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Eclectic, esoteric, eccentric!

Next weekend is one of the highlights of my year, and that’s no exaggeration. The Chap Ball, like many other festive occasions, comes but once a year, and passes by quickly in a blur of amazing dresses, heady cocktails and laughs. Two years ago, I was very sad and remarkably skinny (compared to now). But the evening of the Chap Ball still had me dancing and twirling the night away.

And on Saturday, it all happens again.

This is what I wore for the first every Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball – which was held to celebrate a remarkable Ten Years of The Chap.

Gorgeous gown by Able Grable, and the photo was taken by O’Malley (who I really must get back in touch with as he is awesome. If you’re reading this, Sean – shout!)
A long, flowing 1930s gown of emerald green satin, with a black train and ‘wings’ on the shoulders. So elegant (unlike my gin consumption that evening).
The following year was the year of the sad me. But I was smiling all night long.

Well, most of the night.

My full-length 1930s gown this year was emblazoned with white swallows and trimmed with rich black velvet (plus a velvet ribbon for a belt, which I added). I might be wearing it again this year, thanks to an eBay-saster.

Last year, I wore a dress of mine that’s very old and has since given up the ghost (the lining has shredded). Luckily, it’s not vintage. Here’s the dress…

And here’s the only picture of the night.

Balling in Bloomsbury with Jeni Yesterday

This year, the theme is all about eccentricity. As previous years, The Chap has got together with Bourne & Hollingsworth, the venue is the wonderful Art Deco Bloomsbury Ballroom, and the entertainment is made up of surrealist music hall acts, outlandish side shows, raucous live music and beautifully shaken cocktails. The Gonzo Dog-do Bar Band are headlining, but the other acts will include a real live flea circus, tap dancing ladies, one-armed jugglers and birdsong impersonators. 

Here’s the official line on dress code from Chap HQ. 

The dress code for this Night of a Thousand Waistcoats is: eccentric, eclectic, electric and esoteric. Anyone arriving in polyester will be politely asked to stand near a naked flame and handed some tweed.

Anyone else out there going? 
If not, and you’d like to, it’s on next Saturday, 1st December 2012 at the The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London WC1 from 8pm-2am.
Tickets are £20 from www.nightof1000waistcoats.com, and as there are some lovely young folks coming all the way from Australia to be there (OK, so they’re on a European tour) I do hope to see some familiar faces there! 

Fleur xx



OOo I can't make the ball this year but I can vouch that last year I had THE best time, and alas the only photos of me from the night are of me smiling demonically with teacups in my hands with my hair plastered to my head with sweat from the hours of dancing!

I do love that Able Grable gown…

Porcelina xx


I would soooo love to go to this! You look lovely in them all but that emerald dress is amazing on you, it's a hard colour to pull off but it looks fabulous on you. Very, very elegant.

Miss Doherty

We will be there in force (The Vintage News that is). Sorry to hear you were so sad a couple of years back – that year was the first one I went to, on my own I should add, but the event is so lovely I didn't feel out of place at all. It may have helped that I was given half a bottle of champagne and didn't stop dancing all night…

Looking forward to seeing you there Fleur, are the Maf girls running their telegram service again this year? x


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