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Mussel Up

London is a smorgasbord of pop-up food ventures at the moment. I’ve been to a few, but my favourite so far has been Mussel Men. I heard about them ages ago, then got contacted by them out of the blue for something business-related. I’ve been trying to get down to actually sample the shellfish delights myself and tonight, finally, the planets aligned.

Thanks to my computer acting up, I have 2.5 seconds to write this post. So the pictures will have to do. GO.

Just make sure you try the Prawn on the Lawn Scotch Egg, the oysters, the delicious fat Shetland mussels, the AMAZING chips and the waffle. Oh, and the Sprizzato spritz. So, everything, basically.

Oh, and make sure you play Thumb Wars with Cap’n Bob. I lost, even with long fake nails.
Mussel Men are at Brew For Two in Hackney in east London all weekend – perfect Easter treat. Thank you for having me, Robin!

Fleur xx



That scotch egg looks incredible!!! Wish I could venture into London more frequently!
Jo 🙂


I love mussels, and cockles. We used to pick our own at home, plenty of places to go for them, I do miss that. My husband loathes seafood, it gives him the horrors! I grew up eating it so can't get enough of it.


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