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Win a Fleur, revised

Merry Sunday everyone who reads this blog. Hope yours is smashing. Your Sunday, not your blog. Actually, if you have a blog too, I hope both are smashing in the extreme!

Now. You may have seen a competition on here, one which opened the other day. It was to win a Fleur dress as seen on myself and the VM ladies – a choice of either black with daisies, or black with roses.

The prize consisted of the dress, and two tickets to the Retro Festival, scheduled to take place in four weeks’ time. The idea was to pick up the frock from the festival. Unfortunately, due to weather ravaging the site, said event has been cancelled. SAD FACE.

But, Shona Heyday and I are continuing the competition anyway! And this time, it’s open to anyone in the UK. HAPPY FACE!

Please head over to the blog post detailing the competition, and enter to your heart’s content – the dress will be posted to you if you’re drawn as the lucky winner. Tweet and reciprocal blog post entries are still counted, all existing entries are obviously counted… but anyone else in the UK can enter.

My apologies to anyone who lives elsewhere in the world, but because everyone in this country’s summer (including mine) has basically been completely ruined by the absolutely shocking weather we’re experiencing, I want to cheer a fellow soggy, cold Brit up with a free frock. There will be plenty more worldwide competitions in the future, promise!

So, fellow nationals (and transplants), go and enter now

Fingers crossed!

Fleur xx



Haha, British weather has been terrible? Have you seen Dutch weather lately?

Good luck to all the competitors, may you enjoy the dress! I'll wait for the next worldwide giveaway.
Lots of love!

Retro Model Sari

buhuuuuu…. no cheer up for the soggy cold Germans that stay home for vacation in the rain 🙁 I´ll just drink liters of orange juice and pretend the sun is shining.


Sorry guys. It's been cold and rainy for the Jubilee, chilly for the Chap, we've had two vintage festivals in a row cancelled, people have been flooded out… the brit ladies deserve a little reward! Sorry to hear you're having damp weather too.

Stephanie Lynn

Here in the States, many of us are in the midst of a crazy heat wave and drought so we will gladly take your cold rainy days and send you some sunshine in return!


Oh, I totally understand your decision. I was just trying to cheer you up. Seems like the whole of north-west Europe is having boo-worthy weather.
Hope it clears up soon and you'll still be able to enjoy what's left of summer.


Send some of the sunshine/heat in most of the US to the Pacific Northwest. We too are soggy and cold. We are even getting really weird thunderstorms, lightening, and what I call "movie rain". Movie rain is the rain where the actors are soaked to the skin after 30 seconds in it. We don't normally get that drenching heavy rain in the Pacific Northwest. Well, we are lately.
I raise a glass to everyone who is having a soggy summer. Here's to us all in the hopes we finally get a summer.

Musings in Red

I live across the sea from you… but I love taking a peek at your blog now and then! I love that your gutsy enough to dress and vintagy and cute as you feel like! :)) I always love watching the pics of you with your adorable style!


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