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Vintage Valentine Giveaway #2 – the winner!

Well, an astonishing 591 of you entered my competition with What Katie Did, and I now have the very great pleasure of announcing a winner. Picked at random by Katie (not sure whether it was electronically or with an old fashioned eyes closed/pencil method, but I assure you it was random), the prize goes to…

Lorraine Thornhill!

Who I believe, from her email address, is also known as Lainie. I will email you now, but well done and I hope you enjoy your prize, which will be sent out next day delivery! Not sure what you picked, but I know it will be amazing!

Thank you everyone who took part, and I will have more prizes to give away soon.

PS. Look at gorgeous Sophie St Villier in a piece from the forthcoming SS’13 range… how lovely is the red/white? I will be posting some pictures showing more new stuff from a fashion show very soon!

Fleur xx


Lainie Thornhill

OMG's, thankyou so much, I'm shaking I'm so excited, thankyou so so much, you just made a bad couple of weeks so worth it, Thankyou x x x

Panty Buns

There's nothing quite like really lovely red lingerie for Valentine's Day. I didn't have a partner or see anyone, but I wore the red lingerie I reviewed in my last post on Valentine's Day anyway. I had bought it as a Valentine's Day present to myself. What Katie Did carries lovely lingerie. I love the corsetry, high waisted knickers and suspender belts they carry. I love the retro look in lingerie and plan on doing a post featuring briefs from Dollhouse Bettie sometime in the coming month or two.


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