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A ghd old giveaway

Is your hairdryer a bit tired, lifeless, lacking in power? Generally a bit rubbish?

Mine is.  It’s not even that old –  a few months at most. It’s because I was stingy. Cheap hairdryers aren’t all that great – WHO KNEW?

 NB. Hairdryers don’t work outside. Also excuse my totally casual hairdo today!

If you share my hairdryer misfortune, then today is your lucky day! Because the good people at ghd have kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway of their snazzy new Pink Cherry Air Hairdryer. It’s worth Β£99, and it’s pretty glamorous…

It has:

  • A 2,100 watt motor (powerful!)
  • Advanced ionic technology (wonderful!)
  • Variable heat and speed controls (useful!)
  • And an extra-long cable (bountiful!)

My (brand redacted) hairdryer has none of these redeeming features.

But not only does it look good, it’s also for a good cause. The reason it has pink chrome bits on it, and a cherry blossom storage bag is that a percentage of the proceeds of its sales go to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

Obviously, one lucky winner will get one for free, so…erm… we’ll gloss over that part. But ghd do seem to give away a lot of money from their pink products, so that’s pretty virtuous.

If you would like the chance to win your own Cherry Blossom hairdryer and breathe (or rather blow) new life into your vintage hairstyling routine, then all you need to do is:

  • Leave me a comment describing your favourite vintage hairstyle and its era…
  • …and include your email address.


The competition is unfortunately only open to UK residents due to plug and voltage complications. I promise an international giveaway soon!

I’ll close comments one week from today (Thursday 6th September).  Good luck!

Fleur xx

PS. In other news, my new shoes you can’t really see in these pictures are
amazing and cost Β£5 in the Office sale. Got to love wallpaper
pumps for a fiver.



A hairdryer-win-situation: yes please. My faithful companion suffers from the strain of too many travels and moves. And I need one to dry of the rollers before I set about to finger wave my hair. Elaborate 20s hairstyle, that is my kind of thing, and it's crucial to have dry locks, otherwise it just all ends in some kind of floppy Kurt Cobain-do. He didn't do any Jazz hands, as far as I recall. I'd be delighted to give this pink beauty a new home: milk_blush@hotmail.com

Alice xx

The Sacred Femme

I had to learn the importance of a good hair dryer the hard way…or rather that even amazing hair dryers have an expiration date. While I was visiting my mother/using her hair dryer a gigantic flame shot out of the front of hers! Luckily we both still have a face, eyebrows and a full head of hair.
My favourite style era is most definitely the 40s with their glamorous pin curling techniques. They are a dream! And every good set looks better when blasted with some hot and then cold air in the mornings!

Bambi Cottage

My hairdryer gave up about 6 months ago. It shot out flames & then there were blue crackles! Luckily It didn't fry me!
So since then I've been using my travel Ghd dryer that came with my straighteners. Not quite powerful enough as I have very thick hair which is to my waistline.
My favourite is the 40s, I love victory rolls but my fave way to do my hair is the long sleek wavy look, like Lauren Bacall.

clare wynne

The 1940s Victory Rolls!
While β€œvictory rolls” were originally the name for a fighter plane maneuver, women adopted the term for the rolls of hair to celebrate victory in WWII.
i love the do! and the fact the name was taken from the RAF πŸ™‚


Everyone would expect me to say "The Eighties Flick" was my favourite 'vintagte' hairstyle but it was wrong in so many ways. I absolutely love the classic bob and wish I had poker straight hair so that I could get away with it.

Bella Di Nonna

Ooh, I love this! My favourite vintage hairstyle is a Victory Roll – my grandmother was a master of them in the 1940s, I love looking at photos of her from that time. I don't have the patience / dexterity to do a "proper" roll myself, but I love taking a bit of inspiration from the style for an update updo.

Lara la Rouge

I usually opt for hairstyles from the 40s and 50s but, after recently attending an 80s themed party, I'm currently in love with my ancient crimping iron once again. I'll return to my finger waves and victory rolls soon enough but, for now, I'm having fun with my 'retro' crimped hair… even if I do look like a poodle when I accidentally overdo it!


What a great giveaway! My favourite hairstyle is a 60s Vidal Sassoon style bob. So chic.
Sarah – amongthedancers{at}gmail{dot}com.

Betty Leopard

Wow, awesome giveaway. My hairdryer is definitely on its last legs, the occasional smell of burning is particularly worrying.
For years I've had really short hair that hasn't given me much to work with in terms of styling. Since growing it to about my shoulders I'm a big fan of the classic victory roll. I think they look stunning and I always get comments. I also like that they came to popularity during the war as a glamorous but practical hairstyle for the amazing women who contributed to the war effort.

