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The Vintage Tea Party Year… party

Oh Angel Adoree. One of the most wonderful, talented, hardworking and generally awesome ladies I know. She’s beautiful and successful, with a brand-new and soon to be best-selling book out right now. What a cow.

The Vintage Tea Party Year is just fabulous in every way. From its gorgeous die-cut cover, illustrated to perfection by Adele Mildred, to its mouth-watering recipes and of course, its marvellous models. Yup… I’m in it!

I went to the party last week. It was a joy. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but suffice to say, as the title implies, it’s all you need to host any party throughout the year. Kids, weddings, hen and stag dos, street parties, Christmas and fireworks night, and, the best one of all, picnics.

Wonderful things greeted guests in every corner! 

I sampled all the food. It was all *Homer Simpson drooling noise* 

Well, would you look at that! Woman laughing with pie.

As well as wonderful things: creepy things.

And as for the main woman herself… she’s never anything less than a vision.

Nothing but vintage, darling! 

I was going to do a sneak peek into the book, but the spread above with me in it is your lot! Go and buy yourself a copy for a mere £12, give one to all your friends and then await your many invitations to the parties they will all be powerless to resist hosting. You know it makes sense!

Fleur xx



Thanks for this blog entry, I absolutely adore Angel …she's just amazing and I'm looking forward to have her new book soon- I almost cooked and made EVERYTHING from her first book and everytime I look into the book I feel sooooo inspired !


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Kieran Boyle

Vintage party! So cute! I am a lover of anything vintage, I am thinking of organizing one in combination with painting party. I've heard its the new stuff now a days.


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