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Once upon a time, a week or so ago, two girls called Fleur and Bethan went to the seaside for tea, but they didn’t see very much. It was foggy, you… erm… see. Yeah.

So anyway, here are some things that the fog didn’t obscure.

The Blackbird Tea Rooms (and their loos) were lovely! 

The ghost pier was ghostly!

I wore: a vintage skirt
My Bali Elf bag…
Lots of bangles, including my Nike Fuelband…

…And a happy face!

Hope you’re having great weeks, one and all.

Fleur xx



Dear Fleur,
i am not a commentwriter, but i have to tell you this: without you bang you look SO adorable!
Many greetings from Germany, Oxana


Oh, but many parts of Brighton are so atmospheric in the fog! I went when it was boiling last Sat- it was TOO hot, crowded and the bins overflowing – you may have had a lucky break!


I was there once! But I never went to those tea rooms and didn´t look as stylish and I had a horrible cold… I sit here in Swedish Lapland and long for England. Must go next year!


It's probably a little "new" for you (you seem more 40s) but you should come to Southend and I'd happily take you to Bobby Jo's 50s diner. Especially as you said you like burgers in other posts!x


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