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Wherefore art thou, spring?

I have so, so much to write up but life is kind of getting in the way at the moment. If you’re reading this and I owe you a post – never fear, I shall get to it soon. I just want to have a quick moan about the weather. I am English, after all.

Side note: I do realise that ‘wherefore’ actually means ‘why’, but it seems appropriate anyway. Because this isn’t like any spring I recognise! Man alive, it is nippy.

Two years ago next week, I was doing this.

The VM ladies and I were on a (somewhat staged) picnic in Victoria Park, because a French journalist was following me about for a story in Le Figaro, and he wanted some awesome pictures of the things I get up to for fun. Picnics are definitely something I indulge in (if that could even be the right term) in the summer, and the weather that day was glorious – warm enough for cotton dresses and no stockings.

I am so sad that this week, I am in vests, my sheepskin coat, scarf and a hat… I would have gloves but I left them at home, and my fingers may fall off from frostbite. People have died of exposure, snowdrifts have cut power in the North, my parents got snowed in AGAIN. I know other countries are also suffering, it’s not just us. And there’s literally nothing anyone can do. Nonetheless… WAH!

This photo amuses me a lot because I look like I’m walking in EXACTLY the same way my late grandmother walked… plus I’m dressed like her too. Must walk a little more elegantly though, channeling catwalk models should be where it’s at.

They also snapped me at a shoot for Heyday’s then-latest Fleur dress, which is on sale at the moment at a ridiculously low price (this wasn’t an excuse to write about that but it’s worth mentioning). Lovely Gordon Ayres was the photographer – he likes to pose his models!

The following weekend, we even went punting.

Anyway, this was a bit of an excuse to post these pictures again since Flickr ate them (stupid iPhoto) so my original post about it just has broken links. But mainly, I just wanted to reminisce about how nice it was back then. Hurry up summer. Please.

Fleur xx



I can't wait for the weather to change either! I'm in Maine and this time last year I was running around in dresses and cardigans. Now I'm lucky if I can wear a lightweight coat outside without freezing. Also, I love the photos of you modeling. Behind the scenes shots are so interesting!


Sigh, I'm so fed up as well. But then you see the news about power cuts and farmers struggling to save their livestock, makes you grateful. You never know we might get an Indian Summer, hahah.

Amy, xo


Oh yes, PLEASE bring on spring! I just took photos and had to wear a wool coat, scarf, hat, long underwear, and my hands were freezing as I wasn't wearing gloves. I'm ready for a break, too! πŸ˜€


It seams like "eternal snow" (look, I've managed to make it sound like a perfume!)
..here's an idea: maybe you should write about makeup: something in the area of.. eyeliner and how you achieve the wicket-WINGED look, ever so famous, no?
(Just a thought) (^.^)


Same here in Germany, bah! Weather forecast prophesies snow for the Easter weekend πŸ™ Hurry up, spring – we wanna wear our cotton frocks!!!


Those photos are so beautiful, but I must admit I'm more concerned about the state of the weather! I'm visiting London in a month and I'm hoping I won't have to pack too many woolly jumpers! πŸ˜› x

Sweet Auburn Life

Great pics! Love the one on the water. I'm Irish and moaning about the weather! This week last year, it was 20 degrees, today it was 2 degrees with flurries of snow! Where DID Spring go?


I can not wait to wear pretty dresses without tights and layers. Where I live it snowed last friday and now the forecast says we will have a high of 18 this week, that's our summer basically. BUT then again I live in Vancouver/Raincouver and the weather never actually behaves. Heres to hoping. πŸ™‚

Joe Wells

I absolutely hate loathe and detest this freezing weather, I am a complete whimp and proud to admit it. There are those amongst us who seem to thrive in the current temperatures claiming; it is very bracing and one should go for a brisk walk, personally if after exposure to any sort of temperature where one is in danger of snapping something off afterwards is far too cold and why would I need bracing in the first place. It makes me think of the often misquoted Robert Browning poem; 'Oh to be in England now that April's there' and like the misquote hope that April will indeed be a trifle more Spring like.


Lovely photos. It is quite bizarre, the weather just now, we still haven't seen a scrap of snow, two mornings of a dusting that melted but it is very cold, especially with the wind but I saw a photo in the paper and this house was feet deep in it by the look of things. Dreadful for the farmers. Much as I like snow this has gone on long enough! As the old folk where I come from would have said, 'the Cailleach Bheur has outstayed her welcome'


I'm totally with you on the where is Spring!

What a fabulous set of photos and why isn't it like that now! I want my pretty spring dresses on! (Including my Fleur from Heyday sale – a pressie from my hubby)

Lindsay Lane

I long for spring so desperately! We have weather below the freezing point and I am so tired of wearing my winter wardrobe.

Your photos are radiating spring, and I hope the good weather will soon arrive so that we can enjoy more spring photos from you!

abby @ tea with the moon

What a lovely post <3 Your life looks like it comes out of an old movie πŸ™‚ I am right there with you about the weather. I have made a personal note to try to stop talking about it, but here I am going again!

Anne Achronism

It's still snowing here, but I'm refusing to believe it. I will will spring in to being. It's sandals, skirts and light cardigans for me. I don't care what nature says. My immune system kicks butt.


I'm really glad you are talking about the weather gives me a chance to ask a question! I live in Queensland (Australia) and the weather is really warm over here, I've actually booked tickets to the UK in late Decemeber for a month, and tips on what to wear- like you I am a vintage and repo wearing girl and I haven't a clue on how to keep warm AND stylish at the same time! If you could give me any tips, or point me in the right direction on any of your previous posts that would be amazing. Thank you so so much! xx Marie


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