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It’s all Balls

Don’t worry, this post is entirely safe for work, containing no anatomical balls whatsoever. Except, perhaps, for the nagging ache in the front part of your feet after twirling the night away. I’ve been invited to the Kensington Palace Midwinter Ball on Thursday night and it looks like an amazing night, so I wanted to share it with the world (of people who read my blog).

Kensington Palace has seen some sights in its long history. The Midwinter Ball seems to be trying to evoke the lavish court parties of the 18th Century, being held in the Orangerie (usually home to a rather delicious afternoon tea!) and featuring some amazing performers. A friend and fellow film extra actory type, the Irrepressible Edwin Flay will be doing escapology and death defying(ish) fire-hula hooping will be coming courtesy of Anna the Hulagan.

I’m most excited about taking an eerie tour of the Palace by night, apparently, you can hear 300 years of mysterious sights, unexplained happenings and strange stories as you are guided round the darkened rooms and echoing corridors… and listening to the amazing Trans Siberian March band playing klezmer/Balkan/ska/Latin mashups as is their wont.

It’s on at school-night friendly times of 7.30-11.30pm as well.  I’m going after a bit of festive ice-skating… so I may be hobbling from my various crash injuries. I have no idea what I’ll wear that is suitable for all those activities!

Have a look at the full write-up on Run Riot and details of tickets and suchlike (they’re £20), but let me know if you’re going!

While I wait for official photographs to emerge, here’s what I wore to the last ball I attended… the glorious Chap Magazine Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball…

Dress: vintage (1930s)
Coat: vintage (no idea!)
Shoes: Shelly’s

We all need more opportunities to wear gown and finery, don’t you think… pity you can’t wear a full-length dress ice-skating!

Fleur xx



Ooh the Midwinter Ball looks just divine! Can't wait to see more. Love your chap ball outfit too. I do indeed wish I had an excuse to wear a gown!


You look utterly divine in that vintage fur coat 🙂 Fabulous! What a feast for the senses the Midwinter Ball looks. Wow!


You look beautiful in that coat with the flower in your hair. I was just reading about the Midwinter ball yesterday, it's just my kind of thing, just wish we still lived in London and not hours away!

Chloe Schofield

Hello There,
I just found your beautiful blog and can't stop reading. Every thing is so pretty around here. I Became your newest follower and look forward to your future posts.
Lots of Love,
Chloe from Lobley Cottage blog.

Susann Akers

Hello just found you. How gorgeous is this blog ? I think you look beautiful. I think it is quite sad that unless you are going down a red carpet there are less and less events that we can really get dressed up for in a long gown. looking forward to reading a lot more



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