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Heyday does it again!

Well, partly me as well. We’ve only gone and released a brand-new, super limited edition Fleur dress made with gen-yoo-ine old timey fabric! 

We’ve called it the Vintage Flower Fields Fleur (try saying that five times fast), and it’s a beaut.

It’s got a crease-busting polycotton bodice, and an equally magically crease-resisting vintage fabric skirt. The cotton has a piqué or waffly kind of texture – it’s slightly stiffer than normal cotton and it hangs beautifully. We believe it dates from around the 1960s – which is why I wore it to a Pop Art gallery launch party a while back!

Yeah baby!

It has rows of flowers and berries in shades of cerise pink, kelly green, yellow and turquoise…

 It has has the same wrapping action as all our Fleur dresses, finishing with a white plastic flower button that also shimmied straight out of the 1960s!

It also has the signature patch pockets, bound with contrasting turquoise. Shona tells me that some of the dresses also have contrasting binding (of the vintage fabric) on the bodice. Matching accessories in primrose yellow and turquoise looked good, non?

Like our other limited editions, there is a mere handful of these frocks available – only 12 were made and I have one of them. We will never make anything similar to this again – we can’t, because the fabric is so old and the chances of it ever being seen again are non-existent. So, if you’d like to own the closest thing to a vintage frock as it was on the day it was made, then you should hurry to the Heyday site and snap one up. They’re £95 each, which is £10 more than the usual Fleurs, simply because of the vintage fabric. Worth it I assure you!

Thanks for reading and see you all soon!

Fleur xx

PS. These pics make me kinda miss not having a fringe… might grow it back out now. What do you think?


Wrecking Belle

Love this colorway! Of course, it's announced when I can't spare a penny for such an awesome dress. Oh well! PS: Not that my opinion matters, but I think your bang-less 'do suits your face better.

Rosina Lee

Such a gorgeous dress esp when we are coming into Spring here in NZ, I shall have to check how we fair against the pound and maybe have a little shop!
xx Rosina


I love the new fleur dress but I don't have that kind of money to spend on a dress. I reckon you should grow your fringe to your eyebrows as It would suit your face better


A very lovely dress indeed!

And I agree with Wrecking Belle and Vintage Sweetie above; you've got beautiful hair, but without fringe it's a wee bit more flattering. 🙂


I'm a vintage fabricaholic and have a Fleur dress so obviously, this is a winning combo! But most importantly, the hair! It looks lovely, very suited to the clothes you wear and makes you look very pretty indeed.

Mumma Bunny

Such a beautiful dress! Will have to admire from afar am afraid; no more pennies to spend on such lovelies this summer. Besides, I can't imagine I would look half as well as you do in it 🙂


While I thoroughly enjoy your motivational fitness posts I love when you model! You photograph well and you look so beautiful! And I adore these colors on you coupled with hair accessory and hairstyle.


Just had to squeeze out my purse for the last pennies to buy this utterly beautiful dress! What a great couple you and Shona make! Even if she made a dress from a garbage bag, if you modelled it it still would look fantastic!! By seeing this picture I know why I love your face better without a short fringe: your face definitly has more of a hart shape! A short fringe lengthens your face a bit, it is a matter of taste ofcourse. I for intance have exactly the opposite. I wear my fringe short as you do right now, wishing a long fringe would suit me, but no I am not that lucky. So the gordious victoryrolls never look so full and nice with me as they do with you! Please keep on modelling and stay happy as you are! Love and xxx from the Netherlands,


Sadly I just got down to the last $50 in my account so I can't afford this lovely frock, but it is very beautiful! I have to say as cute as you are in the fringe I liked your look better without it. But you can still rock any frock! 🙂


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