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The Chap vs The Goodwood Revival #2

I hope you’ve been on the edges of your proverbial seats waiting for this second instalment of my adventures at Goodwood Revival? No…? Oh well. Here it comes anyway!

On Saturday, I risked life and limb in my very own Chap Olympiad duathlon – Three Legged Trouser Limbo, in which Mr Marlowe and I weren’t a patch on champions Russell and Sarah with their Foxtrot tactic…

And Umbrella Jousting, in which I vanquished poor Marlowe with a flash of my leg…

Miss Minna also did a marvellously elegant Hop, Skip and G&T in her vintage uniform.

Watching the Best Dressed ladies and gents was a particular highlight! Great to see the lovely Nicola getting first prize in what was surely a very difficult field of competition!

The be-cardiganned chap won first in the men’s… I loved his effortless style.
I had my hair in a floral-festooned updo, due to the slight hairsaster that occurred the day before, thanks to the rain and wind. The weather was amazing however, and I instead acquired a lovely arm and dress-neckline-shaped tan! 
Vintage dress: eBay
Green shoes: Rocket Originals, ages back
40s repro bag: Greetz from Tiz on Etsy
Fakelite brooch: Acorn & Will
Assorted bangles
Amazing 1920s car: a gift (NOT REALLY)
And that is all for today! Hope you’re having a smashing one.

Fleur xx



There's so much eye-candy in this post! It's brilliant! I love your nails also, I was rocking a very similar mint just earlier in the week 🙂 x


Still think your hair looks fabulous, and the dress is gorgeous! Loved your outfit from the last post as well. You're always so glamorous.

I'm really hoping to come to this at some point, it looks like so much fun!

Love the car as well :-)would love a go in that…


I wish there were events like that in Canada! There are so many events in England and none that I've found here in Canada, so I have to enjoy them vicariously through blogs like yours. It always looks as though you and your friends have *such* a good time!! Oh, and I love your pink dress!! You look lovely, as usual.


I'm sorry but I really must complain about your lovely blog. So far, you have forced me to add at least £500 worth of items to various wishlists, including nkuku bowls and jugs and Miss L Fire shoes! This is totally unacceptable and just can't go on! All of this inspiration you're giving me is going to drive me bankrupt! 😉 Seriously though, your fantastic writing style, classic dress sense and exceptional eye for putting things together have made the last few days (which I have spent very poorly) bearable. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. It's fab!x


I didn't mean to make my last comment anonymous – I also hope the start doesn't offend as it was actually supposed to be amusing!x


I regret to inform you that since my last post, I have accidentally become the owner of both Miss L Fire shoes and Nkuku bowls. It would seem I've become very accident prone since finding your blog! 😉 x


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