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Vintage London: Sprizzato seduction classes

I just typed that title out and then immediately worried it might imply that this was a blog about fetishes or swinging or something. But I’m going with it anyway!

I’m currently working on an event with a new drinks brand that some of you may have seen me tweeting about on that there Twitter. It’s a company called Sprizzato (new site is underway as I write) and the drink is a bitter-orange aperitivo spirit flavoured with herbs and rhubarb extract, the type traditionally drunk before a meal to kick-start the appetite. Usually it’s mixed with some prosecco, though historically it’s cheap nasty prosecco – the bitter orange tends to disguise it a bit. The recipe dates from around 1919 in Padua, and the bottle reflects the origins with a snazzy Art Deco lady adorning it…

We’re putting on a London dating event on 13th March that aims to help lovelorn single folks discover their inner Italian don or diva. There will be free Sprizzato cocktails, Italian nibbles and, more importantly, a talk from renowned dating coach and seduction specialist Johnny Cassell. Johnny will try to instil some of that unbelievable Italian confidence in the chaps present – everything from smooth moves and smart suits, to romantic meals and sheer brazen forwardness.

Yours truly will then impart some hints and tips on channeling the bombshell screen sirens of the past, like make-up and hair techniques and coquettish flirtatious moves, turning unconfident ladies into sought-after signoras, able to bewitch the object of their affections.

You may or may not meet an eligible singleton of the opposite sex, but if you don’t you will definitely pick up some tips to make your next attempt much easier!

We’re holding at at glamorous London bar Central & Co, which is worth a visit either way as the downstairs, where we’re doing this shindig, is a secret spirits bar. Everything they use is decanted into an unmarked bottle, with drinks selected on flavour preference rather than label. They make a mean cocktail, and even invented a special Flippato cocktail for our last event there…

The launch event is absolutely freeeee, so if you would like to come along and see what it’s all about and sample some Sprizzato, then drop me an email on my special event address fleur@kapranos-pr.com.

If you can’t make it to the event but would like to try the drink yourself, then I’m giving a bottle away as well. I’m using this snazzy Rafflecopter app that I saw on RetroChick, so thanks for that, Gemma!

You can enter to win a bottle in two ways – by following Sprizzato on Twitter, or by liking on Facebook – but do it through the below widget in order for it to register. I run both of the accounts and promise I share lots of awesome vintage photos as well as a bit of marketing! Plus info on all the fun events we’ll be doing in the summer.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Edit: Just added an option to tweet about the giveaway for an extra entry.

Winner will be announced in one week, though once again, sorry Rest Of World, due to alcohol laws we can’t send it aboard so it’s UK only. We could possibly arrange to get something sent out from the factory in Italy though… Over 18s only too, obviously.

Look forward to hearing from you potential attendees by email and you booze hounds on social media.

Fleur xx

PS. For an event of a different kind of vintage (90s to be precise, ooOOooh, controversial!), check out this Empire Records film and foodie night put on by two friends at The Garrison SE1. I badly wish I could go, but I have another work event that night, rats.



Ooh I so wish I could go to the Empire Records night… it's a way from Scotland to London for the night though! Likewise to most of the events you post here Fleur.
Oh well I'll just have to stick to reading about it and enjoying it vicariously! x


Drink sounds lovely. Can't get onto the website from my iPad as I can't see the year to fill in my full date of birth! Just and FYI you could maybe pass on?
Hope event goes well.

Roxie Roulette

Sounds like a very exciting event – I only wish I could go! I started the day with an Aperol Spritzer the other day, I imagine Sprizzato is very similar mmm


That's weird – I've had other emails through today! But no worries – you're on the list. Is your plus one a lady too?


Oh i'm sorry, I don't live in the UK. I did live in Italy for awhile though and just recently moved back. Darn! I really wanted to try this as am getting my PhD in Italian Studies and am an avid lindy hopper and classic cocktail enthusiast. I guess you can cancel my name from the entries :(.

Thanks for the post anyway! Hope it comes to the US soon!

Kelly K.

Is it just me, or is your usually delightful blog becoming one ginormous, unending advertisement? More lovely stories about vintage deliciousness, please, without all of the commercials?


It's just you. I have always promoted vintage events I am working on personally since I want them to be a success. The only paid posts on here are clearly marked as so and are pretty rare and I got neither a penny nor a piece of free stuff from either of my recent Valentine's giveaways – they were just for readers. I write up the events I get invited to because they're an opportunity for an outfit post – that's how blogging works. I've looked back over the last year of my blog, and it's all the same, I've just been posting more often lately! It really depends on what you consider 'advertising' and what you consider 'vintage deliciousness', which, I suspect, is purely subjective as I would never dream of posting something that wasn't appropriate and to me everything contains 'vintage deliciousness'.

You cannot win 'em all!

Featherstone Vintage

Catherine is right, the bottle would look absolutely stunning in a vintage liquor cabinet. Is there any possibility that it is available in Canada? I would love to try it!


It'll soon be available in a chain of shops in Canada! I think only in French Canada though, called SAQ?! That probably isn't all that helpful and I am sorry x


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