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Wedding belles

So, I lied. I didn’t make it back for another post before Christmas. And I’ve been pretty much abstaining from the internet since – occasional social media monitoring and stuff excepted. And I did take a nice dress to wear on Christmas day, but ironing fatigue combined with the fact I’d left my camera turned on in my bag and drained its battery completely meant that I didn’t bother to get dolled up this year. It was all about a pair of high waisted but very stretchy leggings, and a kitten face t-shirt. Thusly:

But I did get extremely gussied up this Saturday just gone, for I was invited to a wedding. The bride and groom were very old friends of my boyfriend, who was an usher for the occasion. I was honoured to have been invited for the whole shebang, and very lovely it was too. It was held in the most beautiful location in Yorkshire. Unfortunately, the weather was beyond atrocious, so no panoramic views could be taken of the outdoors. Bloody British rain.

So here are some outfits and assorted views of the afternoon and evening, all taken in the dry warmth of the indoors.

My lovely dress is a Bettie Page one, the Silver Roses, and came from Pinup Parade, my dear sponsor and friend. It got so many compliments!

The shoes are from Shellys, a sister company to Miss L Fire – I got them on sale earlier this year. The bag came from Dungaree Dolly, ages ago! I adore it.

First table! The privilege that comes with dating the usher. 
Sloe gin favours – an excellent idea! 
Cake tower.
Using nature to your advantage and budget – I approve of this too.
Shots of Jager – a traditional British celebration drink 😉

I wish you all a very happy new year – hope you’re up to something decadent and fun. I’ll catch you in 2013!

Fleur xx



I've been eyeing up that dress on Pinup Parade – although it looks so good on you that I don't think I could possibly! The name card idea at the wedding is so clever.


I can't remember which company it is, but one of the respectable companies which make digital cameres, do make a waterproof version of a reasonable quality camera for only about £100 or so.


You look absolutely smashing, of course! What a lovely wedding – I love the sloe gin favours and the leaf placecards. 🙂

Sharrie Williams

At first I thought it was your wedding and was impressed with what you wore as the Bride. But after reading I think you took unique pictures and looked super cute. I agree being on the computer everyday is exhausting and I think making me look expressionless….Happy New Year

Liz Tregenza

I love this dress! I actually have a vintage early 60s one that is incredibly similar to this (right down to the patterning on the brocade) I think I'll have to dig it out again now after seeing your pictures.

You look fab as always : )


Lady Vélo

You look absolutely stunning Fleur – LOVE the dress & those shoes.
The personal touches to the wedding look fantastic… I adore elements like that.

Happy New Year & looking forward to reading more (and hopefully seeing you again!) in 2013.

Lady V x


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