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Vintage Valentines Giveaway #2

Following on from my Valentines Giveaway #1, the winner of which shall be announced later today, the brand I’ve partnered up with for my second Valentines giveaway hardly needs much introduction. They are a bastion of the vintage scene, providing the foundations for pinup bombshells’ and 40s re-enactors’ outfits – literally – for well over a decade now. I’ve worked with them on and off for years too – writing copy for the website with little bits of modelling here and there. It was a good while back now, but one of my favourite photoshoots ever was the one I did for them when they started to carry Besame Cosmetics.

They are, of course, the one and only What Katie Did!

oh look, a gratuitous shot of me! 

They’ve granted one of you lovely lot to win a set of What Katie Did Cabaret lingerie, which had a makeover a couple of seasons ago. The line is a decadent mix of satin and sheer fabrics, with Art Deco motifs and accent stitching. I personally love it. A lot. One lucky winner with choose from a Cabaret Bra (Bullet or non Bullet), Suspender and Knicker set OR a Cabaret Torsolette and matching knickers.

Will you choose the Cabaret bra, suspenders and knickers in black?
Perhaps the same set in peach?
Or substitute a circle-stitched bullet bra? Indistinguishable from originals!
Maybe you’d prefer a torsolette and knickers is more your thing? 

It’s up to you whether you prefer a trio of undies you could wear every day or a piece of amazing shapewear for special occasions. WKD are even throwing in a pair of Retro Seamed Stockings in nude or black to complete your saucy Valentine’s Eve look.

For this lovely lingerie giveaway, you don’t need to submit any snaps of yourself in your undies (though the last one was SO much fun)! All you need to do is hop on over to the What Katie Did competition page and fill out your details into the form. Don’t worry – you can opt out of receiving future mailings, though they are an excellent way to find out about the latest WKD sales and other competitions.

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world and will close on Tuesday 12th February.
Please feel free to leave a comment below, or follow and tweet us if you’re entering! @WhatKatieDidUK and @FleurDeGuerre – use the hashtag #WKDCabaretComp!
Good luck, you sexy Valentines minxes you.

Fleur xx

PS. Don’t forget the winner of my Bettie Blue’s Loungerie giveaway will be announced shortly!


Mrs D.

I love What Katie Did, everything is so beautiful, I just wish they did larger sizes πŸ™ Or actually, I wish slimming world would work a little faster!
Will you be doing any more giveaways that us rounder ladies can enjoy?!
Love your blog πŸ™‚ xx



Oh, I'm sorry Mrs D. I definitely will be doing more giveaways, will aim to make sure that curvy girls can be included next time.


Don't let that stop you! Everything will be restocked, you might just have to wait a bit longer if you win πŸ™‚


You spoil us rotten! Thank you πŸ™‚ WKD has somewhat fascinated me since I discovered them, because they were the first brand that I saw that still made bullet bras (excuse my previous ignorance!). I'm still debating internally if I'll ever get one… The idea of pointy boobs scares me slightly, haha.

Mid Century Pink

I absolutely LOVE What Katie Did! I haven't had a chance to order anything yet but I'm definitely going to soon! Thanks for letting us know of the giveaway!!! LOVE your blog by the way. It was the first "vintage girl" blog I ever found a year ago. Now I have my own blog! YAY! Thanks for being an inspiration!!

Emileigh Mimi

I just entered! I LOVE their stuff but haven't been able to afford any on my university budget, but maybe now's my chance! Their items are SOOOOOO lovely! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


I loveeee WKD I've got two of their bullet bras but surely I won't resist another one and with the matching knickers and suspender.. to die for!! Thanks for the chance!!



Ohhh lovely. Just entered!
Aiming for the bra and knickers. Really want a torsolett, but doesn't like that it hasn't got straps (I'm afraid my boobs will fall out..). πŸ˜‰ and at the same time my hips are another size than my upper body so Im not sure if it will fit. Anyway! lovely giveaway!


Kristel Klear

Love WKD lingerie! Thanks for the giveaway, I entered right away. My Mister still is not exactly getting my addiction for vintage (inspired) dressing, but this torsolette may win him over once and for all.
Have a great ValentineΒ΄s day.
Groetjes from the Netherlands


Ah, I've been lusting after the Cabaret torsolette for such a very long time! You do spoil us so.
One question though, you've said the competition closes on Sunday 10th, however on the WKD site it says the Tuesday 12th?


Miscommunication there as that's when I said I'd close it – probably best I err on the side of longer though, so i'll change mine!


How do I actually enter? I followed the link, but I can't figure it out! Am i just being a total bimbo?

Vicky Bailar

Oh well, I will be lonely on valentines day, but how ever,
Who needs a man when you have this stunning lingerie πŸ˜‰
Have a Nice time πŸ™‚


Such pretty undergarments πŸ™‚ I entered! *yipeee* I'm truly enjoying following your blog Fleur ~ what a pretty name! How fun to find another long limbed vintage loving gal! Have a great week. Beeda, USA


Such an exciting giveaway! I just finished my blog's one year anniversary giveaway & was so excited for all the winners. Now this is my chance to maybe win something fabulous. Thank you!


I should love to win this. I have a wonderful partner who bought me my first ever 'what Katie did' item as a xmas present. A beautiful red lippy. How wonderful it would be to have some sexy undies to work with that lippy πŸ˜‰

Samantha J. Bird

Oh no, I forgot to put my stocking size in, will I be disqualified? Can I email it or something? I feel slightly hysterical because how could I forget that?? Ohh bugger.

Julia Metz

I just entered in time. Such a great competition…I have been lusting after the Cabaret Torsolette for a while now….*fingers crossed* xoxo


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