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Snow Joke

England in March… spring flowers and lighter layers, you might think. Wrong!

Welcome to England in March!

I woke up at my parents; place out in the country today, ready to do my latest King’s Ginger piece. And this is what we found!

Dress: Heyday Fleur
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: Primarni

I’ve been trying to wear some more spring-like clothing, due to my wistful wishing it would be summer soon. And I did expect it to be a little nippy. But not like this. A cotton frock was not the right choice. Neither were very thin little black pumps.

Luckily, I also had a scarf, gloves and a warm sheepskin jacket…

I won’t lie, I was still freezing. Especially in the foot area.

Back soon with something more substantial!

Fleur xx



You look so pretty, but I really think it was freezing! You were brave.. I hope you didn't catch a cold (I know I would!). I am eager to wear my flats and pumps again, but it's still not the right weather for it I think, even in Italy we got snow just a couple of weeks ago, and it's still too cold and rainy and humid for anything else than boots. I love your outfit though! The dress is so retro and lovely and those polka dots nude tights are soooooo pretty!!


Oh but at least you looked absolutely glorious, and we can't tell you're freezing your buns (and toes) off! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dressed to the Nines

I've been looking forward to the warmer weather too and was most disappointed to see that it was snowing this morning ๐Ÿ™ It was torture walking between classes today!


Very pretty though, but not spring. There's no snow here in Gothenburg, after it rained away a month ago it has been mostly sunny, though cold, it was -15 this morning. I admire you for having the energy to shave your legs in winter, I wear wool tights or stockings that nothing can be seen through ๐Ÿ˜‰

Caramel Latte Kiss

Wow, you had loads of snow! We had a few flakes coming down here, but hardly anything. This is total madness for March. You look gorgeous though; you pull off freezing so well.

Jessica Cangiano

Such an exquisitely lovely ensemble! Being of Canadian stock, snow in March (and April, and May…and a few times even in June when I lived in Calgary, Alberta) is something that I'm quite accustomed to, but familiarity doesn't make it any more pleasant to deal with when all one wants is for spring, glorious spring, to return.

Fingers crossed it does just that for you soon.

โ™ฅ Jessica


I would NOT have got out of that warm coat… you're very dedicated braving that snow.

It is silly cold for March. I don't know what to wear at the moment- I'm in a coat and scarf most of the time.


I have to say, you do look rather fetching in red and black. And I'm in love with your stockings, always had a thing for the spotted ones.
It's what we call the lambing snow up here, not that we've seen any, just the merest shake of sugar dust, none all winter. Much to my disgust….I love snow!


That's weird!! I don't know – its in my email inbox but not on here…blogger sometimes loses things. I definitely didn't delete it – promise!!

shivangi sharma

Hey !!

I recently came across your blog and found it a pleasure to read! Heads off to you for standing for few minutes in cold. Looking very pretty.

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The outrageous cost of heating coupled with a longer, cold Winter this year has most of us wringing our hands. Despite the odd warm, dry day its still too early to put away the woolies. By the way, kudos for braving the frosty temps to model for us. That dress is gorgeous.

Ali x


Rubbish weather but stunning photos! Those are some of the most dramatic and beautiful pictures of you I've ever seen!


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