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Leopard and Lace(y)


And how are we on this chilly Monday? The temperature here has plummeted substantially over the last few days, and, as ever, I am not really prepared with much in the way of warm clothing. I still struggle slightly with opaque tights, even though I am not being quite so strict with my vintage look at the moment. I just find sheer nude stockings more aesthetically pleasing. It’s a problem. I’m dealing with it (by being cold).

Yesterday, I got dolled up and went to Polesden Lacey, on a mission for The King’s Ginger. They’re doing their annual Edwardian Christmas event, you see – perfect for my festive KGL post. But I took so very many photos that I thought I’d do a gratuitous outfit and photos-that-don’t-really-fit-the-brief post.

Et voila!

Little bits of Polesden Lacey’s furniture and Christmas decorations, just to give you a taste of what’s to come. And my outfit in more detail… first outing for my Able Grable Christmas frock! Burgundy velvet, how seasonal.

This coat was given to me by my neighbours, who stopped me one day and asked if
I would like it, as otherwise it would have been binned. Yes please! 
My mum gave me this bag for my birthday a few years ago.
1950s, gold leather, little furry leopard inserts, amazing.

I very sadly broke one of my original pair of these Gogo Philip earrings,
but I found another pair on eBay for £4. Hurrah!

Miss L Fire sheepskin booties from a couple of years ago… like granny slippers with heels! 

Please tune back in a day or so to find out what I got up to at Polesden Lacy.

Fleur xx


Jessica Cangiano

What a tremendously lovely cold weather look. That rich, elegant shade of burgundy is one of my favourite hues of all time, and I really have to mention how sublimely pretty it looks on you. This whole outfit is tops, dear gal.

♥ Jessica


I very nearly went to Polsden Lacey myself yesterday. I would not have looked as fine as you though – I would have been all wellies and massive wool coat 🙂 PL is one of my favourite NT places EVAH! 🙂


I actually said "oh wow!" when my browser opened to your divine outfit. You look stunning from head to toe. How lucky that your neighbors would give you such a lovely fur.


Dear Fleur, could you please tell me which Able Grable's model is that dress? I can't spot it in the shop. 😉


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