so impressed!

Jessica Cangiano

Such a rollicking, endlessly fun looking day! If only it was easier (and more wallet-friendly) to hop across the pond and attend days such as this with your marvelous British loving vintage folks.

♥ Jessica


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