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Something for the weekend, sir?

Call me naive, but I just found out yesterday what that well-known phrase actually means. It’s been the title of a weekend TV programme for years, but it apparently used to be something that barbers would say to their clients following a haircut or shave, whilst offering them a condom! The practice of handing out French letters with a nudge and a wink might have died off but classic barber shops definitely seem to be making a comeback. I don’t often post things that appeal to chaps on here, so as it’s Friday, here’s something a little different!

I was in Sharps Barbers (in their Islington/Ben Sherman branch) the other day on a work-related mission, and while there I took some snaps of the owner Rory getting a cutthroat shave. It’s a lovely small shop, full of vintage bits and plenty of modern but all with a classic twist (they are currently fitting out a big new venue in Fitzrovia too, which will be brilliant for men and women to visit). The fact that Time Out recently did a rundown of London’s best barbershops is a strong indication of the rise in popularity in male grooming with a classic bent, and of course my beloved Chap Magazine goes from strength to strength (even if I can’t seem to get anything published in there at the moment!).

I’m interested to know how many men I have reading my blog! So pipe up chaps… have you ever had a cutthroat shave and if not, would you?

Fleur xx



I have never had a cutthroat shave but my grandfather never shaved himself. He always went to the barbershop. In fact he keep a shaving mug, brush and razor there for his shaves.


Never had one, but would like to try it sometime. Problem is, at the local barbershop it's $20 for the shave, and I haven't been able to justify spending that on something I do myself anyway.


I haven't had a cutthroat shave either but I would love to try it. I switched to shaving with safety razors a while ago and love that. Still I'm not sure that I would be able to do it on my own, at least not safely!


I do safety razors as well. I hope to graduate to a cutthroat someday but I don't trust my hands that much yet!

Miss Marie

At last years Chap Olympiad, my friends and I were sat at a table intriguingly close to the barbers set up there (can't remember who they were, but you might be able to enlighten us!). It was fascinating watching the process of the cut-throat shave – it seemed to go on forever and be a real ritual. Seemed like it would be rather relaxing and indulgent, with all the hot towels, etc!


Love proper mens grooming – I was always trying to get my college boyfriend to go for a cut-throat as he used to reel at the thought of having to get out the razors.. often resulting in a 'hobo-esque' look instead.. How did you find out what that phrase meant?! Always thought it was something a bit cheeky – didn't know it was that though! 🙂 Loved reading this! x x



I tend to use a double edge safety razor and erasmus stick though have used an open razor on myself. It is not very easy to shave ones-self using an open razor much better to get the barber to do it, as such a hot towel shave is one of life's simple pleasures.


Been following you for nearly two years now, I first came across your Victory Rolls tutorial during prep for my wife's Swing Dancing birhtday bash, and I've been hooked ever since. I've had a cutthroat shave twice, at a place here in the USA called The Art of Shaving. It is a wonderful experience, although quite nerve wracking the first time! And if done properly, the shave lasts far longer than a standard safety razor shave. Not sure how they get that close, I probably don't want to know. I highly recommend it.

Living Vintage

My husband is a barber and owns his own shop. He has been offering straight razor shaves ( I can only guess that is what you mean when you say cut throat shave) since he bought his own shop. Many barber shops do not offer this service he is one of few but some trendy places have opened that offer them for more money than he charges. He is $20 for a shave while a hair cut is $15. While it is a luxury is does take more of his chair time which is why I think lots of barbers no longer practice the service and why other places are charging $35 by appointment only. It is nice to be pampered guys I think you should all support your local barbers and get a straight razor shave.

Bruce Partington-Plans

I've never had a full cut-throat shave, although I would like to try it one day (I wouldn't trust myself to do it, though!). I have had the old open razor used on my sideburns and back of the neck when my barber is finishing up, so I can imagine what the effect must be like from a full shave.

I do sometimes go to a traditional Turkish barbers where they use a burning taper to get rid of small hairs around the ears – that's quite an experience!


Hahahaha, sorry, that made me laugh! But I really shouldn't, the amount of times I have said, but what is that/what does that mean? only for my husband to reply to the effect that if I didn't know then he certainly wasn't about to explain it to me!
I have to say, I always shudder at the sight of a cut throat, were I a man I wouldn't dare, I'd have to get a professional to do it.

Joe Wells

I have never had a cut throat shave but I must say it looks as if the whole experience could be quite a relaxing affair I must pluck up the courage and give it a go sometime. It's obviously age related as to whether you have heard the expression 'something for the weekend, sir' as I was well aware of the expression and have fond memories of having my hair cut as a schoolboy and hearing the question discreetly asked of the older male clients as they were about to depart. This for me was in the early sixties when condoms were not so readily available and would lead to gentlemen having to hang around in chemists shops making several purchases of razor blades or soap from the female assistant whilst waiting for a male assistant to serve then. How much more discreet the option of a purchase from the barber, it may also explain why we all had much shorter hair in those days.


I forgot to say that I used to go to a barber called "something for the weekend,sir?" in Hastings, now sadly gone. I often wondered how many people got it 🙂


I took my husband to Trumpers for his birthday, and it was all so lovely it almost had me wishing I could be a man for the day! I love The Chap too, but I think the best issue ever was the one that had The Chapette in it, and I really miss your writing, and that feature. I have emailed in a couple of times begging for the return of The Chapette, but to no avail so far…


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