Emma Hollands

Nice Pumps!! That hairdryer looks so good! Mine is also old and naff because I was tight n buying one too! My favourite vintage hairstyle is actually the beehive, totally haven't perfected it yet – and certainly not enough to leave the house with but I'll get there!


My favourite has to be the page boy style from the 40s, due to discovering the singer Ute Lemper when I was 15 and wanting desperately to look like her. Unfortunately back in 1997 I really struggled whenever taking a picture of Ms Lemper to the hairdressers because no one knew how to do vintage hairstyles – very different now with youtube hair tutorials available to all!

Email address is: mrs.tracy.lee [at] gmail [dot] com


My fail-safe hair do for when it's windy / rainy / hot / combination of previous, is a little '50s inspired number. Quiff. Ponytail. Pretty scarf. Weather be damned!

Porcelinaprecious (at) gmail (dot) com

Porcelina xx


Of all the hairstyles, I'm quickly falling in love with the bee-hive. I'm thinking all the bed-head ruffles of Bardot meets Gizzi Erskine's sleek block fringe. Most importantly though, has to be all the volume that needs pumping into the hive itself and one needs a stonker of a hair-dryer to do that with…!


p.s fab shoes


Another vote for 1940's victory rolls from me. I did this style for my wedding when I had long wavy hair. Now trying to grow out a 60's ish chin length bob and wishing it was long again!


Has to be victory rolls for me! I love how you can wear them with hair up entirely, or with big soft curls at the back! It also means I don't have to faff with my fringe – perfect when it gets too long! I believe it's a 1940s hairstyle, which goes with the rest of my style.

My email address is: katie.r.fry@gmail.com


I'm a big fan of a good cold set curl or victory rolls but my favourite vintage hairstyle is actually the means to the end, the 40's land girl stle head scarf.

The reason being since my growing interest in vintage I've been looking through old family photos (mainly from my mum's side) and I found an old picture of my grandmother during WW2 wearing trousers *gasp* with her hair in a head scarf and she looks the spitting image of me with my hair in the same style, it's quite inspiring. The area I grew up in (where most of my family is from) also has a wonderful history for that period, the hospital I was born in was originally the first US army hospital established in England during the war, so it seems especially apt. It's also tres practical for work.

My email is inaglassdarkly@hotmail.co.uk


My favourite vintage hairsytle is the hot stick set tutorial you posted on youtube. I like to part my hair on the side, curl it, brush it out and then wear it with a flower behind my ear. It is the first vintage 'thing' I tried, and I love the ritual of setting my hair, waiting for it to cool, then brushing the clown frizzies out! I have long straight hair usually, so it is lovely to have such a change.


I have had my hair cut in my favourite vintage style – the Louise Brooks bob with fringe – for about 7 years now. It's pretty low maintenance, which I love, but still suits my retro look πŸ™‚

my email is nat_mermaid@msn.com

Emma (My Vintage)

Well funnily enough, today is the first time I have ever attempted a 1940's hairstyle and I love it! I am usually more of a 60s hair girl but as it's 40's day in my little town of Darwen today I though I would give it a go in the shop. I have already had so many compliments I will definitely be exploring this look more. The GHD Cherry hairdryer looks amazing, fingers crossed I'm lucky! PS you can see a piccy of my look here https://twitter.com/#!/emmabphilosophy/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FRz5UOQv3


Emma x


Its got to be a forties up do with a victory roll, elegant classic and sophisticated! I so wish I could master it…. Worn with a tea dress and fur stole beautiful!
Second place would be a beehive with a nice little 60's dress
As my hairdrier has packed up I am not looking anything like I would aspire too, more a dragged through a hedge backwards type of look.



Ooh I have been playing with a Bettie Page fringe recently (after a painful year growing out a pixie crop) and am now debating whether to go back to the lovely chunky fringe that is my default hairstyle every four years or so. Hairdryer bliss would ease the styling faff involved πŸ˜‰ Love the blog generally whether or not the numbers game is in my favour!

Email is fm8687 at gmail dot com



I love the late 1950s/early 1960s fringed styles. They look so crisp and I love the volume. I look terrible with a fringe though, sadly – although maybe a decent hairdryer would help!

hollysnaith (at) gmail (dot) com


I love victory rolls and pin curls, so 1940's i guess! a new hair dryer would be *so* helpful, especially one with such pizazz!

