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White (& red) out

London is currently blanketed by snow.
Partially crippled in fact, as the trains are all up the creek and the
roads are slippery, plus everyone gets to either go home early, or not come in at all depending on how far out of town you live, because once more the country cannot cope with a few inches of the
white stuff. It’s not like this happens every year or anything.
But snow has the delightful effect of
making grimy old London look pretty, and across the commons, heaths
and fields this weekend, people were outdoing each other to make
towering snow people. When the man and I made a pit-stop in wealthy
Clapham, south London (not one of my usual haunts, though my brother
does live in those parts), we saw some snowmen with better scarves
than ours, saw one woman carrying a small step-ladder away from an
eight-foot snowman, and passed a snow-burlesque-starlet by the side
of the road sporting fetching leaf pasties.
The light was fading as we snapped
these outfit pictures. It was a totally lazy Sunday ensemble, bright
but comfortable, warm but not too sloppy…
The jumper I’m wearing is knitted from
the famous V&A Victory jumper pattern. The trousers are from
Pinup Girl Clothing, and the merino wool scarf/snood (as opposed to a
hair snood) was a present from my mum. It’s not exactly vintage, but
it is warm and not entirely un-retro. I’ve got almost no makeup on,
but who needs loads of slap on a Sunday? My face is currently staging a protest against the weather and I have horrible dry/itchy/bumpy patches on either side of my nose… never happened before though, so I hope it goes away without medical intervention 🙁

These old faithful shoes are not the
most practical for snow, but aside from wellies, they’re about as
good as I have!

By the way, thanks for all your comments on my last blog! Things haven’t gone so smoothly in the last week, and I haven’t lost any more weight. I feel like my clothes are marginally less tight though, so we shall see at the end of the month. Those thighs will reduce (though I will admit that cherry-red isn’t the most flattering of colours)! More health-related musings will come tomorrow.

I hope everyone in snow-gripped countries is staying warm!

Fleur xx



great outfit! here in Germany it's the same…in my hometown no tram works and the busses need hours…ver slippery as well…be careful when you go out ! lots of greetings,anja


I love it when the snow hits London, so pretty. I don't get the panic buying and freaking out people in London do though… lo and behold our local Tesco coped perfectly well and was stocked all weekend. No need to panic.


Love the snood!

I'm having major dry skin issues also, never been this bad. I have tried out 4 or 5 different moisturisers over the last few months and none of them have even touched it! I am finally giving in and will be trying a facial oil under a moisturiser, which my research tells me is the only thing I can try next. Full report to follow!

The weather doesn't help being healthy. Yesterday I ate half a chocolate orange, and I haven't been able to get out for a run as it's so icy and treacherous. We did climb a small Welsh mountain but I couldn't even make it to the top as I kept falling over. Hence me stopping on a rock to eat the chocolate!!

I'm not going to measure/weigh again until a month has passed. We can do it!


Hope you don't mind my chipping in here. Have you tried Burt's Bees? I had a dreadful break out a while ago after using some moisturiser that didn't agree with me, my skin was bone dry and flaking in patches all round my chin and mouth area. I'd been given a sample set of BB and there was a serum in it, tried it and it cleared up very, very quickly, thought it was amazing stuff.


Thank you Lolly for the suggestion! I'm afraid I don't like the fragrance in Burt's Bees stuff, but thanks for suggesting a serum – I've actually just bought a Trilogy facial oil that applies like a serum and it's AMAZING and I hope will clear up this dry flaky business in no time – I will have to do a blog post when I've properly tested it.

Autumn Rasmussen

I met a couple of girls from London who said the same- that everything comes to a halt with only a few inches of snow.
That is so amusing to me! I live in midwest America, and business here goes on like usual, unless the roads are iced over. Otherwise, people just barrel through a foot of snow in their pick-up trucks, and the buses keep running once the streets are plowed. It's quite sterotypical and mid-westerners are "proud" of it.
It is fun to hear what someone else's "normal" is.


Keep at it! It's a slower diet than a lot of them – I've read a lot of comments that suggest 6-8 weeks is when you really start to see the difference. I keep wavering in my resolution, but I keep telling myself that it's only a couple of days a week, and surely I can manage that… Bit hard today, with all the snowy weather, though.

Sounds like you need a heavy duty moisturiser. I use Boots No 7 – the pink one, can't remember what they're currently calling it – and the night cream is great on my fearsomely dry skin. Skins are all so different, though, you might need to try a load to find the one for you. Good luck with it!

Jenny Olofsson

It´s an lovely outfit, but don´t you get cold?

Then I´m wondering about something. I´m from Sweden and recently they aired a British tv-series called Bletchley Circle. And I thought I saw a glimpse of you in that series, on photo? could that have been you or did I see someone else?

beate grigutsch

try "rescue cream" bach flower remedies, its a uk. brand. i use this for years, for winterskin, sunburn, little bumps/scratches/bits etc. . it work really wonders. when apply it it can burn like hell for 1-2min., but the next day you wondering where the red spot is gone.
i like you sunday outfit. beautiful red! but you really need same better shoes for this weather…..


Ooh, thank you – will try it.

And yeah, I know… but every year I say the same, but then the snow melts after a few days and I don't think about it till next year… 😉


We don't have any, please send it up our way! I do like a bit of snow. I always think it's embarrassing the way the media carries on, anyone living where they get it feet deep for months on end must think we're a joke.

Women Fashion Clothing

I hate winter, ugh. I just find wearing a dress in wintertime not worth the pain of beign cold all the time since i'm always cold. 🙂
But this outfit is really gorgeous and looks so warm…..


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