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Would go, Hasbeens

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who left me a comment on my recent post. It’s just hiding at the moment but it’ll be back. In the meantime, how about some fluff? Shoe-based fluff is just what today calls for.

Last week, the Vintage Mafia got invited to the second coming of our favourite ever pop up shop… the Swedish Hasbeens pop up clog shop! Jeni and I went along last time and had a lovely time, this new shop is even better – more spacious and with even more eye candy.

We were there for a press breakfast and launch of the SS ’13 range of summer clogs. It’s named ‘Call of the Wild’ and is inspired by the 1930s and safari fashion! While the original clog designs come from the 1970s, we were delighted to see the designer Emy has drawn her inspiration from the 30s this season. We were hard pressed to find a design we *didn’t* like.
The twisty Cobra was a favourite for all of us – so stylish! 
The Debutantes are new lower styled sandals, good for every day summer wear! 
More Debutants.
Oh, Poison Ivy
Marocco… swoon.
Anyway, onto the breakfast (delicious), and the fashion show. The models’ legs went on for days.
These pink ones are hearts. Hearts
We also got to meet and chat with the lovely Emy Blixt, designer and finder of the original 70s clogs in an old, abandoned shop. She told us how she remembered an amazing, cig-smoking housewife who was her neighbour as a child, wearing the original braided clogs and how glam she thought they were back then. It was obviously fated that she should find the deadstock clogs and bring them back to life. She obviously adores every second of her work and was so proud of her newest styles, particularly the beautiful Hearts ones…
We were chuffed to bits to get to take away a pair of Debutantes… you can be sure we’ll all be wearing them a lot now the westher’s finally improved. Doubly so in my case as a week before we got the invite, I bought this pair of red Savannah Hasbeens from Office! 20% off though, can’t resist a bargain.
Here’s to a cloggy summer. Thank you Swedish Hasbeens and Varg PR for having us along. The VM loves you ever so.

Fleur xx



OMG! Silver & gold Hasbeens! They've been a bit of a rave past couple years here in Finland, but prices have gone up into ridiculousness so I still don't have my pair. I love those new styles though. I suppose I have to start saving… 😉

Miss Malaprop

I love the Debutantes – is the pink very pink in person or almost nude? I've got my eye on that color on Anthropologie's website, but it's hard to tell the exact color.


Pretty shoes!!! I love the Debutantes, too. Jeni's black pair and the red pair with the bows on the toes are my faves. Love your 'punny' title, too 🙂 Heh heh!

Retro Model Sari

I love Swedish Hasbeens. I reviewed a pair last year and honestly: I badly want more of those <3 Seems like it was a great events and you ladies had fun 🙂


I want them all! They're both beautiful and functional – not always easy to find in shoes. THanks for sharing the loveliness!


Wow. Those are so FAB! I think my favorite might be the Poison Ivy. But then again, who could honestly want just one pair?



Thanks for sharing; I'd never heard of this Swedish Hasbeens (what a cool name!) and am now thoroughly obsessed with their Debutants, as well. And what a charming breakfast! Almost inspires me to throw a vintage-style, spring brunch myself! 🙂

Andrea Peace

So excited to hear that the debutants come in a larger size than normal so a shoe size 8 person (i.e. me) can finally get her hands on a pair …. dashes to Brick Lane!


YEY! Thanks for coming to our event Fleur, was lovely seeing you. Hope that the London summer will give you loads of clog opportunities. Hope 2 see u again. Best Fia, Swedish Hasbeens


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