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Vintage London: Valentines Bowling & Dating

This morning I got to play in a retro bowling alley for a last-minute modelling job.

It was before it had opened, so it was a bit strange. Especially the weird noises coming from behind the pins…

Spooky goings-on aside, the shoot was to help out a friend who goes by the name of Cliff Gloom, best known as one half of Feeling Gloomy – a favourite club night of mine which I haven’t been to in too long (since it moved to a Friday, in fact).

They are putting on a special 1950s Valentines-themed bowling and dating night in a week and a bit, and needed some promotional photos. I was only too pleased to oblige!

Bowl Me Over is on Monday February 11th from 7pm-11pm at the retro Rowan’s Ten Pin bowling alley in Finsbury Park and looks like it’ll be a must for any lovelorn singletons who are also into rock’n’roll or vintage (or both)!

These aren’t the official photos of course – they are ones I persuaded the nice photographer chap to take on my own camera. Look out for the real ones, which also star Cliff Gloom himself, in an events-listing publication near you soon.

And by the way, the dress I’m wearing is a new (vintage) one, and is to be the subject of a near-future post about my love of Vanish Oxi Action. An Ode to Oxi, if you will. Bet you can’t wait for that one, eh readers?

Fleur xx



Sounds exciting! And believe it or not I actually am looking forward to that post about Vanish Oxi Action…Really very much!

Jessica Cangiano

Delightfully fun photos! I've always wanted to chance upon a vintage bowling alley to do a shoot in, too. Our town has a bowling alley, but it's somewhat rundown and painfully 80s/early 90s inside (and out!). Fun in "reminds me of my childhood" kind of way, but not overly fitting for a 40s or 50s appropriate backdrop.

♥ Jessica

Devika D

You're so pretty! And the dress is fresh and attractive. I'll check out Vanish Oxy Action…:-) Have a beautiful week Fleur and fellow commenters!


my hands are still wet from hand washing a couple of 50s and 60s dresses … i really can't wait to hear about your experiences with vanish oxi action!!! for sure there are some stain-fights i lost in the future … 😉

Chris. G

Wow you look amazing, I think I have been to this bowling alley on a Lovestruck dating event. This would have been amazing to have a vintage evening at these classic bowling alleys.


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