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New video tutorial! 1940s Eyebrows

So! I often get requests for new video tutorials, but I do find them hard work to film as it invariably goes like this. Film it, realise I’ve ballsed something up, refilm it again, refilm another bit, cobble the good bits from the 3 takes together, faff about with transitions and music…you get the picture. So imagine my delight when I was asked by the mighty Superdrug to film two beauty videos for their Look At Me blog/magazine  – one makeup and one hair – thus removing any excuses or procrastination from the equation!

The first of the two videos I did is up on Look At Me today and it’s all about how to get perfect vintage eyebrows that look like you’ve waltzed straight out of the 1940s. Well, kind of… it’s really just how *I* do them.

Have a look (at my weird, smug expression on the still… why must you do this to me, Vimeo)!

How To: Vintage Eyebrows from The River Group on Vimeo.

 Do pop over and have a look at the entry on Look At Me as well, and let me know below if you’ve enjoyed it!

Fleur xx



Fabulous! I get my brows waxed at the Benefit bar, and like the shape they give me, but they always colour them in too much and they look really weird. Having watched your tutorial, it has struck me – as well as making them too dark, they give them a blunt start! I shall be getting busy with the eyebrow pencil when I get home today. I find my brows on their own aren't bold enough, from the Benefit bar far too bold, I think following your advice, they will be just right! Thanks!

Molly M.

Love it! Very helpful video. I'm going in for an eyebrow wax in a couple weeks and I intend to share this with my aesthetician so we can get the right shape. I'll also be on the look out for the right kind of eyebrow pencil. I know the one I have now is too dark!

Thanks for the wonderful video. Looking forward to the next one.

Sean MacKenzie

I do love your vintage make-up look. My eyebrows are incredibly thin…ugh! I too have to fill them in and use a revlon brow enhancer, which is similar to this without the brush. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks!

The Fictionista


I enjoyed this and picked up some tips. I seem to be eyebrow obsessed at the moment, mine feel like they have faded and I bought a Rimmel eyebrow pencil the other day!


Feeling inspired to do something with my eyebrows now! By the way, I am loving that nail colour – care to share?!


I just wish I had eyebrows! They used to be very thick but now they've thinned and are patchy and I'm quite self conscious about it. I wear specs and have a fringe so it's not as obvious as it might be, but I am all too aware of it.
Yours look great.


Very good timing – I needed a new eyebrow pencil and was really pissed off that my not-cheap MAC one only lasted 3 months!


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