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Countdown to Sleepmas

Oh hi! Is anyone still out there? There’s been a deafening silence from this blog for well over a week, so I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve tuned out. I’ve been so crazy with new work and handling social media stuff for lots of different people that I have neither interesting news, nor interesting photos to post.

I do have some slightly boring photos and general waffling though, so perhaps that’ll do?

I would like to say a big festive HELLO to my (probably) oldest readers, who are a group of ‘little old dears’ (their words) who live in a care home in St Louis. They write me lovely, lovely emails through the daughter of a sadly passed friend. I’ve had two so far, and both have delighted me beyond measure! They praise my blog (which they like to call a ‘bog’) and they admire my vintage look but they didn’t like my fringe/bangs when I cut it/them back in April. They wrote to me again just this week saying how glad they were that I’d grown it back out (although there’s a fair way to go!). Apparently when I am old and wrinkly like them (they wrote), then I’ll be allowed to have a nice thick fringe again. I love the fact that I can make the older generation so happy just by being me, more than I can say. So thank you, ladies and thank you Miss K who owns a laptop and writes what they say to me!

They sent me this picture of ‘holiday cheer’, which is pretty cheery, I must say.

I was going to film a video message, but I just haven’t had the time. Boo to me.

The ladies like to say that I manage to ‘infuse’ my modern outfits with a true vintage sensibility. I can conveniently illustrate this with some photos I took the other day to send to my casting agency. They had to be ‘smart’, but also show me as I am. This outfit is typical of what I wear almost every day at the moment, due to not being able to fit into my Heyday trousers (still! I wish I could say I’ve tried to lose this extra weight… but I haven’t).

The dress is Topshop, and the cardigan Freddies of Pinewood
Simple, comfy…not particularly disguising of the extra ‘curves’… who cares! 

I’ll post again before Christmas, hopefully with something festive and colourful to show you. I’m not really in the spirit yet as I haven’t even put my Christmas tree up (mostly because my fairylights have stopped working)… and I haven’t done most of my shopping either, argh!  As the title of the post suggests, I am actually looking forward to a week of sleep and naps and lie-ins more than anything else.

Are you ready for the big festive event?

Fleur xx



I love that you have such a sweet little fan club! That's so fun. I love this outfit. I could live in that every single day. And you're being completely silly about your "extra curves". You look absolutely wonderful!


St. Louis isn't really that far from my neck of the woods (about a 7-hour drive from Wichita). Old people are awesome. My great-grandma always talks about going to the senior center to exercise with "the old people." I asked her how old they were and she said, "They seem ancient, but I guess they're probably younger than I am."

Love your little cardi and I hope you're having a ball (haha, so punny) at Kensington Palace. I was there in October (just for a visit) and it was lovely.


Aw, what a cute story about your fans. Reminds me of my gran, who never hesitates to tell me when my haircut/color is good/better/best. Heh.

Have a lovely Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Fleur! Aren't you lucky to have such lovely ladies emailing you – they sound a treat. Your photos are lovely – you look so content. 🙂


That is so cute – a little fan club all your own. I love your outfit it looks so comfy and doesn't show any "extra curves". You look wonderful.

Merry Christmas!


It's a shame if your "extra curves" mean a good portion of your wardrobe doesn't fit, but I do think you look gorgeous as always. Good on the ladies fan club!


Happy Christmas Fleur, your looking lovely in the Topshop dress and natty cardigan (nowt wrong with a bit of extra flesh) – have a good break xxx


I love this outfit, it is similar to my office wear! I understand that the extra curves can be annoying when your clothes stop fitting…but hey you look great and sometimes we just have to love what we have in the moment! Happy Holidays to you!


I can't say the 'extra curves' are very noticeable (though maybe that's just because I've put on a bit myself and am still looking at you in comparison to me… or something!), but either way that's a fabulously chic outfit!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny


That's a lovely elegant outfit, shows off your graceful curves perfectly 🙂 Wishing you a very merry and well dressed christmas Fleur!


Your shoes are stunning! I'm still not quite sure of how to carry off lace up shoes with a dress/skirt but you've done it perfectly…where are the shoes from if you don't mind me asking?

Merry Christmas!

Miss B xoxo


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