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First signs of spring

Last Friday I managed to find time to take a few hours off and go for a walk with my mum at Wisley Gardens, somewhere I used to go a lot but I have been so blooming busy (not complaining!) that I haven’t for ages.

There, I met a duck…

…but the best thing about going this time of year, is seeing the very first spring flowers starting to take over the beds and rockeries.

I did some posing as well, of course.

Outfit: Skirt – Bettie Page Clothing from Pinup Parade
Black cardigan – Freddies of Pinewood
Sheared sheepskin vintage coat – East End Thrift Store jumble sale (£10!)
Boots – Office
Bag – gift from Dungaree Dolly
On a side note, today is Pancake Day! I’m heading over to the brand-spankiest new bar and creperie in Shoreditch, Shutterbug, to eat Red Velvet crepes with mascarpone and to possibly partake in a pancake race with my pals at Run Dem Crew. What are you up to?

Fleur xx


Erin Gross

Lovely pics 🙂 I wish we would see some signs of spring over here in Canada. Nothing blooming except my urge to stash away the winter boots! E.


It always feels so nice when the Spring flowers start popping their little heads through the earth to greet us. I love that you took time out to enjoy it.

Jessica Cangiano

How marvelously lovely that spring has graced your corner of the world again already. Gorgeous outfit – that fan print skirt is really terrific and just the right dose of gaiety to help banish winter even further away! 🙂

♥ Jessica


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