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I do Dig This!

Last week, I did a spot of modelling, for a lovely, small repro vintage company called Dig This Clothing.  While they do sell a selection of the usual suspects like Bettie Page, they also have a small range of their own designs – namely dresses and trousers. The 40s frocks are cute and practical – each comes with a buttoned belt and has a collar and cuffable sleeves, a skirt that brushes the knee and bags of style. Have a look!

The trousers are a good length, though the rise is slightly shorter than some other brands – good for shorter-bodied ladies. They were a bit too tight on me, hence the sitting down poses… kick started the diet I can tell you!

Perfect for autumn, I think. Do check Dig This out.

Oh, and by the way, don’t be alarmed if this blog changes soon. I have done something very, very silly, and potentially shot myself in the foot. The next few hours are nail-biting suspense while I find out whether I have indeed well and truly ballsed everything up. Stay tuned.

Fleur xx



In the third pic down (turquoise dress) you look like my nan did in the 40s! I hope I've worded my last sentence right because I've just told a gorgeous lady that she looks like my nan! You know what I mean right??? LOL!!

Fingers crossed you've maybe missed shooting yourself in the foot and just hit the ground instead!!!


Wow oh wow to that hat. Fabulous. Please tell me where it comes from.

Good luck with the hopefully not shooting self in foot thing. These things have a funny way of sorting themselves out in the end


OOoo pretty pretty dresses! I'm new to your blog, so i look forward to popping back often! I know I'm going to love it! YAY! 😀

Rosalind@ dewvintage.wordpress.com


i lovee these dotted dresses as much as these cute these sailor pants. I loooove them. I was looking for somethng like that but I didn't find anything smilar that I liked. Anyway beautiful blog !! 🙂


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