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The Chap vs The Goodwod Revival #1

This weekend saw the return of every vintage-lover’s Mecca, the grand, the glorious, the downright great Goodwood Revival. I was there reprising, for what will surely be the last time this year, the Chap Olympiad, that legendary celebration of non-sporting silliness. We performed three times each day, not leaving much time for looking around, but it was super fun anyway. And, as always, it’s a chance to get a nice frock out and marvel at the array of vintage and vintage-inspired outfits on display which, again as always, spanned the entire scale of sublime to ridiculous.

On the first day, Friday; Bethan and I visited the awesome old-timey Tescos, and I went and did a pose at the carousel – I can never resist the bright colours and twinkling lights, not to mention the fonts.

 The dogfighting Spitfire and Messerschmitt were a highlight!
Friday’s outfit: Jitterbuggin dress
Office shoes (last season)
Sadly, I didn’t see much racing, nor did I take pictures of any sexy motors for you car fans… on the wanders around I did manage to squeeze in, I didn’t take my camera! Some blogger I am. 
Tune in tomorrow for Saturday’s shenanigans and outfit. 

Fleur xx



Read about it in the paper, I'd love to go but it's just so far away for me. My friend adores carousels but I've never seen a real one in my life….such things don't exist where I come from….I used to long for a ride on one when I was a kid!


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