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For the love of Land Girls – Vintage Charity Knit

Hallooooo there!

A quickie as I am in tax return exile for today and probably tomorrow as well. But I have been meaning to post about this for a couple of weeks and here it finally is. A friend of mine, whom I’ve worked with a couple of times before, Susan Crawford, is a knitwear designer witha  passion for vintage. Here’s a sneak peek of me on a very cold beach in November wearing one of Susan’s creations. It’s for a project we worked on together, which I will fill you all in on at some point soon!

But a sneak peek is all you’re getting there, because that’s not what I am posting about today. Instead, I’m telling you about a knitting pattern she’s done that’s entirely for a very worthy cause.
The Wartime Farm Sleeveless Pullover Knitting Pattern has been created by Susan Crawford to raise funds for the Women’s Land Army Tribute Campaign, which is aiming to use said money to build a memorial to the Women’s  Land Army. 
Here’s some blurb:
This downloadable and printable PDF pattern contains instructions to knit your own sleeveless pullover as worn by Alex Langlands on the BBC Wartime Farm series. The pattern is provided in a wide range of  sizes to fit from 3 years of  age right through to 54 inch chest and can be knitted for both men and women. Detailed and clear instructions are provided in the pattern along with suggested yarns (needles and yarn need to be  purchased separately). This downloadable pattern costs £5.00, with £2.50 of that going direct to the WLA and payment can be made by debit or credit card, or Paypal. 
The pattern can be purchased from Susan’s website. Find out more about Susan and her wonderful patterns on her site too!

The lovely Gavin, husband, photographer, natty pullover modeller

My vintage blogger colleague and passionate Land Girl fan Charly, aka Landgirl 1980, is doing a lot to spread the word about this pattern, and it was she who asked me to post about it. It was my pleasure to help! Go and visit her blog, she’s an avid historian and it’s always full of interesting reads and vintage fashion for curvy ladies.

One last sneak peek of that forthcoming project… stay tuned for when I announce what it’s all about!

Fleur xx



A proper swim suit based on a vintage pattern is for sure one amazing piece to have in one's wardrobe. BUT photographing it in the cold water of the sea in November is just cruel and should be against the law. No, really, better timing surely could be found with a little good will. I sincerely hope you did not get sick after the photo shoot.


Oh yes, I have long loved Susan's work and pre-ordered this wonderful knitting pattern! I have two of her patterns on my knitting needles right now. In fact it was when Susan's first Stitch in Time book came out that I first recognized you. If I recall correct when I came across your blog shortly after I bought the book (a couple of years back or so) I wondered why you looked so familiar, and then was tickled when I made the connection!

(Admittedly I'm shivering a bit just looking at you in a swimsuit in November. lol)

Rochelle New

I need to get better at knitting, QUICK! I just got back from a WWII reenactment and did an American Land Girl impression. My Aunt does the British WLA and I have to admit, their uniforms are way cooler. Thanks for sharing the link! I'm on my way over to check it out now 🙂

Molly M.

Love this! I will definitely be sharing this with my knitting friends. I've only just learned so I think this is way out of my league, but I would totally make this for my husband and my son if I could.

Helen Le Caplain

I met Susan at the Knitting and Stitching show a couple of years ago – she was so lovely and signed my book – which is where my love of acessible vintage knitting patterns comes from.

Charity and vintage knitting? What's not to love.

Charly's blog is one I read regularly – she certainly knows a thing or two about the past (plus she wears fab clothes, case closed!)

Weren't you brave donning a vintage swimsuit in November?! 😮



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