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31DOVER – Drinks delivery with Panache

Last week, I popped along to the launch
of a new booze-related venture – a website called 31DOVER. It sells
an array of wines, spirits and premixed cocktails, with the focus heavily on high
quality, personalised customer service. The site is ‘run’ by a
character called The Barman, who is a bit of a rogue (apparently),
but knows his stuff. That’s probably why he has that slightly smug
look… ON THE SITE, not on his real life counterpart!
The Barman’s biological form made some masterful martinis.
I took the wonderful Bethan as my date and we got
to sip the aforementioned dry martinis (as seen above) as well as 31DOVERs, a champagne cocktail with honey,
lemon and maraschino cherries. They were delicious!
These are among the brands that 31 Dover sell. I haven’t actually tried Crystal Head Vodka (as made by Dananananan Aykroyd), but I like the bottle a lot.
I unfortunately forgot about this event
when I packed my overnight bag the day before, so was in a
semi-casual pair of high-waisted jeans from American Apparel (nowhere
near as high-waisted as I like but good for work and everyday wear),
plus a jumper that came from Greetz from Tiz.

It’s lucky I tend to err on the side of dressy rather than letting my usual tendency towards vintageness slide when I am busy and having early starts. And that day, I had something of a stressful mornin, so the fact that I managed to win a bottle of booze at the party made everything better! We all had to choose one from a deck of 31DOVER cards, with the four aces winning a bottle. I picked out the first one, and you’ll never guess what kind of spirit I plumped for…

Thank you to the guys for having me and Bethan last week, and thanks for the lovely souvenir, which will be on my keyring forever more.

 If you’re looking for some advice on
drinks and cocktails, then 31 Dover seems to be a good place to go.
Check it (and its nicely designed Facebook app) out.

Fleur xx



Looks lovely!

I think you suit vintage-smart-casual especially well – you've just got the balance of 'put together' and 'relaxed' perfect.

Devika D

Wow! You've posted a lot this week. I'm falling behind and have lots of good stuff to read now.*wink* Can't wait to read this one. You look terrific, as always!


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