Terri Wilcox

I would have to say a long, well smoothed out pin curl set think late 40's with a side parting – think Veronica Lake. Its versatile and looks great smoothed into a shiny chignon when the weather turns hot as you can, with a tight set create a Marcel waved like bang. Its a style i do on a almost daily basis. It looks chic yet classy.

email: vintageobsession(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk


I'm terrible at vintage hairstyles, but I love that kind of curl/wrap thing that hair is twisted into at the base of the skull. For which I apparently have no name!

leacooke [at] hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk


Wow, well my poor hairdryer has just suffered the effects of an 8 week old kitten thinking it was a play toy especially for him!
My fave hairstyle at the moment is Marilyn Curl, Have just had my hair cut shorter which is perfect for the 1950s Marilyn curls…Although I am having a vintage wedding next year so will probally turn to the faithfull victory rolls on the big day


Having a 60s do to sustain takes a lot of good products including a damn good hairdryer. My last one actually had flames come out of the back and gave my husband a small but worrying electric shock. We are now living off a travel hairdryer. Please save us.


Amy Bannister

While I adore a page boy back with rolls and curls in front, it takes forever. However, there is no day too gloomy, no mood too blue that can't be fixed by a flirty flip. Not only do I feel pretty and sassy, but you literally bring a smile to the face of everyone you pass!



Although I absolutely love the victory roll to use as a base of different hairstyles, the style I have always loved the most is the short β€˜do sported by Elizabeth Taylor in the 50’s. I always wanted my hair cut like this when I was younger, but sadly my thick curly hair was never going to do such a sophisticated style (little did I know I was going to look like something from Fraggle Rock until the late 90’s) anyway its only now thanks to modern hair appliances I can finally achieve the looks I love! Saying that I do now dye my hair orange, so there’s still a bit of Fraggle in me!

Email Address: l_c_brady@yahoo.co.uk

β™₯ Sara || Pretty In Pink || Beauty || Fashion || Music || UK β™₯

I'm so happy I spotted this on my feed, mine just blew up! In my defence, it was a Tresemme number, circa 2002 so it had a good life. So, thank you for the giveaway!

My favourite has got to be the CLASSIC 60's Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, that Audrey Hepburn wore so well. I only wish I had even half as much grace as she had though, I'm not sure my tom-boy self could pull it off apart from at my wedding!!

Sara @ http://pretty-in-pink-blog.com


I have gradually been getting my hair cut shorter, so the old favourite victory rolls are no longer an option !!! now sporting a bob, a fancy schmansy new hair-dryer would help me in my ambition to have that Louise Brooks bob !!! fab offer !!! thanks x ionawwilliams@msn.com

Mrs D.

My favourite vintage hairstyle is the Bettie Page 50's style with the bangs and brushed out curls. I have the bangs but am yet to master the rest, mostly because my hairdryer is so old it's akin to blowing on my hair haha! A new hairdryer would definitely be brilliant πŸ™‚
My email address is elenaldavies@gmail.com.
Fingers crossed! xx


My favourite Vintage hairstyle would definately have to be the 1940's victory rolls and sponge rolled curls! OMG these are so awesome, looks so pretty . sometimes i made these to feel that era πŸ™‚

Email: sadia.latif10@gmail.com

Thankss alot


My favourite vintage style was back when I had a 50's style "Bettie" fringe and would curl the ends of the length of my hair to get the volume she had. It was really simple and quick to achieve and always made me feel good. Wet hair in rag rollers helped, and using a dryer on a cold setting to lessen frizz and speed up the process (if I didn't fancy sleeping in my rag rollers).

At the minute I'm more of a pompadour and ponytail girl because my hair is just so long and I've grown out my fringe.

My sister's hairdryer broke today and if I won she'd get it. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ x


I'm in dire need of a new hairdryer, mine is making most concerning noises now..
My favourite vintage hairstyle is victory rolls, although mine never look even..
mustbeadreamer [at] hotmail.co.uk



Well like all you girls I love a good victory roll, we all have days when they work and you feel like your head may as well be adorned with a crown and then we have those days where we get to hide beneath a headscarf because it just won't happen for us. I might be the only one that awakes hoping my hair will play but I choose to blame my hairdryer rather than my hands, so with a new gizmo I will have no excuse but to perfect the art of the victory roll and be able to dry my sponge hair in one go rather than in 10 minute intervals haha, much love Joanna jo.mark123@yahoo.co.uk


Hello, might be too late for this but if not my favourite hairstyle is the classic 20s bob. No matter what style I try I always go back to the bob.
kestrelmail [@] gmail dot com


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